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Love or Infatuation?

Love or Infatuation?



ISHA was a girl of great combination of both beauty and brains......She was both academically and Co scholastic wise topper...One day.. She got scholarship in Winston University ,California,one of the best and lavish university of world.... She was excited but had no idea that her life was about to change.........When Royce Winston met Ira at annual function of his university he couldn't take his eyes off her... He took out all the information possibly about her..... "hmm you are one of a beauty ".....Ira saw Royce and felt her heart pounced flat for him.... Her attraction towards him was at fire..... But the problem was.... Royce was her best friends father....
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  Isha Wood was a girl in her late teens, she was British by birth but her family emmegrated to America when she 10.

  She was girl of high dream and was very passionate towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

  She always dreamed of completing her course from best designing university "The Winston University " of California.

  Her dream came true when she received a call telling about her scholarship confirmation for Winston University.

  At Home....

  "I am soo happy for you Isha , you made us proud today "' her father said.

  "Thanks dad,this was all possible because of the support you guys gave to me"Isha said while looking at her mother's photo on the wall. Her mother passed away in a car accident when she was 12 years old. Being a single child she only had her dad with her.

  "Dad I had to leave for California today only as I have to check in the hostel and have to finish rest of the formalities too" Isha said to her father.

  "OK, I will drop you"her dad replied.

  Both father and daughter duo left for California as it will take good 5 hours of traveling to reach there.

  Ira was very excited to start a new life as student of one of the prestigious universityof the world.She began to dream about all the good fortune that was about to knock on door...... Her dreams came to halt when her father applied breaks to their car.

  "Wake up sleepy head, it's time you rock the world with you style and innovation "her dad said in motivating way.

  "I will dad"Isha reassured her father.

  Winston university's entrance was enough to speak about its charm and popularity. The entrance door was automatic and was as huge as a double decker bus. The atmosphere behind the gate was worth watching. Students belongings to any economy could be found there.

  Isha's face lit up by just looking at the entrance. She made her way past to the reception and asked for administration office.

  "First floor"the receptionist replied.

  Ira took stairs to first floor. After few turns she entered the administration office. "I am Isha Wood, fashion designing course, first year."she said."Here is your room's key card. The books are in your room's bookshelf and uniform in your wardrobe.The timings of hostel is very clearly mentioned in this manual. Do read it before starting your day as a Winston student." the hostel in charge told her.

  Isha take a look on her key card which had her room number incarnated over it "H-203"she told herself.

  Now while looking at her manual she started to approach towards her hostel when she got bumped into another girl of same age.

  "Ahhh.. Be careful buddy"the girl said while looking at Isha.

  "Sorry I was too busy in my manual that I forgot to see in front."Isha said in her defence.

  "No prob dear, it is bound to happen in such a huge place on your first day....oh by the way I am Zoe...I am a FD first year"the beautiful girl said.

  "I am also a FD first year"Isha replied in joyful way.

  "Wow then let me take you around, I know each and every corner of this place.... Show me your room no. "she said

  "it's H-203",Ira said,"Amazing mine is H-202".Zoe jumped out of excitement.

  Zoe helped Isha in taking her things to her room and then she told her about daily routines and helped her take a look around the campus.

  "lastly there are some rules which every Winstononion has to follow"Zoe said in a serious mode.

  "what are they? "asked Isha.

  "Never date a Boy from Winston college "first and most important one.

  "Second, Never be found outside campus or even your room after 8pm"

  "Last but not the least, Never ever go on the 6 th floor of this building "Zoe said in a warning way.

  "Ohk,these rules are normal like every hostel would have"Isha said.

  "It looks like one but it is not, whoever breaks the rules must be punished irrespective of boy or girl."Zoe said.

  After little chit chat both of them went to canteen had their dinner and by 7:50pm and went to their respective rooms.

  Isha was already tired by her morning venture so she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

  Next morning...

  "Isha, Isha Ishaaaaa wakeeee uppppp"a continuous tap was heard from the door.

  Isha world up from her beauty sleep and went to open the door.

  "Isha you are going to be late on first day, wake up and get ready dear."Zoe show her the time.

  "Oh shit,i over slept "Isha said while looking at clock.

  Both Zoe and Ira entered their class at just on time and within few seconds their professor entered the class.

  "Morning students,today we are going to start the new concept of your lives.Work hard and earn hard.So to motivate you all our Chairman Mr. Winston has organised a fashion show tomorrow in the campus for all of you to experience the practical exposure and see how it works.

  Not to forgot world famous designers and models will be participating in it."proffesor announced in the class.