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Mommy, Is He Our Daddy?

Mommy, Is He Our Daddy?



Five years ago, a night of romance let Xu Si Nan have two sons. She brought up the children on her own and never mentioned what had happened that night. However, in Si Nan's dream, there was always a man provoking her eagerness to love but meanwhile making her afraid. She couldn’t recall the man's name as well as appearance. She only remembered his ardent and evil smells. Who was the man? Was he a mediocre person? Or a powerful and distinguished one? The identity of the man was mysterious, but that didn't trouble Si Nan's two genius babies. They knew the man was the person who hurt their mother five years ago. Therefore, a perfect revenge plan was being carried out by the talented brothers...
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X City, a country by the sea.

Nightfall quietly descended. The entire day's clamor was completely covered up by a black curtain as everyone sank into silence.

Just as everyone was still deep in their dreams, a loud noise echoed out in the city. The entire city trembled a few times before several beams of fire shot up into the sky.

The screams and screams of the people were even more intense than the terrorist attacks. The city, which was originally called the paradise on earth, suddenly felt like hell on earth.

The smoke dissipated, and almost half of the X City's police force rushed to the scene quickly.

The next morning.

Newspapers and media outlets followed the massive explosion of the previous morning.

"My god, it actually exploded here!"

"Who has the guts!?" You don't want to live anymore, do you? "

"It might even be a feud between the Wealthy Class and the Wealthy Class, or some kind of amorous debt or economic dispute. Now, who knows how many people will suffer along with him!"

The workers on the street all stopped when they heard the news that was broadcast on the big screen. All of their faces turned pale.

In the X City, who didn't know what kind of place the Binhai Road industrial park was? It was the territory of the famous Gu family's young master, Gu Huai Yuan.

The top ten electronics factories in the world have high annual interest rates. Their total assets reached trillions, yet they were instantly blown up into 'junk'.

What kind of person would have the guts to do that?

"Trash!" They were all a bunch of trash! How do I teach you to patrol the night? There was actually a security breach! Let's see who the young master can spare this time! "

In the security room of the Binhai Industrial Building, a middle—aged security guard shouted loudly.

In just one night, a group as rich as a nation had its processing plant destroyed, and the entire industry had almost fallen into paralysis. His iron rice bowl had been thrown to the side, and that vicious young master might just let them all die with him!

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but tremble and clench his fist tightly.

Italy, Milan.

The most fashionable romantic capital.

The famous shopping area, Golden Corner Street, a small villa that appeared to be quite old stood out from the crowd.

Even though this villa was not magnificent, in terms of the current location, it was definitely not something that an ordinary person could covet.

The morning sunlight was exquisite and gentle, and the fragrant air was mixed with the faint fragrance of jasmine as it filled the bedroom.

On the two—meter—wide bed, a woman wearing the latest Vermeer nightgown stretched lazily like a cat. She got up and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

Her skin was snow—white and looked like an exquisite doll. However, her cheeks were stained with an abnormal red color. It was as if she had just recovered from a serious illness.

At night the damn man reappeared.

He couldn't help but untie her clothes shamelessly and thoroughly, forcing her to enjoy being under him again and again.

That fiery and robust body carried some sort of magic with it, making her resist and feel curious. However, that man's domineering and evil smile was even more bewitching than Satan's.

She touched the bottom of her skirt with her fingertips. She frowned in shame. Weren't men supposed to be moved by such dreams?

He actually felt that the dream was real after he woke up …

She couldn't remember how many times she had dreamt of similar situations. She couldn't see the man's face, and she only thought that he was very handsome and arrogant. He kept calling for her to cooperate, but he never gave her any more love.

Shaking her head, she stood up. This morning, she couldn't stand the smell of sweat anymore and decided to go take a shower.

She picked up the bathrobe from the closet. The moment she opened the bathroom door, there was a burst of noise coming from outside the bedroom.

She stopped, frowned, and pushed the door open. "What's wrong?"

The old housekeeper walked back and forth anxiously. When he saw her, he stopped as if he was looking at his lifesaver. "Miss, something big has happened."

Xu Si Nan was stunned. This butler had been taking care of his for so many years, but has always had a calm personality.

"Slow down."

The old steward fell to his knees. As he was slapping himself, he was also crying.

"Miss, please beat me to death. Send me to the police station, I'm sorry."

Xu Si Nan had never seen him like this and could not help but feel unease in his heart, "Speak, what happened?!"

"Yes …" The two young masters have disappeared! " The butler sobbed again.

Putting aside the master and servant category, the Miss took him in to give him a place to spend his later years. He didn't need to be busy with other things, he only needed to take care of two six—year—old young masters, but he couldn't even do this kind of thing properly.

"Hmph, I've already said that there's no use in leaving him to eat for free!" Mrs. Zhang rushed over from the living room. Although the two of them were about the same age, Mrs. Zhang really hated the old housekeeper.

"Have you checked the villa?" Xu Si Nan was thoroughly driven mad. He walked along the corridor and all the doors were opened, yet he still did not see a familiar figure.


She knew the babies were skinnier, but if she had a moment, they would still have obeyed her. How could they have done something so outrageous as running away from home?

"Y—yes, miss." The steward replied fearfully as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"What about outside? Have you looked around the house, the garden, and the garage? " Xu Si Nan was about to go crazy, and to her, those two children were her everything.

Because of her poor health, she had risked her life to give birth to them. She had watched them grow day by day, and they had become an inseparable part of her life. If anything had happened to them, it would be unimaginable …

"I'm sorry miss, I was too careless. I thought the young masters would take care of themselves, so I didn't look at them. If only I could confirm it again before I go to bed tonight." The butler wiped away his tears in remorse.

It was as if all the strength in Xu Si Nan's body had been drawn out, he leaned on the side of the door and stared blankly at the two treasures' room.

The room should have been filled with warmth, but because the master had left, it seemed cold. There was not even a little bit of 'anger'. It was as if it had been empty for a long time.

"Miss, what should we do? Although the young masters grew up abroad, guns and drugs are all very common here. What should we do if we meet those vicious villains? After all, they are only five years old." Aunt Zhang said guiltily as she wiped her tears away.

The life of a young miss was already very pitiful. Now that the two young masters, Xu Zi Hao and Xu Zi Cong, were no longer by his side, what kind of life would they have to live next?

Xu Si Nan was already in a complete mess, his mind filled with thoughts of what would happen if his precious sons were to be in danger.

"Zi Hao, Zi Cong, it's Mummy's fault, you two stop joking around, stop hiding from Mummy, okay?" Her eyes were red as she yelled into the empty room.

However, the only response she got was the echo in the large room.

Seeing that Xu Si Nan and Aunt Zhang were at a loss for words, the butler sighed. Sigh, he did not know who the two young masters were, but whenever he made up his mind to do something, he would do it to the end. If the two young masters were the ones who suggested it, then even ten of them would not be able to get it back.

"Miss, why don't we call the police? The police will definitely find a way." Sister Zhang said as she wiped away her tears.

"Alright, Sister Zhang, go inform the police and I will look for them."

Sigh, I really hope that all of this is just a terrifying dream. When the dream wakes up, these two adorable treasures will once again appear by her side.


It was late autumn and the Italy was exceptionally cold, as if they had already entered a harsh winter.

Xu Si Nan, who had been searching the entire morning for nothing, sat alone on the sofa, in a daze.

Thinking back to yesterday, it was just a very small matter. He tried to persuade his two precious sons, but they actually left.

It looks like this time, she really did hurt their little self—esteem.

"Miss Yi Yang, you're here! Quickly come and see Miss." When he saw the woman rushing over, Mrs. Zhang immediately went up to her.

Chu Yi Yang was a friend that Xu Si Nan had known for a long time. They had known each other since she had moved to the Italy.

They were closer than sisters. When she heard that something had happened to her family, she rushed over in a flurry, even more anxious than if something had happened to her own child.

"Alright, Nan Nan. Don't worry. Maybe they just want to go out and play. Once they have enough fun, they'll come back. With me here, no one will dare to even touch them!"

Xu Si Nan cried and shook his head, although he knew that Yi Yang was comforting his, her heart was still very messy. After all, he was still so young, and could not afford to face the consequences of being in danger, "It's all my fault, it's all my fault. Why would I lose my temper because of such a small matter?

If anything happened to her precious sons, she wouldn't want to live anymore.

"I have already sent my men to investigate. Don't worry, as long as they are still in Italy, I will help you find them even if you have to turn the world upside down." Chu Yi Yang consoled his, and suddenly the phone in his pocket rang.

She pressed the call button. "How's it going?"

"Miss Chu, according to the latest news from the customs, it is said that two children tried to deceive the staff to buy a plane ticket. However, because they could not produce the identity of an adult, they were rejected. They are most likely going out by other means now."

"Are you sure?" Chu Yi Yang's voice suddenly became louder.

"Yes, Miss Chu. Someone has witnessed the situation. Their destination is the coastal X City."

X City?

Isn't that Xu Si Nan's homeland?

These two children, why did they suddenly run so far away?

Chu Yi Yang frowned, he really couldn't think of anything that could attract this pair of living treasures.

"What did he say?" Xu Si Nan's burning gaze locked onto Chu Yi Yang.

Chu Yi Yang said with difficulty, "They have gone to the X City. According to the time taken, they should arrive tomorrow."

Xu Si Nan fell to the ground. Oh my god! So far away.

"I remember Ou Yang Yu was there, your relationship with her is not bad, do you want to ask her and see if there's any way?"

"That's the only way." Xu Si Nan thoughtfully replied, then looked at Aunt Zhang, "Sister Zhang, please help me pack my luggage, I plan to make a trip to X City myself."

It had already been five years since she left that year. X City was a place she wanted to leave, but fate had made fun of her in such a way. It truly made her feel helpless.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Chu Yi Yang was a little worried.

Xu Si Nan shook her head. There were some things she wanted to face on his own, "There's no need, I'm fine by myself, Ah Yu will help me too."

"Sigh, alright then." Chu Yi Yang sighed, he understood Xu Si Nan's temperament too well, as long as she did not nod his head, no matter how he tried to persuade her, it would be useless.

It was just like back then when she came to the Italy with a big belly. No matter what, she would not tell him what happened that year.

"Nan Nan, don't make yourself too tired. There are too many things on your mind, it's better to tell them."

Chu Yi Yang was not a gossipy person, but he still wanted to see if Xu Si Nan was willing to talk about what happened that year.