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My Treasure

My Treasure



  What kind of despair would it be to marry a man who didn't love you? As soon as she had broken the relationship between her boyfriend and Xiao San, she had wandered into the bed of a strange man and became his fiancée. When they met again, he sneered: "You want to marry me? Remember, if you dare marry me, every night in the future, I will make you suffer as much as you did tonight! Or maybe it's even more painful! " Because of the political marriage, she still married him. On the wedding night, he took her body crazily while shouting the name of another woman. She had originally thought that her double had broken her heart, but the gentleness and gentleness he occasionally showed caused her to be unable to find her heart again. At one point, she had thought that this paper-thin marriage was a coincidental arrangement of fate. Who would have thought that all of these coincidences were just a shocking conspiracy? And the person who personally pushed her into the abyss was actually the person she loved the most.
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The corridor was dimly lit, and the red wine and French incense on the rosewood table ignited the oppressive fires in the hearts of the young men and women.

A girl wearing a large, irregular woolen sweater was carrying a plate of salad and walking barefooted on the red carpet. Her legs were white and delicate, like a pair of jade rugs.

The girl saw that Ou Wen was looking at her, so she stopped and looked back. She smiled sweetly at him, revealing two lovely dimples.

Her name was Tian Mi, and she had the same name as him. She was a girl that was as sweet and sweet as honey, and also Ou Wen's girlfriend of four years.

Today was their fourth anniversary, so they had arranged to have a candlelight dinner at the Imperial Hotel.

Ou Wen licked his dry lips, and naturally reached out to embrace Tian Mi.

She forced a smile: "Ou Wen, have you tried the suit I bought for you yet? Although I know your size, it's still better to try it yourself. If it doesn't fit, I'll go change it for you. "

Although the words sounded calm, Tian Mi's heart was beating rapidly. It was not because she had never come into contact with her at such a close distance, but because she had never seen such an ambiguous gaze from Ou Wen.

It wasn't that she didn't know what kind of desire this gaze contained, but she still couldn't open her heart to look at it. This desire frightened her and worried her. After all, she had hidden ailments.

The aftereffects of the red wine that was mixed with the fragrance seemed to be especially strong, causing Ou Wen to have difficulty maintaining his composure. He bent down close to Tian Mi, and in the short span of a moment, his green shadow brushed against her tender cheeks: "Then why don't you change it for me?"

This voice was as clear as the color of Tian Mi's pupils, and followed the movements of the candle flame, ripple after ripple, all the way to the bottom of Tian Mi's heart which was surging with millions of waves.

Tian Mi shrank back and extended her delicate hands to push against his broad chest. Her eyes became timid as she said, "Ou Wen, you're drunk."

Ou Wen was startled, then kissed her pink forehead. With a deep and hoarse voice, he said: "Yes, I'm drunk, I'm really drunk."

Of course, he should get drunk in such a place. He should...

Tian Mi tilted her head and wanted to dodge, but her body was already pressed up against the wall. Her eyes were dodging while staring at the carved lamp on Ou Wen's back, "Um … "Oh right, how's the resolution on the fair's funding going?"

"Right now, those are not a problem," Ou Wen said as he patiently cupped her beautiful face, as if he was holding a pot of spring water.

Tian Mi pursed her dry lips. It was not that she did not know what Ou Wen meant, but he had actually already made his preparations. However...

Ou Wen's tongue had already lightly drawn on her petite ear. This exquisite yet foreign sensation made her stomach spasm, but his voice was persistent and could not be refused. "I want you, Little Mi, I want you."

The beautiful head drooped so deeply that one could not see the mist in his eyes. Tian Mi bit her lower lip, and her fingertip also quietly pressed down on her palm, as if deliberately enduring something.

"Little Mi, I've been waiting for you for four years. Are you willing to give it to me? "Mi?" "Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi … Mi …" With one hand, Ou Wen took her tightly clenched fist and placed it on his cheek. With the other hand, he lightly reached into Tian Mi's clothes, "Hmm?"

Suddenly, a surge of electricity flowed into Tian Mi's limbs and bones. She suddenly raised her head and used great effort to suppress the urge to push him away, and meekly nodded.

Ripples of joy surfaced in Ou Wen's heart. He no longer hesitated as he wrapped his arms around Tian Mi's slender waist and deeply kissed her.

Tian Mi grabbed onto his sleeve passively, the discomfort in her stomach becoming even more obvious.

Ou Wen did not notice anything amiss, he only treated this tiny action as a refusal and a shyness, which also caused the fire in his heart to burn even hotter.

He gently twisted the hem of Tian Mi's sweater, wanting to remove this layer of annoying barrier.

"Don't!" Tian Mi held his hand nervously, her eyes revealing the fear of a little deer. She faintly felt that if this carried on, there would be big problems.

Ou Wen stopped when he heard her, but he quickly kissed her trembling eyelashes and consoled her, "Don't be afraid."

Tian Mi worriedly looked at Ou Wen's handsome face. In the quiet room, the dim yellow candle light could actually see through the clean and clear light in his eyes.

Two years ago, he was still a tall, slender youth. At that time, he lived at his maternal grandma's house. His grandma's age made it inconvenient for her to move around, so she didn't really care about him.

The first time he went to his house, Tian Mi pitied him and personally cooked a table of food for him. In fact, it was the first real meal she had ever cooked, and the color and quality were appalling.

But Ou Wen, as if he had never eaten his fill in his entire life, ate three bowls of rice after eating these terrifying dishes. After eating the fourth bowl, he choked up as he ate.

It was also on that day that Tian Mi realised for the first time that he was actually as weak as she was.

In the end, Tian Mi could not bear to let him down. She closed her eyes and decided to gamble, and completely let go of herself.

Seeing Tian Mi compromise, Ou Wen felt both grateful and moved. However, he did not provoke her in a hurry. Instead, he patiently and slowly helped her to pull up her clothes.

Her body felt like it was being churned. She could no longer hold back and pushed him away, covering her mouth as she ran to the bathroom.

Tian Mi knelt beside the toilet in the bathroom and retched for a while. After standing up to confirm that the door was locked, he turned on the tap to the maximum.

Then, she sat back down on the ground and covered her mouth with her hand and began to sob.

She had an obsession with cleanliness, an extremely secretive obsession with cleanliness.

The reason she was so secretive was that she could drink a cup of water with others, share a tool, and even lie on the same bed, but not touch anyone's skin.

Since when did she catch this quirk?

The water was very hot, but it was winter. No matter how hot the heat was, the air was always warm and cold. Very quickly, the white mist rose up into the silence, enveloping Tian Mi like a cloud, causing everything to become blurry.

It was in the third grade of primary school, the autumn tiger weather, the hot sun in the head, that kind of heat was not inferior to the summer's heat.

As the second person in line, Tian Mi stood at the entrance of the academy to perform the greeting etiquette. The scorching sun caused her to be hit by the heat and she was sent back home by her teacher.

After returning home, his father, Tian Zhen Ye, closed his door, but his laughter came from inside.

Tian Mi grabbed the crimson red scarf on her neck, her throat seemed to be covered in blood. Subconsciously, she looked up at the calendar on the door. On September 10th, her mother should still be away on business.

Tian Mi took a deep breath, gently pushed open the door, and actually saw the scene she didn't want to see the most in her life.