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Mistey werewolf among humans

Mistey werewolf among humans



This story is about two sisters Kirsty and danielle who are werewolf but no one else knows there serect will the truth come out or remain a serect and scared...... This is also about a girl and boy who like each other they are called Kirsty and ryan will Kirsty share hers and her sisters detect or not.......
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  This is no fair tail, once there was a girl who is called Kirsty.. she as a sister called danielle. They were both part werewolves and the girls don't know who their dad something supernatural and there mother a werewolf, their younger brother lives on his own only talks to Kirsty and their mother...

  The girls don't know who their dad is and their mother has kept it a secret for so long..... will they find out? Will he come back? Is he alive?

  As Kirsty got older she wanted to move out and she did but her sister was not happy so she moved away and no one heard from her again. Will she return?

  Kirsty was out with her friend Katie and they both went to her mum's house and that's where I met Ryan and his brother Owen.... and also Katie's sister chloe!

  We all sat in the kitchen to have a cup of coffee

  And I asked the girls if they wanted to go bowling and they said yes... I asked both of the boys if they would like to come with and I would not take no for an answer.

  So we all finished our coffees, then we got our shoes and coats on and went to the bus stop, we got to the bowling alley..

  First we oddered some drinks from the bar, Ryan and Owen got vodka and coke and me and Katie got Budweiser and chloe got coke. We started playing pool together. Chloe is trying to do some match making with Kirsty and Ryan.

  At first Ryan and Kirsty was thinking it would be to weird and none of them thought that the other one liked them however Ryan spoke to chloe and told her that he likes Kirsty but he didn't know whether she liked him and chloe told Kirsty and Kirsty was shocked to find out that he likes her cause she likes him and didn't think he liked her.

  After that we got the bus and we all went home Ryan walked kirsty home and Owen walked katie and chloe home.. Ryan and Kirsty was talking all the way back to her flat it was 7:30pm when they reach kirsty's flat and she offered him a cup of coffee, and Kirsty also said she wouldn't take no for answer and he accepted so Kirsty is making the coffee.

  Kirsty and ryan was sat on the sofa drinking their coffee and talked all night after they finished their coffee and they carried on talking they were talking so long that they didn't realise it was 10.00pm and ryan said I should probably go home and Kirsty said yeah sure course no problem let me walk you out and he gave Kirsty a kiss and walked home.

  If you like this book so far you may want to read the next chapter or so. A man appears outside Kirsty's flat what will happen and what will be say...