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Don't Leave Me Along

Don't Leave Me Along



  On a rainy night, he saw his father and woman having an affair and was sold by a vicious stepsister to a trafficker. "A mysterious man in a mask saved her at the critical moment." If I save you, you'll be mine! " The man's cold, magnetic voice was like a magic spell. She could not leave, she could not betray him. Otherwise, she would be sent to the darkest hell. Three years later. "The two of them met again." "Is this the style of your Gu family?" "My surname is Ling!" "Heh …" The male lead lowered his head and kissed her, blocking her sharp lips! You will pay for this kiss! " "I'll wait and see. I'll wait for you to beg me."
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City T, South City's villa complex.

At eight o'clock in the evening, heavy rain poured down from the night sky.

A delicate figure with a schoolbag on top of her head was running in the rain in a sorry state. Blue sandals were wrapped around her tender feet, creating water splashes one after another in the rain.

Under the street lamp, the rain wet her hair and stuck on her face. Ling Zhan Xin bit her cold, pale lips and sped up as she ran in the direction of her villa.

She took out her key and opened the door.

He finally let out a long sigh of relief in his heart.

"Ah... 'Shaoqing... ' "Hurry up and give it to me..."

"Yanyan, why are you in such a hurry? You should be the one who gives it to me first … "

"Darling, hurry up..."

The voice of a man and a woman were both unfamiliar and familiar. The one that sounded strange was the woman, while the one that sounded familiar was the man.

The room was filled with a sickening, lustful smell.

Ling Zhan Xin opened her eyes wide in disbelief, her body practically frozen. The top of her head was like a clap of thunder, shaking her to the point of blankness.

Somehow, she found the voice of the man and woman and walked step by step towards the bedroom …

With every step she took, her breathing became heavier.

With every step she took, her heart ached.

Three months ago, her grandfather died in a plane crash, and a month ago, her mother also died in a car accident. These consecutive blows were almost enough to defeat her …

Originally, a driver came to pick her up, but her father wasn't home tonight, so she didn't want to return to the empty Ling family mansion by herself. That would only remind her of her grandfather and mother, so she didn't want to go back, nor did she dare to go back.

Thus, he walked aimlessly alone. In a daze, he arrived at the villa in the south of the city. This villa was a birthday present from her grandfather when she was fourteen. Normally, she rarely came here. If it wasn't for her coincidentally passing by and the heavy rain, she wouldn't have opened the door of this villa!

What she had never expected was that her refined, wise, gentle, and refined father, the most gentle, considerate, and perfect father in the whole world, would actually bring another woman here to secretly date on this rainy night, less than a month after her mother had passed away!

Ling Zhan Xin, who was only eighteen years old, stood at the corner of the stairs and looked at the man and woman in the bedroom. Her white nails supported the wall, leaving a few sharp scratches on the dark golden wallpaper!

She hurriedly retreated and then used an unimaginable speed to escape!

It's not true, it's impossible! His father's most beloved person was his mother. Although his father had joined the Ling family, many people said that his father had only stayed with his mother because he coveted the Ling family's money. But she never did, and her mother never did. Dad was such a good person, and what he loved most were the two of them.

How could he be so ugly, so unrestrained, so despicable …

In the middle of the night rain, there was a stream of salty rain that trickled down her cheeks and flowed into her mouth. She couldn't tell if it was tears or rain.

Mother, can you see it in heaven?

Mom, what the hell am I going to do?

After running for who knows how long, she finally stopped due to exhaustion. Her knees went limp and she knelt on the rain—soaked grass.

Suddenly, a black coloured MPV stopped beside her.

The sharp screeching of the brakes cut through the silence of the rainy night. The bright and glaring lights shone on Ling Zhan Xin's face, and in that moment, she narrowed her eyes uncomfortably.

Then, four men in black suits surrounded her from front to back.

Ling Zhan Xin was shocked. She stood up and wanted to escape, but the four men did not waste much effort to stop her.

The door of the black MPV opened and another person walked out.

Ling Zhan Xin's mouth was covered by someone. Through the darkness and the rain, she could just make out a woman holding a black umbrella that covered her face.

Who is she? Why did he have to capture him?

Ling Zhan Xin wanted to ask, but she didn't have the chance. This was because the woman with the black umbrella had spoken. Her voice, mixed with the rain, was as cold as a poisonous snake.

"Hurry up and send her on her way. From now on, I don't want to see her face again!"

With that, Ling Zhan Xin felt a pain in her arm, and the cold liquid from the syringe was pushed into her blood vessels. Then, she lost consciousness.