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My first love

My first love

Author:Hopeless romantic


13:50 on Tuesday I had to go to the laboratory for my chemistry practical. I was so tired that I only wanted to go home and not be at school anymore. It was hot those lab coats made it worse when we got inside the lab hardly had any windows and it's like they had no aircon. Most of us in the lab were sweating because of that. The lab practitioner came to the lab at exactly 14:00 and locked the laboratory door behind him. If you come a minute late he would tell you that you are too early for next week. They never tolerated any late comers at all so all of us always made sure that by 13:50 we were already at the door. I had no friends plus my personality of being shy and struggling to talk to much meant that I was always by myself. I actually preferred being alone cause around my peers I felt like they were all better than me and know better than me. I have always looked down on my self and never wanted anyone to get to close scared that they would see my scars and start putting me.
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  While we were inside and the practitioner was explaining the experiment to us that day I saw this handsome well built young men. I was starring at him but he never saw me starring at him anyways why would he notice me am not as beautiful as other girls, I don't wear make up nor wear weaves plus I had just cut my hair so my head was almost bold. He was definitely way out of my league, we were told to be in a group of four people. I was standing next to this other two girl Nhlamulo and Tshilidzi so we needed a fourth person to complete our group. As if it was my lucky day , the guy that I had a crush on came and asked to join our group and we nooded accepting him to join us.

  He was the only guy in the group to make matters worse he was standing next to me talking to me. I was so scared of saying something stupid so I just kept quiet. He looked at me and "said my name is Sandile Mhlongo from Mpumalanga and you" . I continued to look and said my name is Grace and am from this province. " You don't like to talk alot do you" he said that as he was still looking at me " its not that it's just that my ability to socialize with people depends on how well I know them or not. Let's just say I don't trust easily"