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The Destiny

The Destiny



  She was a talented new star in fashion and was vowing to take the boss for herself. "He was a master of the business world, and he took every step of the way in the face of her temptations." I want you to promise me your life! " She pointed at him and announced domineeringly. As for him, he curled his lips and unceremoniously suppressed her, "Since you want my body so badly, tonight …" "After a few rounds, she finally understood that he had never been able to feed a hungry wolf!" "Ou Jingyue, I don't want you anymore!" She held her waist. With an ambiguous smile, Director Ou threw her down again, "This time, it's my turn to ask for you!"
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Paris, France.

There were five helicopters cruising along the road led by the State Protector's Guards. A dozen limitless luxury cars drove by in a grandiose manner and stopped in front of the villa belonging to the famous designer's nighttime feast.

The president of the Euclidean Group personally came to receive him. Whether it was the salary or other benefits, they were all unprecedented and could be said to be giving him a lot of face.

However, the dinner was ungrateful and did not even allow the young CEO of a multinational company to enter the house.

At the door, Gu Luoqi looked at this man with a cold expression with a sweet smile on her face.

"I refuse to join Euclidean, I refuse to become the chief designer of Euclidean women's dresses." Her clear and sweet face was indolent and enchanting, but the words that came out of her mouth infuriated her!

"The reason?" The deep voice faintly spat out two words.

The more Ouyang Jingyue stood there quietly, the more emotionless his indifferent face became. His facial features were clearly defined, just like the sharpest line in a ink painting, cold and overbearing.

Gu Luoqi narrowed her eyes as she looked at the man standing before her. "The conditions are not enough to move my heart."

"What do you want?"

"I want …" Gu Luoqi stretched out her white finger and pointed at the monarch like man, "You!"

The cold air suddenly attacked!

Gu Luoqi ignored his disdain and continued to smile brilliantly. "Director Ou has an outstanding appearance and extraordinary ability. He is a clean and clean man, and many women would be captivated by him. Naturally, I'm no exception."

Gu Luoqi was generous, ignoring the indifference on his face as she leaned over, "CEO Ou, I heard that you're especially cold in that area, I think I can make you feel as if you're burning with passion for me," she said, raising her eyebrows at him. "Do you want to try it?"

"Miss Gu, take it easy!"

"To be honest, I came for you!" Gu Luoqi did not try to conceal her motives. "I don't care about the salary, I don't care what kind of method Director Ou used to welcome me. The only condition for me joining the Ou Family is that you repay me with your body."

On her beautiful face, there was a radiant smile and her attitude was arrogant and impudent!

"I'm not interested in you, nor do I accept your teasing. If this is your only condition, then, take it that I've never been here before!" Finished speaking, he turned around and left!

Being able to come personally was already giving her face. With so many designers around, she was not his only choice.

"Ou Jingyue!" Gu Luoqi shouted after him, "I'll make you agree! You're mine, you can only be mine!"

Ou Jingyue humphed coldly. She didn't turn around and instead strode towards the car, ignoring her crazy words.

"The day after tomorrow, when I return home, if anyone from any company appears in front of me, I will join that company and become your lover. Then, I will be your opponent and destroy the women's clothing industry that the Ou Family was once so proud of!"

"I hope you really have the ability!" With that, he got into the car and left indifferently.

It was cold.

It was colder than the first time she met him nine years ago.

However, Gu Luoqi didn't mind. Even if he was an ice cube, she would use the scorching sun to melt him.

He turned around and walked into the house. As he walked, he took out his phone and dialed.

"Hey, Kathy, release the news that I'm going back home and tell the media in A city that I'm going to pick a clothing company in A city. Whoever meets me at the airport first will be the designer."

"Kiki, you're taking a risk."

Kathy was her assistant, and the two of them were sisters.

Gu Luoqi smiled, a charming smile on her sweet face. "He's worth it."