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I'm Yours, My Divine Empress

I'm Yours, My Divine Empress



  As a prodigy martial artist, Ji Ziyue's motto was "no matter who it is, kill them all!" He crossed through space with a single stomp, yet became the number one ugly woman and trash of the Divine Firmament Continent?! It doesn't matter, this elder sister brought the formidable Goldfinger here! The malicious female companion who disfigured the wickedness of the hateful young mistress had died! The so-called genius of bullying his sister, f * ck off! Sister Greed's Alchemy God Equipment hypocrite alliance, f * ck off! This was a trash of an ugly woman. She swept across the continent and became a deity through a counterattack. He, the Demon Sovereign of the Six Realms, wielded everything. No one dared to approach him because he was like an iceberg. She could not believe that she had actually possessed such a man.
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Divine Firmament.

Sky Mist Country.

At the Residence of Chang'an.

"Fourth Sister, quickly let me out!"

The emaciated girl kept patting the closed door, her face full of fear and unease.

Other than the door to the room, there were two other windows. They weren't very tall, and both were open. It was just that the windows had a Spirit Formation set up, and as a piece of trash, she was unable to break through them.

In one of the windows stood a young girl around the age of fourteen. She was extremely beautiful, like a fairy.

"Haha!" You, trash, is worthy to call me big sister? " Ji Zi Xuan taunted as she looked at the skinny girl in disdain.

"Ji Zi Yue, let me tell you, I just can't stand a lazy toad like you! Today, I must teach you a good lesson. "

"Oh right, and you're going to meet the Chen—gege that you're yearning for. You should be grateful for that. Be quiet!"

Ji Zi Yue's expression was terrified. She knew that her Fourth Sister was going to torture her again, but how could she let Chen—gege see her current appearance?

"Sister Four, why did you do this to me?"

"I don't want to waste words with you! You're just a ruined cripple, do you want me to support you? I'm willing to spend my time to tease you because I think highly of you. Ji Zi Xuan said coldly.

"Zi Xuan, what do you want me to see?" A cold voice rang out.

Ji Zi Xuan immediately turned around, and revealed a beautiful smile, "Brother Chen, you're here. Don't be anxious, the good show is about to begin."

Then, she clapped her hands, and two guards brought a huge sphere covered in black cloth to the window.

"Chen—gege …" Ji Zi Yue's teeth were chattering non—stop. She did not know what was inside, but she was sure that it was definitely not something good. She looked at the handsome man with cold eyes.

Nan Gong Chen looked at her coldly without a trace of warmth in his eyes. He turned his head and urged Ji Zi Xuan, "Hurry up, don't waste my time."

"Good, send this to the trash!" Ji Zi Xuan's laughter was like a poisoned flower, beautiful yet deadly.

The guards obeyed. They were all Third Martial Stage martial artists, so breaking this barrier was easy.


The huge spherical object was thrown inside.

Ji Zi Xuan covered her lips with her hand, smiling in a charming and moving manner, "Trash, enjoy it well!"

The spherical object moved, and a dense mass of objects flew out.

When Ji Zi Yue saw it clearly, her entire face lost all color. She kept retreating until her back touched the wall.

That's a Rank One Demonic Beast, Demonic Bee!

More and more Demonic Bee flew out, densely packed together, covering the sky and covering the sun. There were at least a million of them!

The entire room was filled with Demonic Bee!

The Demonic Bee pounced towards her, causing Ji Zi Yue to close his eyes in despair …

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" A horrifying scream filled the entire Residence of Changan.

In front of her eyes was darkness. She continuously rolled on the ground and tried her best to curl up. Every inch of her skin was covered with dozens of Demonic Bee.

She didn't beg for mercy because she knew that no matter how much she suffered, those people wouldn't pity her …

Nan Gong Chen looked at the rolling figure coldly, the layers of Demonic Bee nailed onto Ji Zi Yue's body densely.

"Hehehe!" Chen—gege, isn't it fun? " Ji Zi Xuan lifted her beautiful face, and her red lips parted slightly.

"It is indeed very interesting." Nan Gong Chen coldly spat out these words.

Ji Zi Yue was drowned by the Demonic Bee. She knew that she was a trash, but she didn't stop others, so why did she have to treat her like this?

Scenes of humiliation flashed through her mind as her consciousness gradually turned blurry.

"Hey!" There's no movement from this piece of trash. Has he been poisoned to death? " Ji Zi Xuan chuckled.

Nan Gong Chen looked at it indifferently, "How boring!"

With that, he turned and left.

Ji Zi Xuan looked at the Demonic Bee that was surrounding Ji Zi Yue, and her face revealed an expression of disappointment, "Truly a piece of trash, it became useless so quickly!"

"All of you, stay here and guard it. In a while, throw this trash into the Sunset Mountains. At that time, tell him that she had snuck out and died under the stings of the Sunset Mountains's Demonic Bee." Ji Zi Xuan instructed a guard at the side.

"Yes, Fourth Miss."

Inside the house, Demonic Bee s were level 1 beasts, and they already had a trace of human nature. Seeing Ji Zi Yue's stiff body, they all slowly left her.

Then, a huge obese body appeared in front of the guard outside the window. His skin had already turned purplish black, and disgusting pus flowed everywhere.

"Ouch ~ ~ ~"

Even the guards as martial artists could not help but vomit.

At this moment, the heavily swollen eyelids suddenly opened, a sharp and ice—cold glint flashed in them …

This body had already been replaced!

She was a genius of the Primary Martial Arts from the twenty—first century. In a world competition, she had killed a participant from Japan and then fell into an endless pursuit!

Just a moment ago, she was shot in the heart by an enemy, at this moment, she arrived here, and became the most ugly girl and trash of Divine Firmament, Ji Zi Yue!

Ji Zi Yue, the Sixth Miss of the Ji Family who was at the Residence of Chang An, because he accidentally broke the young miss' jade pendant when he was young, his dantian was crippled by a servant beside his and he was unable to cultivate even today.

Not only that, but her face had also been destroyed in that slaughter. There was a scar running from her forehead to her chin on the right side of her face!

Other than her parents, everyone was bullying her as if she was a toy!

However, she had come!

She wanted those people to pay a heavy price!

At the same time, Ji Zi Yue also understood the rules of this world.

A martial artist was someone who decided fate and life and death. Only the strong would not be humiliated by others!

When he thought about how the original owner had died, a suffocating scarlet fury flashed in Ji Zi Yue's eyes.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came from her Dantian. Following the original owner's memory, she checked her Dantian and found that it was no longer in shape. It had turned into a swirling black vortex.

Afterwards, she discovered that all of the Demonic Bee's poison that had caused her to become bloated and pus had been sucked into the whirlpool, becoming pure spirit energy without the slightest impurity.

Ji Zi Yue did not think too much into it. She rejoiced in her heart and began to circulate her body according to the techniques in her memories.

Strands of pure spirit energy were refined and then rushed into Ji Zi Yue's body. In a moment, all the poison in her body was completely devoured.

Ji Zi Yue opened her eyes, seeing that her body had already recovered, the disgusting and pussy water had also disappeared, moreover there was a kind of moving luster on her skin.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Seeing that Ji Zi Yue could move, the Demonic Bee army immediately rushed forward!

Ji Zi Yue frowned, this body was only at the first stage. Normally, she could handle one Demonic Bee, but this number of millions of Demonic Bee …

Now, she could only rely on that bizarre Dantian.

The Demonic Bee surrounded her densely, and a hint of madness flashed past Ji Zi Yue's eyes!

"Refine for me!"