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The Young Master's Beautiful Wife

The Young Master's Beautiful Wife



  The lovelorn Zhu Rong Rong Rong was her boyfriend. She ran to the high class clubhouse to find Bao Ye, then accidentally barged into the room of Dragon City's Fourth Young Master He. With just a little carelessness, he ate her dry. In order to get rid of him, Zhu Rong Rong introduced all kinds of beauties, beauties, young married women, and even alluring, beautiful transgender demons. Helpless, he was unmoved by his beauties. After I got drunk that night, you weren't the one who slept with me, were you? You must be fake, right? " "Zhu Rong Rong Rong was really on the verge of tears, could it be that she will never be able to escape from his grasp?" If you try again, won't you know? " A certain man laughed evilly. Afterwards, Zhu Rong gnashed his teeth in anger: "Pervert!" You're the same as all the other men! " A certain man shook his head seriously, "No. I'm not like them. I can sleep in the living room, or the sofa, or the kitchen, or the balcony. "
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Zhu Rong Rong walked forward and heroically took out a dozen or so hundred dollar bills from her wallet and threw them in front of He Ding Xian, "Speak, how much are you charging me? Big Sis is going to sleep tonight! "

Wasn't he just a man? A three—legged toad was rare, while a two—legged man was everywhere!

If Song Fa Xing had the ability to marry another woman, she would definitely bet on Niu Lang!

"You're wrong." He Ding Xian leisurely sat on the large sofa, holding a glass of whiskey in his hand, his gaze as cold as ice.

Holy shit, the current Niu Lang is already so powerful, he still dares to talk back?

Zhu Rong Rong reached out her hands and took the whiskey from him, gulping it down boldly.

The wine can make people brave, it's the first time you have to bully Big Sis to come find Niu Lang, let's see how this Big Sis will ravage you!

After a glass of whiskey, her face began to heat up, and an inexplicable warmth began to flow through her body.

She staggered and threw herself into He Ding Xian's embrace, reaching out to pinch his perfectly curved chin. "Come, serve your sister well.

After being harassed so many times by her, He Ding Xian's body couldn't help but have a reaction.

He gripped her narrow waist, his eyes cold. "Woman, you are the one who provoked me. Don't regret it."

After saying that, he placed her on the sofa and stepped forward …

In a daze, her red and tender face revealed a pained expression as she let out an "Ah!" sound.

He Ding Xian stopped and frowned, he was actually a virgin!

But at this point, he could not take it in, he allowed himself to be one with her …

Opening his eyes, Zhu Rong Rong felt sore all over, his bones looked like they were about to be scattered.

She lifted the quilt to take a look and was actually lying there naked. Her entire body was covered with bruises and pinch marks. She immediately couldn't help but let out a loud "Ah!" in shock.

The man beside her woke up and looked at her indifferently, "Weren't you enjoying yourself last night?"

When she thought about what happened yesterday, she suddenly felt bad.

Song Fa Xing, his boyfriend of a year, came to deliver her invitation and told her that he was going to get married.

In a fit of anger, she ran over to the best private room in Dragon City to look for Niu Lang, Yan Ruyu. After paying the entrance fee, she met this man.

After drinking a cup of wine, the man finished her off.

He remembered wanting her three or four times a night, pinching and kissing her as if he never knew satisfaction.

The first time, she lost her mind like this. She really wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

"What is it? Regret it? " He didn't know when, but the man beside him had already put on his clothes.

He was around 30 years old, dressed in a tailored suit, a pair of cold eyes, a straight nose, a beautiful curve of his lips, perfectly matched facial features, a slender and moving body, and a handsome face.

Other than being a bit older, this extremely handsome Dashu had no other shortcomings.

He was definitely the model of a mature and perfect man, he was definitely destined to be able to eat Niu Lang's food.

At this time, Zhu Rong Rong obviously would not lose. She snorted: "Regret? "I have never seen such a word in my dictionary before."

Saying that, she took out the remaining few hundred yuan bills from her purse and threw it to him. "Here's your reward!" We are all adults, it's fine if you enjoy it, but if you dare to say it out loud, I will kill you and silence you. "

She made a gesture of raising her hand, making a knife fall. Her eyes were abnormally vicious.

The man did not speak.

She stared at him, trying her best to slow down her tone, and spoke sincerely: "Dashu, I sincerely advise you, for a man in his early thirties like you, to be able to rely on selling your body for food, it's not a long term plan. After all, youth does not eat for long, so change your course of action as soon as possible."

In that instant, she felt like she was teaching a good lesson. She was so persuasive, it was like there was a halo above her head. It almost touched her to the point where she was about to cry.

The man ignored her and didn't pick up the money. Instead, he stared at her pure and attractive face for a while before suddenly laughing out loud and leaving in a relaxed manner.

"Hey!" Dashu Niu Lang, money … " Zhu Rong Rong shouted from behind.

The man did not look back.

"Hmph, no matter how big of a card you are, you're still a Niu Lang who would casually let me take care of him, right?" Zhu Rong Rong was a little angry as she reached for her clothes.

After getting her clothes, she wanted to cry, but there were no tears. This man was too cruel.

Almost every piece of clothing was torn to shreds, and not a single piece of clothing could be worn to show off.

What should she do?

He couldn't just put on his blanket and go out to show off, right?

Doesn't that mean the whole world would know that she was giving it to Niu Lang for the first time?

How would she, Zhu Rong Rong, have the face to stay in the Dragon City in the future?

Just as she was feeling heartbroken, a waitress lightly pushed open the door and brought a few sets of clothes in front of her. She respectfully said: "Miss, this is the clothes Mr. Hoh had instructed me to deliver to you, they have already been disinfected."

Mr. Hoh?

What the hell is the Mr. Hoh?

Is that the surname of the Dashu Niu Lang from before?

She glanced at her clothes and was suddenly struck dumb.

Chanel! Chanel! Furthermore, it was a Chanel!

F * ck, did he want to become a Chanel without spending money to buy it? Or was it because the Chanel's shop was owned by his family?

These clothes were limited edition, the minimum total was fifty thousand yuan. She had experienced this countless times in her dreams, so what was the situation now?

Could it be that this Dashu with the surname He, because of his outstanding service, had already become a outstanding peer? He had so much money that he was capricious, seeing her young and beautiful, he was prepared to take care of her?

Startled, she was about to ask when she realized that the waitress had already closed the door and left.

Even though he was tall and handsome, with outstanding stamina, she didn't want to be the woman of the Dashu.

She quickly put on her clothes and ran for her life in panic!

Luckily, everything went well. She endured the tearing pain as she jumped into a taxi and successfully escaped back to school.

Hmph, she, Zhu Rong Rong, has lived for nineteen years. What have you not seen before?

What a joke!

She used both hands to stroke her hair. Just as she was about to walk valiantly into the school, she heard someone shout gently from behind her, "Rise."

She suddenly froze, as if she had been possessed by a magical spell.

Three seconds later, as if she had been injected with chicken blood, she turned her face with a smile: "Song Fa Xing, what is it? "Rest assured, I will definitely attend your wedding on time. Each piece of money will be sold at the market price, not a single cent less."

Song Fa Xing walked over, with a regretful expression on his face, he said faintly: "Rao Rong, could it be that you don't understand my feelings for you? I have my reasons for marrying Chu Xueli, and the only person I truly like is you. "

"Is that so? I wish you all the best of luck. " Zhu Rong Rong's heart ached, but her face still continued to smile.

"Are you sure you don't blame me? What are you going to bless me for? " Song Fa Xing asked in anticipation.

"A bitch with a dog, forever." Zhu Rong Rong pursed her lips.