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Saving Mr President

Saving Mr President

Author:Eve Cheney


When the billionaire handsome Adam Black met distinctive Evelyn Chase...time stops around them. To him... it was the beginning of his real love and he wishes to own and accompanys her till the end of his life. To her... he was her first kiss, her first crush, her first love. The only one that completes her life. But can he accept her dark secrets? As the heir to the dark assassins, she fulfills her revenge and aims to destroy his family. After something happened, would his love be stronger than his hatred for the future leader of the dark assassin? Only the truth can set her free. Can she save life of her lover? Will their love die? Following their special loving journey, we will gain the key to figure out all the mysteries.
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7 years ago in City A

  "Pang!" The sound of a body being pressed down to the floor in the store room.

  "Evelyn please. It was not me.. wooo.. sob sob"

  Edward Johnson was crying and pleading with Evelyn as he was accused of reporting on Evelyn and her best friends

The Trio

to the Principal about her smoking incident last week.

  Edward is a member of the student council. Total nerd looking with this thick glasses. Evelyn can't believe she once fancy Edward when they were younger. He was a cute and sweet chubby boy who now grew up to be an annoying person to Evelyn.

  Evelyn Chase, or nickname as Evil-Lyn, is known as the leader of The Trio. She is considered one of the pretty girls in school. Natural brunette hair, light brown eyes and fair skin. Tall and slender body. She is from a mixed race parentage. Her mother is half Asian and half European. Her biologocal father? Unknown. Evelyn never bothered to know who he was. She was told he passed away before she was born.

  The Trio comprised of Evelyn and her twin bestfriends, John and Jake Mu. John and Jake Mu are the sons of wealthy businessman Joseph Mu whereas Evelyn is the adopted daughter of Mark Cheng, a successful private investigator of City A.

  "Don't lie to me Eddie. Confess or suffer!" Evelyn shouted. What a prick, she thought. Eddie is always reporting about The Trio to the Principal Johnson, yes, his father. Sometimes he is just making up fake stories about The Trio. Sometimes Evelyn thinks he is just jealous of The Trio, as he is not part of the group. Maybe.

  Usually Evelyn would face Principal Johnson, fearless.. but she promised her adopted father that she would not cause any more trouble in her senior year. She has worked hard to improve her grades as well. If she keep up her grades, she may get a chance to enter the best university in City A.

  Evelyn loves and respect her adopted father Mark Cheng. He loves her like his own daughter too. Spoiling her every chance possible. He married her mother Mary Chase when Evelyn was 3 years old. Evelyn has a younger half sister, Mandy Cheng.

  Being Mark's favourite daughter, Mandy is often jealous of her half sister, Evelyn. Jealous of Evelyn's beauty and her friendship with John and Jake Mu. Especially John Mu.

  The twins are good looking, tall, broad shoulders and with athletic body. Many girls would fall in love with the twins, including Mandy. John Mu, the elder brother of Jake, by few minutes of birth, is the captain of the school football team. Jake Mu is also in the football team but the truth is he is not very good in playing football. He joined the team mainly to watch his cheerleader ex girlfriend, Tessa Liu. Some people says that Jake got in the football team as his father is the main sponsor for the team, financially.

  "Eve, hurry up. Someone is coming" Jake whispered behind the closed store room door, loud enough for Evelyn to hear.

  "Eddie, tell your father you were wrong. You did not see me smoking. Do that or I will break your knee the next time I see you." Evelyn said these words with gritted teeth.

  "Oh.. Ok.. Ok.. Evil.. Evelyn.." Edward stuttered his words afraid that Evelyn will break his knee. Edward used to have a huge crush on Evelyn when they were younger kids. He once said to Evelyn, back then when they were both 8 years old that, he will make Evelyn his girlfriend one day. Fast forward 10 years later, now, he is even scared to look at her. Or even talk to her sometimes. Scary Evil-Lyn.

  "10 seconds, let's go" John ran towards Jake and Evelyn warning them that the school janitor is heading towards the store room. "Eve, you gotta move now" he said to Evelyn.

  Evelyn kicked Edward one last time and left the store room with the twins leaving Edward alone in the store room. They ran so fast that the three of them almost stumbled downwards at the school staircase. They giggled while running down the stairs.

  When they finally reach the ground floor, they stop and took a deep breath before walking casually, together, at the school lobby. Evelyn would usually walk infront, followed by John and Jake behind her. When The Trio walks together, everyone would turn to look at them. Some scared, some envy, some will be in a daze watching the twins walking side by side like greek gods.

  At the end of a corridor, a pretty girl walking towards The Trio in style, swaying their hip and flipping their hair gently. "Oh my god. She is here. My love. My Queen Tessa." Jake slowed his pace and stared at Tessa Liu who is walking with her cheerleaders towards them from the other end. His eyes never left Tessa. John and Evelyn both rolled their eyes. Here we go again, they thought.

  To Jake Mu, Tessa Liu is the most beautiful girl in the school. Black long straight hair, slim, pretty, cute small face with a dimple on her right cheek when she smiles, perfect curvy body and the way she swings her hips sometimes hypnotize Jake. She drives him crazy with her sexy curves. He looked at her with dreamy eyes.

  Jake and Tessa dated last year. They broke up as Tessa caught Jake flirting and kissing another girl, Betty Cross. Not the first time he cheated on her.

  Betty meant nothing to Jake. It was a mistake. She flirted with him. One time thing that he lost control. Tessa is always that one girl for him. He has to get her back.

  To Tessa, Jake is a playboy that needs to learn how to be faithful if he wants her back. Game on Jake, Tessa thought.

  Tessa Liu was walking with a new sweet looking girl. The Trio has never seen her before. She has a small pretty face most likely comes from a mixed race parentage. At one glance, she looks like a rich snobbish girl. Heads up, pointy nose, and no smile on her face. She was carrying a branded bag. Gucci.

  "Hey Evelyn. Got a minute?" Tessa approach Evelyn totally ignoring Jake, who is still having his sight locked at Tessa. Tessa felt like slapping Jake's stupid face.

  "Sure, what's up Tessa?" Evelyn talked to Tessa ignoring the new girl next to her. Evelyn and Tessa are friends. They were closer when they were in junior years. Their friendship became a little distance after Evelyn quit cheerleading and prefers to join the school's martial art classes. She was never interested in cheerleading. Too girly stuff for Evelyn. Tessa was offended. They had a misunderstanding.

  "This is Annie Black. She is an exchange student from Country B. She will be with us for six months" Annie Black extends her hand expecting to shake Evelyn's hands. Evelyn ignored her gesture and said "Welcome Annie. Bye Annie. See you around. Later Tessa." then she continued walking to the direction of her class ignoring Annie and the cheerleaders.

  'B***h' Annie thought of Evelyn. She looked up and saw a handsome tall guy looking down at her and smiling. The most cutest smile ever that can stop the heartbeat of a girl like Annie.

  The guy extends his hand and said "Hi. I'm John Mu. This is my brother Jake. Welcome Annie" Annie shook his hand trembling. Suddenly, her whole body felt cold. Thinking that she may not want to wash her hand after touching John's hand.

  "N-nnice.. to meet you John.. and Jake" Annie replied to John while smiling shyly and blushing. Her cheeks are now flushing red as tomatoes. She is so embarassed, trying to cover her cheek with her shoulder length hair.

  Jake was still staring at Tessa. Hoping that she would look at him. Please, at least once, Jake hope Tessa would look at him and maybe talk to him. After awhile, he finally spoke "Hi Tessa. You look sexy.. hot.. I mean pretty.. ahh.. pretty as always. My Tessa, do you miss me?"

  "Shut up Jake" Tessa turned around and walked away with Annie and three other cheerleaders. Jake felt like banging his head to the wall repeatedly for his stupid remarks. He should have said something better. Argghhhh, Jake thought.


  At the entrance of the school building, a man in his Armani suit, walking towards a Bentley car. The driver open the door of the back seat. He entered and sat comfortably taking out his phone to make a call.

  "Hello. Yes, Mom. Don't worry. She is safe in the school. I'm going for a meeting now. Talk to you later." He ended the call, took his laptop and start to look at dozens of his unread emails.

  "Mr President, where would you like to go?" The driver asked.

  "Thomas. Cut the formalities. Just call me Adam. Drive me to the office".

  Thomas nodded, "Yes, Mr Adam Black".