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Simple cum complicated Life

Simple cum complicated Life

Author:Simple cum complicated life


The girl where she has lead a normal life apart from studying she doesn't know how the true world functions. She is so innocent to understand the meaning behind the words spoken by people. Girl easily trust everyone on her way she met. She is good at heart but had bad past which is a nightmare for her in her life. Every time she wants to be happy and laugh, but she has to face a typical world every step to struggle. But she never to forget to smile and move forward.
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  Girl who is happy is her dreams enjoying the white light all over her face glowing like peaceful soul dancing and laughing with a person and angels next to her. Girl name is Reva. Time is eight and in her slumber. Mom named Laxmi has come to wake her up. Reva, wake up .. you must go to class. Wake up darling. Mom please half an hour will go on time to class. Her class just takes 20 mins to reach. So she was sure about the timings to reach on time. Reva has punctuality in her life. But for the first time she will be doing wrong because she couldn't figure out things beginning. Once she figure out she will do it correctly. She is doing her course in finance to lead her goal to be great expertise in her field. Exactly as she said she woke up from her bed and got freshen up and moved to her College. She is an introvert. She couldn't speak much and intiate the conversation at first. But she observes everything. She has no friends in her college. Because she was different in her thoughts and movement. No one sinked in her ideology. She doesn't go out with her friends as their parents don't agree her to accompain others after her college. They are middle class people and neutral family. When she was at her younger age they were a rich family. She has everything she wants. But at one time her father was cheated by her brother's and they lost everything they had. They lived middle class family after then. She has no regrets about the past. But she wants to lead a happy life like there shouldn't be any stoppage for what ever she wants she can do without any second thought of that she has no money to spend. She was not much goal oriented in her beginning days of her career. But by time passes by she understood everything. She was bullied by her friends in her school age out of her silent behaviour. She never know how to scold others. She used to cry. But she hated that she cried for everything she faced. She stands for the truth. She never accepts anything that she doesn't do when others point out saying her to be at fault. She doesn't know that people needs proof to believe that she hasn't done any wrong. She just says she didn't do it. But no one believes her. She was soft at heart. She looks normal. She wants to learn all cullneary skills to her self defence. But she couldn't as she has no much amount for her to spend for such things. So she used to work hard to get good grades in college and learn more. When she was at her tender age she was so intelligent girl but at one moment she met with an accident and she almost going to die but was saved out of power of Jesus their family believed. After she met with an accident she started forgetting few things which she herself doesn't know why. But she is able to remember things after so long she used to feel helpless at times. She doesn't know why she was not able to learn things even after such an hard work. But she doesn't know she was special girl she has given some gifts by god because of her innocence.

  Now she is going to class after roaming in the corridor. As she was habituated being single with no friends she enjoys it now. She never felt at loss that she doesn't have any companion. But she laughs for the jokes made by others even though she doesn't sit with them. She enjoys others company even though they are far and enjoying by listening to their words. She laughs with her innocence. She every time hold books and read and make her life busy with those. All Friends in her class along with studies are indulged in other circular activities too. But she never participated. She used to just enjoy by seeing all those. She gets sad when they loose but never says that to anyone. She treats them her friends as they are her classmates. But others never even care about her nor see her as their classmate also. They just treat her as shit in the class as worker for all those who are studying. Reva is not an intelligent student she is an average girl. So no one has a good impression on her. She never wanted to be in limelight too. But she felt she wants others to consider her and respect her as a human.

  All her friends gave her a sarcastic smile when she entered the class. Reva was going through her noted written by her. Her classmate came to her named Niharika.. why are reading much when u don't score good. Reva just smiled towards her continued her studies. Her classmate named John is observing her every moment she steps into the class. She was not caring about any one much and she doesn't involve in any rumours to create just be to herself and move on. He liked her behaviour but John doesn't know how to approach her. John never spoke to Reva from the moment he joined the College but he used feel her interesting.

  John was trying an opportunity to speak to Reva but couldn't get an opportunity. Then the class was yet to begin. Reva was concentrating on the class which was going on. But John was only staring at her for how to start talking to Reva. John was intelligent student in the class and a topper and a bit arrogant too.

  Every one are so familiar with him and are in talking terms with him. But he is too quite too. He doesn't speak much. He Never observed that there is a girl named Reva in class too. But here and there classmates used to make fun of her and create rumours of her. In the beginning John never used to listen to those rumours much nor give a heed to that girl too. But when time passing by his mind automatically clinged towards knowing about the Reva. He never had good impression towards her but to his annoyance he used to think every girl make show off before him from the moment he joined the College. But he never saw the girl Reva approaching him any time neither her starting any conversation with her. So he wants to know who is Reva actually.