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Love inside the sea

Love inside the sea



It's a fight which brings two of them a mesmerising love. So many comes in the way of that love, but real love never ends and will not seperated. This love leads to their original history, where they take their original forms. Her dreams let her bring joy everywhere. His love let's her to find her own house and family. Problems and obstacles are everyone's closest friends. They never leave us behind. Love can solve those problems and make their own problems.
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  "Hii, This is a story of cute girl and cute boy with lots of twists and fantasies. Ria Claire is our cute girl. She wanted to become a

  famous writer, Coding expert and travel world. Her family lives in Starcity, which tells it's meaning in it's name itself. Starcity means

  "The city which has beautiful stars that looks like it is near to us. But she doesn't live with her family because she want

  to live independently. Actually, it is still the dream of most of the girls. And yes, even she have struggled a lot to be a independent girl by making

  her parents believe that she is strong enough to handle herself. She lives in Constellae and she have taken a course called Coding engineering in Constellae

  University. Right now Ria is not dating anyone but used to date earlier. She likes skinny guys who are taller because Ria is really cute Short. But she

  will have weird dreams often which she cannot remember once she wake up. She tried so many times to remember but Ria couldn't. From now Ria's story starts.

  "Hey, Ria!. What the hell are you doing in this college cafe. I have been searching you whole college. Keven said me that you were in the cafe.

  What are you doing here?" "Come on Maya, calm down! I was just watching Kim and Joshi fighting. They are famous love birds and are fighting like

  enemies. OMG, everyone were like "the couples are made for each other". But now they are fighting like this. Hmmm, I need to make a date with Kim

  and get to know him. By the way, What's the hurry Maya? What's the matter.

  There is an announcement in auditorium for coding competition and it's limited for only 50 people. Already 40 members have registered. Won't you?

  said Maya. Oh, no I need to register. Come let's go, said Ria. They both ran into the auditorium. Only 2 ticket were left and she registered. All

  the tickets were filled and the owners of competition started saying about it. Ria and Maya got bored with that speech and wanted to go out. But

  no one were allowed to go out. So they hid down the chairs and were moving slowly near the corridor. Maya passed out carefully. When Ria was passing,

  a man came in front and both fell on each other. Everyone in the auditorium saw them and laughed. Staffs came to know that she was leaving.

  Because that man who fell into her was a volunteer looking out for everyone. He complained about Ria for going out and Maya was safe. Ria was taken to

  the staffs. They asked why she was going out. She was nervous and was confused what to say. Suddenly, she started crying. Staffs were like "What

  happened?, did we say anything wrong. She said that her friend met an accident and wanted to go help her, so she was going out. You could have asked

  our permission, said staffs. She kindly told that she did not want to mess around with their speech. So staffs said "okay, don't do it again, you can

  go now." She was starring that man who came in front of her, and was really angry on him. She went out, Maya was waiting. Ria said everything happened

  inside to her.

  A handsome man came out and Maya stood still seeing him. Ria called her but she was seeing that man. Then Ria asked Maya, why are you standing like

  this. Maya said Ria to see that handsome man who had smooth silky brown hairs shining due to sunlight, his face had a charming eyes and welly shaped

  lips with a single ear ring on his left ear, his body had nice abs and biceps. Ria hit Maya and said that he was the one who took her to the staffs.

  And scolded Maya for being romantic for him. She went to that man and scolded him. He did not respond and moved. She went on scolding him, he did

  not say any word. Then she was very angry and went back to her dorms. Maya also came to the dorm. They both started talking about what happened today.

  Ria was not happy today because of that man. She did not stop scolding and did not sleep by thinking about revenge. But Maya was stunned by his fairness.

  She couldn't stop remembering him. After that Ria came out of the dorms to take a fresh air. There was a store near her dorms. She went their to take

  some food. While shopping, there was short circuit and the lights were gone. So she was taking her cellphone to switch on the torch light, but suddenly

  a person fell on her because of the dark. He hugged her when he fell on her. They felt something unusual and dreamt of a sea, both sitting inside the sea

  and holding hands but couldn't see there face and body clearly. They both were lying on the ground. She pushed him and shouted "Who are you?".

  He said sorry and moved on. She took her mobile to switch on the flash light. When she turned on there was no one and looked everywhere in the store. A

  man with Red sparkling shoe went out. She ran to find out who was that but he was not there. She went to dorm thinking who was that in the store. Then

  she slept whole night because of that man happily.