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The nanny affair

The nanny affair



Jaine mathews had just been had hired as the nanny of one of the biggest names in the business world she had really admired to be able to work for such a well-mannered and diginified man such as sam dalton until She and her boss begun to get dangerously close to each other but could she really handle the consequences of a fobidden love.
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  Jaine had a dream were she was having sex with a man and she could see his face clearly and it was sam dalton her future boss the ceo of the dalton enterprises.she woke up from her dream with a knock door. She got up to open the door to open for her bestfriend and told her all about it.

  Ava was shocked she opened her mouth in excitement and chuckled.

  Jaine had really been excited to land this interview with sam dalton so she had to do her best to make a good impression of herself infront of sam dalton.

  She dressed very elegantly and professionaly which gave her confidence that she would land the job as the nanny of sam dalton's children. Her bestfriend ava scott had dropped her off infront of the dalton offices. ava was the only family she had ever since that car accident three years ago that killed her parents and her siblings she had no close family because all her other family member had abandoned her and refused to take of her so ava was the only person she could call family.no one knew how much pain she had go through in the past three years except ava who had personally been with her in those

  moments when she was in sorrow and had no one else to relay on

  As jaine entered dalton enterprise offices she went to the secretaries desk to confirm her appointment with mr dalton and she was told to go up

  As sam dalton sat on top of his desk and talking to one of his surbodinates gestured for her to take sit. as she sat down she couldnt help of how handsome her future boss was. As she was still in daze he asked her for asolution to the problem his surbodinate had just revealed to him in her own perspective and opinion as she was in a daze she hadnot heard wat he had said so he repeated ;

  Sam dalton:what do you think about the proposal that andrew just presented before me

  Jaine was suprised and asked :you want me to give my opinion about this matter

  Sam: yes

  Jaine:according to my point of view i think ue should forcus more on advertising this product on social media platfoams.

  Sam noded with satisfaction and ordered andrew to use the jaine's idea.andrew glared at jaine as hel left to go and do as he was told.

  After he left jaine stood up and went foward to greet sam

  Jaine: goodmorning mr dalton

  Sam: goodmorning ms matthews lets start this interview cause i only have few minutes before i go for meeting so please take a sit,i only have one question for you.

  Sam:why did you choose to become a nanny with your high academic background,you could get a job in the dalton enterprises or any other company

  Jaine: i love children i have always had a good relationship with children so i decided to take this opportunity

  Sam smiles having been satisfied with her answerand said that the second half of the interview would be held a the dalton villa later that evening and left.

  Later that evening jaine to a taxi to the dalton villaand when she reached the entrance she told the bodyguard she had an appointment with mr dalton and she was let into the villa and took an elevator up. When she opened the door she heard the sound of laughter and immediately went to where it was and only for her to find two handsome boys playing and as she stepped forward they saw her

  Mason: Admiral mickey we have an intruder.

  Mickey: oh yes admiral mason i think we should attack.

  Jaine couldnot controll herself and got one if there swords and begun to play with the two boys.

  As soon as sam entered his heart softened when he saw how she played with his boys.

  Sam: mason and mickey donot disturb ms jaine its time to go to bed. Go brush your teeth and get ready to sleep.Mason dashed off while mickey remained shrugging his shoulders.

  At the same time sam looked at jaine with a smile and said ''its time to test your bed time skills

  Jaine looked at mickey with a smile asked him why he didnt want to go to the bathroom

  Mickey pouted and said i dont feel like brushing my teeth.

  Jaine: but mickey if you dont brush your teeth they will fall out and you wont eat anymore candy.

  As soon as mickey heard this he ran after mason who had already gone to the bathroom.when sam saw this scene he couldnot help himself and burst into laughter and then asked jaine to help him tack the boys in to sleep.

  Jaine followed sam into the boys room and begun to read them a story .When she was done

  Sam kissed the boys goodnight and as he was about to go the boys shouted ''Dad can she stay she is really cool can we keep her. Please we really like her''.

  Sam smiled and tacked in the boys and gave them another kiss and left with jaine to talk.

  Sam: Ms mathews you can call me sam is it okay with you if i can call ue jaine

  Jaine:yes please its okay if you call me jaine.

  Sam: mickey and mason lost their mother two years ago and it has really been had on them so in the past they havent been able to accept any nanny at first sight and it is to my suprise that the boys have accepted on your first try so i know your the right woman for the job. jaine you have gotten the job tomorrow you can move into this room.

  Jaine: thank you so much sam .she was too happy that she could not help herself from hugging him.

  When he looked at her, he had an explicable desire in his eyes. After she let go she appologised to sam due to her over excitement just now she hugged him.

  After she left she went home to ava to give her her the good news and celebrate.

  But when she recieved an alert on her phone that sam was getting engaged to sofia russo she lost all her mood to celebrate and she continue to read the news

  Sam dalton of the dalton enterprises is to be engaged to sofia russo of the russo co-operation limted are to be officially engaged in one month.