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Purchased A Mr. Right

Purchased A Mr. Right


Doing a part-time job in a speakeasy bar, Wendy got drunk unexpectedly. When she woke up, she found that she was regarded as a call girl and lost her virginity. After having a one-night stand with Charlie, an incredibly handsome man, Wendy threw out two hundred dollars to defend her own dignity. However, Wendy’s arrogant actions annoyed Charlie, who grabbed Wendy back to bed repeatedly for revenge. “What do you want?” Wendy was annoyed. “Be responsible for what I did to you.” Charlie smiled. “But how?” Wendy continued. “By keeping sleeping with you.”
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"Ah, it hurts..."

"Don't escape!"

"I don't want it anymore. Don't continue! Ah..."


Wendy Lim opened her eyes. The strange pain on her body made her realized that it was not a dream.

It is in a hotel suite where the morning light passed through windows and shined on the carpet and the messy bed. All her clothes were wrinkled on the ground.

She slept with someone last night!

With hands-on head, Wendy Lim tried to remember what happened last night. She found a part-time job in a speakeasy bar and was responsible for promoting drinks. There was an old evil customer who insisted on asking her to drink before paying for the bill. After drinking, Wendy Lim found that there was something wrong with the drink, and then she managed to escape from the old man. She rushed into an empty room when coming out of the elevator, and her memory of what happened next became scattered...

The bathroom door suddenly opened.

Only then did Windy Lim realize that there was another man in the room. She pulled up the quilt and wrapped herself in it.

At first glance, Wendy Lim found that he is a tall and strong man from the North. The outline of his face was firm but not too rough, which made him incredibly handsome.

There was only a bath towel around his waist, and his upper body was naked. He had two strong chest muscles, tight abdominal muscles, and a beautiful V shape. Water was still dropping down from his hair.

Wendy Lim blushed and took her eyes off the man, and soon looked back.

It was her first time last night, and the stranger in front of her took away her virginity. Besides, the man made her to the exhaustion.

The man walked over and pulled the curtain open. He took out a cigarette from the cigar-case on the table and looked back at Wendy Lim. He breathed out a stream of cigarette smoke and said: "What are you looking at? Do you want to do it again?"

Again? No way!

Wendy Lim was very grieved and vexed.

It was already a fact that she lost her virginity. The only thing she could do was to resign to her fate and wrapped herself in the quilt. She tried her best to pick up her clothes one by one and then went to the bathroom to put them on.

When she came out of the bathroom, the man was still standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. He flicked the smoke ash and walked straight toward her.

Wendy Lim took half a step back nervously. He stepped in front of her, bent over to pick up his wallet from the ground, took out two piles of money, and threw the money on the bed. "You were so hot last night and I really enjoyed it. Here are 3,000 bucks. Keep them."

Wendy Lim's eyes followed the two piles of money.

3,000 dollars was not a large amount of money but it was enough for her grandma's medical expenses in a month.

Wendy looked up into the man's deep eyes. She could clearly see the coldness and sarcasm in his eyes. It seemed that, in his mind, she was a woman who could sleep with anyone, and was only worth that amount of money.

A strong sense of humiliation rose from the bottom of her heart.

The man narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Don't want money? Do you want me to be responsible for you? Dream on."

Wendy Lim was quite angry and put her hands into her jeans pockets.

She couldn't take out two piles of money, but she could find tow pieces.

She was an honest girl who was always the most inconspicuous one in the crowd when she was at school. She never quarreled with others but now the worm turns. She raised hands and slapped him.

"I can also give you 30 bucks. What's the matter? You don't want money. Do you want me to be responsible for you?" Wendy Lim sneered and said in his tone, "Dream on!"

After that, she left with her chest up high but walked with a twisted posture due to pain.

Two pieces of money passed his eyes. Charlie Hogg was stunned for the first time during the past 30 years of his life. He could not realize what happened until a few seconds past after Wendy Lim left.

He yanked off the quilt angrily but found some blood was left on the sheet.