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Hunted by My Alpha King

Hunted by My Alpha King


I was tortured by my Alpha mate on his bed day by day. Finally, he gave me a slave mark on my face. Ignoring three years of marriage, he screwed with my sister and was going to expel me from the Pack! Because he regarded me as a traitor! A liar! A shameless woman! But I was not! With anger and despair, I still couldn't even resist any. After suffering all, I made up my mind to commit suicide, but he saved my life, told me, "Only I can kill you!" And before he killed me... He enjoyed my body, also whispered to me every time, "Tonight, you're going to die by my hand..." From that moment on, I realized, I would be hunted by my Alpha king forever!
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  I knew I had no choice but run!

  Even at such a dark night, I must try my best to escape from this misty forest!

  With a flurry of wind whistling past my ears and my gorgeous dress being torn by grass, there was no time to pay attention to my messy blonde hair and wind-scraped skin.

  The golden crown slipped from my hair, and I took off all the magnificent pearl accessories on my body, just to run faster.

  My heavy breathing almost drowned all my thoughts, and my mind kept flashing through the scenes of being treated indifferently during this period of time.

  I didn't know what I did wrong, but I could clearly feel that run away from here was my only way to survive.

  Survive from the endless indifference and the coming assassination!

  Few days ago, I saw a maid in the kitchen poisoning my meal and I was kidnapped to the edge of a cliff, almost fell off !

  All of the maids and members of the pack ignored me and disrespect me before. Fine, I could handle it.

  But now, they even wanted to kill me!

  When I tried to tell my husband all this, he just gave me a cold eyes.

  If I stay here, death must be my ultimate end.

  I tried my best to hold back my tears by biting lips and ran forward.

  Just when the exit showed in my sight and I was about to cross the boundary, the roar of vicious wolves suddenly sounded around!

  Rumbling footsteps with hellish fire coming together, almost made me dizzy.

  Opposite me was a group of men with torches. They stopped my only way to leave.

  I stopped, pretending to be calm, "Get out my way! I'm your Luna!"

  "Who said you're the Luna of the Blood Moon Pack?"

  In the next instant, a familiar voice came from the darkness.

  I couldn't help but frown, as if my heart was hit by a stone.

  With the light of the torch, a well-build figure in a black robe gradually came into my eyes.

  Those turquoise pupils and strong aura catching my attention.

  It's my husband, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Marcus Smith.

  "You choose to run away after you did such a cruel thing to Cora! Bess Cooper, you disappoint me!"

  He was standing right in front of me, gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, looking at me.

  This was the first time Marcus called me with my full name. Obviously, he was mad at me, but why?

  I took a step forward, very confused, "What you are talking about? What happened to Cora?"

  Marcus sneered to me when Cora Cooper walker over to him. I just noticed that my twin little sister was also here.

  He turned his head to look at Cora with so tender eyes, which really made me sad.

  Cora covered her face, leaning on Marcus, looks very pitifully, "My hero Alpha, you shouldn't be so mean to my sister, she is my family, and I don't believe she is the one who hurt me...Perhaps that maid had identified the others as Bess..."

  Hurting Cora? Someone please tell me what's going on here.

  "Marcus, I'm not..."

  "Save your words! A maid saw you ruin Cora's face with witchcraft and now you try to run away, you vicious bitch!"

  Marcus interrupted me, immediately tied me up with a rope and dragged me away, as if I'm a livestock.

  His strength forced me to stagger, while my tattered dress kept hooking the branches, and every step I took, the branches sticking an inch into my skin.

  "You cannot do this to me! I'm your mate, I'm your wife!" I shouted loudly, but turned out no one paid any attention to my words.

  "You're not!" He shouted at me back, "You lied to me! You're never my mate, Cora is!"

  Everyone around me must regard me as a joke. It seemed that from this moment on, I was no longer their Luna.

  Tattered dress was covered in mud and he finally let go of me until we reached the sacrificial square.

  It didn't take long before I was taken to the fire stand in the sacrificial square. Marcus pushed me to the ground rudely. At that moment, some hot sparks blooming in front of my eyes.

  "Alpha, everything is in place." A young subordinate was holding an iron sheet burning in the fire.

  Flames keep swaying under the wind while a strong sense of fear spread through me.

  Marcus gazed me coldly, "Torture her, then mark her."

  I was completely puzzled, "Let me go, I did nothing wrong!"

  "You ruined Cora's face, you deserve this!"

  Again, I was stunned. Because I had no idea what he meant.

  Cora cried faintly, her thin body was shaking, "Bess, half of my face is a bloody mess." With that, she took off her veil, half of her face was scarred.

  I couldn't believe how messed up her pretty face had become. At this moment I finally understand why I was treated like this.

  Cora's face was ruined, so my face was going to be ruined too, just to make it up to her.

  That's unfair!

  Because of the maid who testified, Marcus must be absolutely sure that I was the one who hurt Cora.

  But I didn't!

  It's important for me to defend myself, but now, at the moment, what I cared about more was why Marcus and she seemed so intimate?

  In the past few weeks, Marcus never showed in my sight. This was also the first and only time I got the chance to speak to him.

  My gaze turned to Cora side, and when she noticed my eyes, she immediately cried and said, "Alpha, please let it go. Being alienate or hated by Bess will make me suffer for a lifetime. Just don't hurt Bess...Even if I can't recover my face..."

  "She must pay for what she had done." Marcus looked at Cora so tenderly.

  He kissed her face, touched her, and comforted her. It seemed that she was his treasure.

  However, I was his wife instead.

  Was he going to abandon me and stay with Cora?

  Fear and anxiety kept coming out of me. I couldn't help thinking about how epic I and Marcus were.

  "Marcus, don't do that to me. You know I love you and I will never hurt anyone like this. You know that!" Once again, I defended myself.

  "Do I?" He asked me back.

  Such a simple sentence was enough making my heart ache.

  The next moment, he squatted down in front of me and reached out his hand to pinch my chin tightly.

  "Yes, your face was indeed gorgeous and beautiful, but your heart does not match it."

  His every word was hitting me badly.

  "There must be some misunderstanding, I can explain! Someone had tried to poison me before, which means there is a lurking enemy, maybe that's the one who hurt Cora, and we should find..."

  "Enough!" He interrupted me harshly, "The last thing you should do is hurting Cora. You ruined her face, I'll make you pay with yours!"

  Marcus let go of his hand holding my chin and took a step back.

  Then, the hot iron sheet with the mark of slave gradually enlarged in my pupils.

  Held firmly by his subordinates, even if with struggled and screamed I still unable to resist.

  Marcus's cold voice sounded, "Swallow all the bitterness for your sin. You evil woman deserve it!"

  Trying to grab his black robe, with my panic look.

  But he backed off coldly.

  Helplessness swallowed me up, my hand was shaking as I reached for him, "No, Marcus, No..."