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Doomed Lovers

Doomed Lovers


Emma was engaged with Connor since she was a kid. When she turned 4, her mom ran away and her dad remarried a woman Liliana, who brought a daughter with her. Emma got a little sister, named Sterling. After they grew up. Sterling fell in love with the same man as Emma did, and Connor also wanted to cancel the engagement with Emma. Emma's heart was broken, so she went abroad to escape from this heartbreaking family. Four years later, her family wanted her back, but not because they missed her. They needed two things from her. First, to agree to cancel the engagement with Connor so Sterling can marry him. Second, to take Sterling's place in the arranged marriage with the rich George family, to save the family business from the current crisis. Would Emma agree to any of that?
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When Emma Cullen came out of the airport with a big suitcase, a gust of cold wind blew on her face and immediately messed up the waved hair on her shoulders.

It was obviously early spring but maybe because of the rain, the night breeze was still a bit freezing. She couldn't help shrinking her neck and pulling her collar.

Her best friend Silas Shelley, who had promised to be here in five minutes, had not shown up yet. She raised her wrist and looked at the watch. Another eight minutes had passed after Silas's five minutes.

She took out her mobile phone and was about to call Silas again. Suddenly a familiar delicate voice came from the side, "Connor, have you been waiting for a long time?"

Following the voice, there was a Lamborghini parked less than five meters ahead. A handsome man was leaning against the door and making a phone call elegantly.

The man was perfectly handsome. Even in the dim street lights, his sculptural facial features could be seen at a glance. He had thick eyebrows, dark eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. He looked noble and extraordinary in the pure hand-made Armani suit, and a pair of Italian cow leather shoes.

The woman who had just spoken, was now swaying her body and walking towards the man in a newly-launched light yellow spring suit.

Her brown hair cascaded down her shoulders. On her delicate small face, which wore a charming smile, were arched eyebrows, clear eyes, long and trembled eyelashes. And her skin was fair and pink. She raised her mouth slightly with a smile. The spring dress on her highlighted her elegance.

She came to the man's side and put gently her arm through his. The man looked down at her gently and hung up the call very soon.

The beautiful couple stood at the crowded gate of the airport, making all people passing by looked at them enviously.

"Connor, my mother just told me on the phone that your parents are in my home. Today is my mother's birthday. They are all waiting for us to go back for dinner now. Let's drive home now."

Sterling Cullen gently shook Connor Hopper's arm. Her voice drifted in the night wind, like the mild spring breeze, and slowly went into Emma's ears.

Connor nodded and affectionately scratched her small nose with his finger. He reached out, wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and gently pulled her into his arms.

Sterling immediately looked up and a charming smile appeared on her delicate face. She stood on tiptoe and her pink lips were about to kiss on Connor's thin lips.

"Emma, sorry to keep you waiting so long. It was because of some traffic jam", Silas hurried out from a taxi.


Connor's lips stopped abruptly in less than two centimeters away from Sterling's, and then he slowly turned around.

Under the street lamp less than five meters away, Emma was standing there alone. Her beautiful eyes were especially bright in this silent night.

The cool breeze kept blowing her messy hair. With the windbreaker swaying in the evening wind, she seemed particularly slim. Though almost covered by a light purple umbrella, her face was full of stubbornness that he was familiar with.

"Emma Cullen."

A stiff look appeared on Connor's handsome face, and an extremely complicated light flashed through his deep eyes. His hands, which had just dropped, couldn't help clenching.

Sterling clearly felt that Connor's hand on her waist had become stiff. She quickly bit her lip and slowly raised her head.

Her beautiful black eyes shone brightly. But when she looked at Emma, there was obvious fragility and yearning in her eyes.

She took a deep breath. Suddenly, her eyes turned red and her voice became hoarse, "Emma, my sister, are you back? I miss you so much in these years!"

My sister, I miss you so much!

The gentle sentence went into Emma's ears but it was like a sharp knife piercing straight into her chest, tearing her newly healed wound apart in a blink. She could feel the blood dripping from the wound because of this bomb-like sentence.

How ironic the title "my sister" was! How did her best friend become her younger sister and move into her home blatantly?

At that moment, Emma clearly felt her chest tight; her breath even short; her heart in pain and she started to faint.

The past that had already been sealed all started to come back to her because of Sterling's cry of "My sister, I miss you so much".  The pain was so overwhelming that Emma could no longer hold on, even for a second.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a short time. When she opened her eyes again, all the emotions had been hidden in her bright eyes behind the umbrella.

She calmly looked at the two in front of her and a trace of sarcasm appeared on her face. She quickly put away the umbrella and started to walk across the street dragging her luggage.

From the beginning to the end, she responded nothing to Connor and Sterling who were standing there.

"Emma, wait for me!"

Looking after Emma walking into the crowd, Silas felt hurt and pity for her. She turned around and glared at Connor and Sterling.

"Connor Hopper, you b*stard, how dare you hurt Emma!  And Sterling Cullen, you're such a heartless woman. I curse you two with no good in your lives!"

As soon as Silas finished speaking, she heard a harsh sound of screeching ties from not far ahead. Looking back, she only saw the cars slowly coming to a stop but didn't be able to see what was going on over there.

Emma, dragging her big suitcase, crossed the road and wanted to escape quickly. But she forgot that she was at a traffic light intersection and the red light on the sidewalk was on at that time.

After being hungry in the long fly for the entire day, plus being provoked just now, Emma felt so dizzy that she started walking before she could even see the traffic light clearly. It was only after she took two steps forward and...

The harsh sound of brakes screeching. Emma slowly turned towards the sound. In her hazy vision, she found that she was only a few distances away from the car.

No, there was no distance in between. She felt a pain on her hand back, and she suddenly let go of the handle of the luggage.

Someone pushed open the door of the front passenger seat and stretched out to her quickly from behind with one hand. The hand under an elegant beige windbreaker was white, slender, and well-defined.

The next second, Emma only felt her wrist tighten, and then a force pulled her hard. Before she came to herself, she had fallen into a wide embrace.

Emma stumbled to turn around in a panic, but suddenly her face hit the other's lips and she felt a touch of coldness on her cheek. She was immediately stunned, forgetting that she was still held in a wide and warm chest with a faint fragrance of green tea around.