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She's An Alpha And He's A Human

She's An Alpha And He's A Human



When Light Angle, daughter of a powerful alpha find out that her mate is a human; she had to reject him for the sack of her pack as she has already been promised to another alpha...but fate has different plans for the both of them.
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I am running again, but from what? I have been having these dreams for a while now. Ever since i met my wolf and turned for the first time, i haven't had a good night sleep. I always weak up breathing heavy, looking around my dark room, wondering what was chasing me. But the minuet i wake up, i forget all but the fact that i was running in my wolf form.

I roll out of bed after i woke up and walked out of my room and into my fathers study. I saw my father, the Alpha of Silver fang pack passed out on his chair as he leaned his head on his desk full of papers. Being the only child of the Alpha and being a daughter puts too much pressure on him. If only i was a son, then i could have help ease the burden but my father doesn't want me to get involved in pack business. He said and i quot "you are born a lady for a reason. Don't worry about the pack and enjoy your life. I will get help when you find your mate." Too bad i haven't found my mate yet. If i had found my mate, then my father would step down and give over his title as Alpha to whom ever my mate is, as long as he can handle our pack.

On my 18th birthday, my parent put together a big party and invited all the great alphas and high rank wolfs just incase i find my mate but all was a waste and still, two years later, i haven't found him. I slowly walked out of his study and went up to my parents room. My mom sleeps most of her nights alone because my father is too busy with the pack. Some times i can't help but feel bad for her, after all it is my fault that her mate is sleeping in his study exhusted from work because i was born a girl. I walked up to the bed and slid under the covers. As soon as i was under the cover, my mom pulled me in as if she was waiting for me to come.

"Did i wake you?" I whispered to her as i snuggled on her side.

"Is it the dreams again?" She answered with her own question. I nodded my head. "Don't worry dear, you will be fine. You're justing beating yourself up for stuff you shouldn't have to worry about. You'll find your mate soon and all will be placed in its place."

Easy for her to say. My parent knew eachother since they were kids. They grew up in the same pack, went to the same school and loved eachother even before they found out that they were mates. I gave her no answer to her comment. I just closed my eyes and soon i was fast asleep.

The next day, i woke up and did my usual routine. Since it was a weekday, i had to get ready for school. College life was not as i thought it would be. The truth is, i'd rather stay at home amd learn more about the pack but my father would rather send me to a human school than have me stress about the pack. I have been training with some of our warriors but other than that i was not permitted to study any of the politics. But my mom some times teaches me the duties of a Luna as i will be one after i meet my mate, when ever that maybe.

This is my Sophomore year of college but i keep a low profile. I wear casual clothe even though my parents are super rich, i don't want to grab any unwanted attention. Keeping a low profile is the perfect way to avoid any conversation, no one would bother you, no one would talk to you and no one would mess with you. But i do have one friend. Marcy Jones, she is the only human i have any sort of relationship with as she is pure of heart. Obviously, she has no idea of my true identity but we have been friends since Junior year of highschool.

Marcy is the popular girl. Every girl in our school wanted to be her friend and every guy wanted to date her. But she is as kind as she is popular. She doesn't believe in bullying outcasts or making fun of people. But nomatter how many friends she had, i was always the one she shares her secrets with. I have always wanted to tell her about myself but i didn't want to drag her in to this world nor do i want to lose the only friend i have. Marcy knows me well so when ever she is around other popular people, she doesn't call me or talk to me and i do the same. This was always in our best interest. But today she rushed over to me without even saying hi to the other popular people and hugged me.

"Happy birthday!" She screamed as she turned her hug in to a breath crushing squeeze. I tapped on her back "let go, i can't breath..." i told her.

She let go of me and smiled as pulled out a box out of her bag. "Happy birthday!" She said agian as she told me to open the small box. It was a Diamond bracelet with traces of red jems all over it. Marcys' parents are filty rich just as mine but unlike me she doesn't wish to hide it and she shows her love through expencive items. Before i could tell her that it was too much, she quickly said "I know what you're going to say, 'it's too much' but i will not listen to you today. You have officially turned 20, lets enjoy this. I have planed a great day for you and you can not refuse." She was very insisting and i thought this would be a great opportunity to let go for a while so i said yes. As soon as i said yes, she jumpped up and down like a little kid and shoke my shoulder hard to show her excitment. After laughing at how silly she was, we locked our arms and walked to our class. We had our first class together so we sat next to eachother as our history teacher walked in. After the calss started, our teacher was inturapted by Mrs. Mark, our school council and a new student. I didn't look up because i was not interested but then, it hits me. The most intoxicating scent i have ever smelt. Scent of the forest while it is raining. My heart started to beat in my chest like crazy. Everything became quite until i heard his voice.

"Hi, i'm kevin Mint." The new kid introduced himself. And the next word i heard shocked the hell out of me.