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You're My Queen, Sweetheart

You're My Queen, Sweetheart


Vivian was a doctor who has been married for two years. However, she has never seen her husband. One day, an injured man broke into her bedroom. Because of her kindness, Vivian saved this handsome man, not knowing he was her lawfully wedded husband, Carlos. As the commander of Navy Seals, Carlos was a tough guy who has seen too many beautiful women. However, he was irresistibly attracted by this impassive beauty. He decided to divorce his arranged wife then marry Vivian. Unexpectedly, when Carlos went to visit his parents for his divorce, he found Vivian was there and she was his wife...
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Atlantam City, Pearl Garden.

At midnight, it was quiet in the garden.

Vivian Garcia was off work. After a few minutes' walk, she returned home from the hospital.

"It's strange. Why does the elevator stay at the top 28th floor all the time today?" she muttered.

She pressed it several times, and it remained so.

Vivian began climbing up the stairs.

When she climbed to the fourth floor, the light in the stair hall became dim.

Suddenly, a dark figure jumped out and pressed her onto the ground.

Vivian was a doctor and she was an atheist. She did not believe in ghosts.

"He must be a person, and he must be wounded," she supposed.

She was particularly sensitive to the smell of blood.

"Are you injured?" Vivian asked calmly.

In the darkness, Carlos Adams' eyes were as keen as those of a black panther.

From her footsteps, he knew the woman coming upstairs was not well militarily trained. And he could immediately tell that she was just a resident in Pearl Garden.

He and Eric Simpson came out to carry out their task. He was responsible for distracting the enemy and Eric would escape with the confidential materials.

However, he was ambushed by the enemy and burst into Pearl Garden with injury.

"I'm a doctor," said Vivian, speaking out of professional ethics, "Let me examine your wound."

Carlos buried himself at her neck and said in a low voice, "You're so soft, so fragrant, and there's no smell of disinfectant in the hospital."

Vivian pushed his head away from her neck and retorted sarcastically, "You smell so stinky and you are so heavy. You are not like a man at all."

"What?" Carlos was in a rage.

He smelled stinky because he was bleeding.

He was heavy because he was 185cm in height and 85kg in weight.

However, how dare she say he is not like a man at all?

Then, he decided to show her what a real man would be like.

In the darkness, although he couldn't see her appearance, this woman, somewhat indifferent, had a charming fragrance.

He was close to her, and the desire in his body was rising up.

It was in the early summer. Vivian only wore a knee-length dress made of pure cotton. She had already felt the changes in the lower part of his body.

"Am I like a man now?" Carlos noticed her light trembling and laughed in a low voice without scruple.

Vivian's hand moved accurately to the side of his leg, and her little finger gently pressed down.

"Sh*t!" Carlos cursed in a low voice. Indeed, she was a doctor, so she could spot the wound in the darkness so accurately.

When he ached, Vivian immediately pushed him away.

Carlos deliberately molested her so as to make her leave instead of being trapped in danger with him.

However, before she picked herself up and got ready to leave, the sound of "bam" kept ringing.

The intensive gunfire had been attacking them continuously. Carlos embraced her with one hand and threw a tear bomb with the other. The smoke rose up instantly.

Though calm as Vivian was,  she fell into the arms of Carlos off guard.

Holding such a beauty in his arm was great indeed. However, she happened to be sitting on his...

At the critical moment, how could he enjoy it now? Furthermore, this lady was a clever but cold type!

Vivian was not in the mood to think about this at all. She had treated patients with all kinds of injuries. But this was the first time she got through the gunfire.

In a split second, she couldn't count the number of bullet holes on the steps.

"Where do you live?" Carlos picked her up with one hand.

She was so light and soft, like a feather or a petal.

Vivian replied, "505..."

He immediately carried her to Room 505. When he reached the door, Vivian glared at him and said, "You can't enter."

Wasn't she inviting a wolf into the house?