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Hey, Be Gentle!

Hey, Be Gentle!


An accident happened. As a married woman, Cen Joe provoked a mysterious man. The man's name was unknown, his profession was unknown, and his marriage was unknown. But he always helped her when she was in her most embarrassing situation. What? This man was not an ordinary man she thought was! It was the famous man in North City, Shang Linjun. According to the legend, this powerful man married several times; According to the legend, he had a son; It was rumored that he still did not like women - who said he did not like women? He was clearly a beast disguised as a pig to eat a tiger!
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  In the private hospital, the Department of Gynecology.

  Outside the VIP ward, the middle-aged man looked at his wife Lu Lili with a gloomy face. "Do you really want to do this?"

  "Haven't we already discussed it a long time ago? Now that things have come to an end, do you want to go back on your words again?"

  The middle-aged man sighed. "You also know the character of Cen Joe. If she knows that we have sold her like this, she won't forgive us."

  "What's there to be afraid of? If you don't tell me about this, she will never know. Moreover, she will be gone after a night's sleep, without being noticed. She didn't suffer any loss."

  He paced back and forth on the corridor and shook his head. He was about to push the door open and get in. "No! We can't do this!"

  "You come back!" Lu Lili grabbed her husband and said, "You want to destroy the country that the old man has worked so hard to conquer in your hands? If you don't want to let him in, do you want us to let him in? She is only sixteen years old. Do you want to give up?"

  As Lu Lili said, she burst into tears. Hearing this, Cenne was upset and upset. He was determined to cry, "Okay, don't cry. I'll listen to you, okay?"

  Hearing what he said, Lu Lili wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and hooked her lips. "That's more like it."


To be continued

  Six years later.

  Outside the president's office of the Bu's Group.


  He was standing outside the office in his capable professional suit, and he could clearly hear the sound inside the office, which was not concealed at all.

  All the people in the secretary's room looked pale. Only she stood there with a calm face. Even though the voice inside was louder and louder like a declaration of war, her delicate face did not change.

  "M-Ms. Bu, the president is a little busy now..." Lu helped.

  "I see." Joe calmly pushed the door open and walked in, while Lu Tayfun, who was standing behind him, wiped his cold sweat.

  "He... He caught her on the spot and became my wife. Isn't he too calm?"

  The door was suddenly pushed open, and the naked woman inside was shocked. "Who... who are you? Why didn't you knock on the door when you came in?"

  Compared to the woman's naked clothes, the clothes on his body were not in a mess at all.

  He looked at Joe indifferently, holding the woman in his hand. "Morning, Mrs. Bu."

  "B-Mrs. Qi?" The woman on the desk was shocked by this title.

  "Morning, Mr. Bu." Cen Joe greeted him with a slight nod of his chin. There was a hint of arrogance in his beautiful eyes.

  She put a document on the table and said, "This is the project process of No. 20233. Mr. Bu, you have to take a look."

  Staring at the woman's face, which could not be seen any cracks, he seemed to vent his resentment. "Do you think I have time to watch it now?"

  Joe smiled and said, "That's right. It doesn't seem like I'm free now."

  She took the phone from the table and pressed the internal button. "Assistant Lu, come in."

  There were seven words, not letting go of anyone's tongue.

  Soon, Luyt pushed the door open and came in. When he saw the scene inside, he instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

  Wouldn't this catch fire burn on his head?

  "Your president said that he was busy and had no time to read the documents, so you just stood here and read it for him to sign. Ten minutes later, I will come over and pick it up."

  His voice sounded proud and calm, as if it was not his husband who was with another woman at the moment.