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Indulge in His Tenderness

Indulge in His Tenderness


Under the order of her grandmother, her indifferent husband began to pay attention to his wife who was his fan. The elder dared not disobey his order. "Qiao Ran, grandma asked us to go to bed early." The man's voice was lazy. "Ji Hanhao, don't you want to divorce me?" "I'd better try to divorce him in my next life!" Qiao Ran thought that it was impossible for him to get along well with Ji Hanhao in this life, and the misunderstanding between them was also complicated and confusing. He didn't expect that when she was in the most embarrassing situation, he was the one who trusted and supported her the most!
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  The night was boundless, and the cold wind in the winter was like a knife, making the city darker. Qiao Ran dragged his tired body toward the gorgeous but very cold villa. This was her wedding house with Ji Hanhao.

  She married the richest man among the younger generation of Z Country, but in fact, her nominal husband, Ji Hanhuang, had never regarded her as the real Mrs. Ji.

  When Qiao Ran came to the living room of the villa, she unexpectedly heard the smooth night music of D Major. She was stunned. Ji Hanyong, who had been on a business trip for seven days, came back? Why did he suddenly become so interested in playing the piano?

  Qiao Ran couldn't help frowning, but he heard the piano sound stopped. A woman's happy laughter came out. Her voice was so soft that she could imagine that the woman's face was full of joy. "Han Yong, we haven't seen each other for a year. You're better than before!"

  Qiao Ran's heart suddenly sank. She stood there in a daze, and the blood all over her body froze! Her husband actually took another woman home? And this woman's voice was very familiar...

  She remembered that this voice was the rumored girlfriend of Ji Hanbing when he was in college, Lin Xiaoli.

  The anger in Qiao Ran's heart was slowly suppressed. She curved her lips coldly. "Oh, when did she and Ji Hanzhao get to this point?" Thinking of the fact that Ji Hanzhao was very nice to her in college, he began to alienate her just because of Lin Xiaoli's obstruction.

  It was also because of Grandma Ji that they got married afterwards.

  "I usually practice it." Ji Hanhao's voice was softer than usual. Sure enough, in the face of his first girlfriend, his tone was different?

  Qiao Ran stood there with a mocking smile. The two of them sat with their backs to her and didn't notice her return at all.

  But she really didn't want to see this. When she was about to walk upstairs, Lin Xiaoli's voice suddenly became sharp. "Qiao Ran? You... are back?"

  Qiao Ran's body stiffened. She had wanted to go upstairs quietly, but she didn't expect Lin Xiaoli to discover her.

  She felt that she was so sad. Her husband and other women were chatting and laughing in her new room, but she didn't even have the courage to say hello.

  Because Ji Hanhao was too cold to her at ordinary times. He didn't even bother to give her a look. When she didn't exist, he would pretend to love her when he returned to the Ji family's old house or show off his love in front of the media. However, in the cold wedding room, he and she were the closest strangers to each other.

  Qiao Ran looked coldly at the tall and beautiful woman who stood up. "Well, Miss Lin, nice to meet you. I'm sorry to disturb you since you two are chatting so happily."

  Lin Xiaoli's face froze, but she was secretly happy in her heart. It seemed that their relationship was not as harmonious as what the media had recorded. If Qiao Ran and Ji Hanhao really got along well, how could they have such an expression?

  Looking at the looks of Qiao Ran and Ji Hanhao, the two of them were slightly aloof from life. Of course, the real couples would not be like this. At least when they met each other, they would show an intimate atmosphere. Of course, this kind of possibility was ruled out if they had a bad relationship.

  Ji Hanhao looked at Qiao Ran indifferently. "Sorry, my wife is tired. Miss Lin, let me take you out."

  Lin Xiaoli chuckled. "Okay, Ah Sha, we haven't seen each other for so many years. Let's have time to meet..." She maintained a gentle smile, but in her heart, she was secretly pleased. In order to create more opportunities to get along with Ji Hanzhao, she always had a way.