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An Avenger With Superb Medical Skills

An Avenger With Superb Medical Skills


He returned to the city with his superb medical skills in order to repay his kindness and revenge. However, by accident, he became the robbers of all kinds of top beauties. The pure junior sister apprentice of the Ancient Spirit turned her back on her master's sect. The cold and beautiful president silently paid for it. The seductive and passionate ultimate-grade divine thieves were all stolen by 3,000 people. The sexy and hot First Sister of a gang had turned the world upside down. The adorkable, lovely, and powerful girl ran away from home.
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  "I don't want to give it to you!"

  "Old obstinate donkey, I have already lowered the standard. I don't want ten million yuan, just two million yuan, okay?"

  "I don't want to give it to you!"

  "Well, I'll take another step back. One million. Is that all right?"

  "I'll tell you the last time. If you want to earn it by yourself, I won't give you a penny."

  "Humph, then I won't leave!"

  "Bastard, if you don't leave today, I'll kick you down the mountain. Believe it or not?"

  "Yes, but I'll climb up!"

  "You..." The angry white-haired old man glared at the calm young man in front of him, gnashed his teeth and threw a black iron box to him. "The things inside are worth at least one million yuan. Take them and get out of here."

  "Hey, old obstinate donkey, when you die, I want you to throw all your money into the river and let you dig out the door!" Ye Xin caught the heavy iron box with one hand and touched his nose with the other hand. He disdainfully asked, "Old obstinate donkey, what's in it? Is it really worth a million yuan? You won't coax me, will you?"

  "You little bastard, you're so mad at me. Give it back to me..."

  "Goodbye, old stubborn donkey!" Before his voice had died away, Ye Xin disappeared from the old man's sight with a swish, leaving only a residual shadow.

  Watching Ye Xin leave, the old man's face showed a deep smile, mixed with some reluctance...

  In the North Sea, there was a city with a strong commercial atmosphere. It was also a big city mixed with dragon and fish, and it was also the destination of Ye Xin's trip.

  After a few days of traveling, Ye Xin finally came here. There was the memory of his childhood. When he was ten years old, he had a happy family, but his family was killed at night. His parents died, and he was rescued by his father's friend who was dying. Later, he was taken away and healed by a doctor surnamed Mo.

  After recovering, Ye Xin followed Doctor Mo to live on the mountain. The stubborn old donkey in Ye Xin's mouth was forced to be his disciple. After 14 years, he was driven down the mountain a few days ago.

  There were two purposes for him to return to the North Sea this time. One was to avenge his parents, and the other was to find the person who saved him in order to repay his life-saving grace.

  Night fell!

  Ye Xin, dressed in a traditional casual suit, left the North Railway Station with a brown backpack on his shoulder while twisting a carbon-black iron box. While walking, he looked at the bustling streets with a silly smile. "Hehe, fortunately, I'm smart enough to hide some private money. Otherwise, I might not be able to reach here today."

  "Bitch, stop!"

  Suddenly, a sudden voice came into Ye Xin's ears. Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw a girl in a green T-shirt with a white skirt running toward him. Her hair was scattered in the air, forming a wonderful picture, which looked very beautiful. Behind her, there were six men who were trying to chase after her.

  The girl was panting and running. Sweat was rolling down from her forehead, and her pretty face was also a little tired. She looked back from time to time, and the distance between her and the six men was gradually shortened.

  "Ah!" The girl stepped on the ground and let out a scream, and then she immediately rushed to the ground.

  Seeing this, Ye Xin rushed forward and quickly put his right hand forward to block the contact between the girl and the ground. However, his palm accidentally fell on the position where he shouldn't fall, which made Ye Xin stunned.

  "You damn rogue, how dare you to eat my tofu, let go of me!" The girl who had barely stood firm did not thank him, but slapped him instead.

  "Uh!" Ye Xin didn't expect this. He withdrew his hand and slightly moved his body to one side. He easily avoided the slap and uttered a discontented voice, "Beauty, you don't thank me, but you're still attacking me..."

  "Dam*, little bitch, I finally caught up with you. You have the guts to run away and show me another one!" Before Ye Xin finished his words, six men had already caught up with him and quickly surrounded Ye Xin and the girl. The leader of them, the bald man, roared at once.

  Hearing this, the girl ignored Ye Xin and threw the gold ring in her hand to the bald man with a disdainful look. She said coldly, "Well, I'll give it back to you. It's just a broken ring. You even ran a street with me. You don't have any demeanor at all."

  "Fuck, you stole my ring. How dare you say that I have no manners? You bastard can also say that." The bald man caught the gold ring and made a cold angry sound. He did not forget the authenticity of the gold ring in his hand.

  Ye Xin did not speak, but when he heard the bald man's words, he also understood this matter a little bit. He felt that this beauty was a thief, which aroused Ye Xin's curiosity.

  "Humph." The girl snorted. "I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Now that you have given the ring back to me, get out of my way. Don't stand in my way. I have something important to do."

  "Oh, you are so arrogant. You stole my ring and even let me get out of here. You are really tired of living!" The bald man was angry with greed in his eyes, staring at the girl's face. He waved his hand and shouted with an evil smile, "Take this little bitch away. Tonight, I will let her serve me and let my brothers enjoy it. I will see if she dares to touch the earth on the head of the ganoderma lucidum."

  "Wow, thank you, boss. That's what we're thinking. This girl is so nice!" A Yellow Hair next to the bald man immediately echoed, and the other four people also laughed and gathered toward the girl again.

  "You... Don't come over. I warn you that I have a background..." The girl was suddenly a little scared, and she was no longer arrogant as before.

  "Hey, big brothers, this beauty has already returned the ring to you. Why don't you let her go?" Ye Xin said calmly. Although he was not optimistic about the girl stealing the ring, the girl's gentle appearance still evoked his tender heart. Moreover, he also felt somewhat sorry for grabbing the place where the girl shouldn't have been.

  "Get out of here, it's none of your business, get out of my way!" Yellow Hair shouted at Ye Xin angrily, but he rubbed his hands with a smile and grabbed the girl.

  "Don't come over here. I've practiced it before..."

  Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  A fist sound interrupted the girl's words, accompanied by Ye Xin's disdain. "Remember, don't scold others in the future, otherwise, it won't be a problem of a fist."

  Yellow Hair didn't even see Ye Xin's movement clearly. He was punched in the face, and his nosebleed flowed out immediately, which aroused his anger. He raised his fist and threw it at Ye Xin. At the same time, he shouted, "Fu*k, go ahead. Kill this guy."

  "Alas, it's really asking for trouble!" Ye Xin shook his head, and the moment he shook his head, he easily avoided Huang Mao's punch, but he quickly kicked out with his foot. Before Huang Mao could react, he flew out five or six meters away.