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The lonely king's redemptive mate

The lonely king's redemptive mate



Nadazhda stumbled upon the supernatural world unknowing to her, she was mated to an Abomination - A forbidden quabrid that wasn't supposed to be given birth to. The King of all supernatural beings, who was said to be a merciless, cruel, cold, ruthless, beast, monster and a person's worst nightmare. A wolf with fangs, horns and magic. Follow both mates at the midst of betrayal, romance, love, lies, deceives, trust and acceptance. +18
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  Encyclopedia of supernatural world. Below are some excerpts taken encyclopedia of this book.

  The names of supernatural characters are my own invention, including some sub- demon- species, sub- vampire species, fae, witches etc.


  The realm : A place or territory ruled by a special power. The realm is different into three - kaobu,azebu and ishbu. The realm has different time distance, and the journey from one realm place to another is through the Tosk portal.

  Kaobu: The mortal territory, ie. Human beings.

  Ishbu: it's a free realm were dead people are account for either to the hell or heaven.

  Azebu: The immortal territory,where different creatures live and is rule by a king.

  Demons: Immortal being that can easily be transformed to a larger being with horns and fangs. They have the ability to regenerate, control minds and could teleport.

  Bruce: They are powerful,full breed demon without their blood being mixed. They can control another demon or manipulate power.

  Broce: They are servants who carry out their masters command.

  Vampire: They are undead creatures said to feed on blood. Vampire feed on human,fae and the lower blood while their mate blood is poisonuous to them. They are called night walkers because the sun burn them except from an hybrid or pure blood. They also have super speed.

  Brane: pure breed. They never feed on human blood. They only feed on turned vampire and they have the ability to read and control minds.

  Brone: a turned vampire who depends on human blood for survival.

  Witch: they are also immortal creatures but they have a limited time.

  Dark: They are able to summoned dead creatures. They have the ability to bring misfortune. They have fire element.

  White: they are fun loving creatures with water and healiness element. They have psychic ability.

  Wolves: Are creatures that move in pack. The wolves share a special bond with their human side. Most of wolves appear at the age of 14- 18. They are agile and mostly killed by lilac flower or the death of their mate.

  Moon goddess : the goddess wolves worship during the full moon.

  Alpha: The leader or the head of wolves.

  Luna : The heart of the pack, usually a mate of an Alpha

  Beta : The right hand of the alpha and second in command, which gives advice to the alpha and help in the pack affairs.

  Gamma: the left hand of the alpha and the third in command. Which protect the Luna .

  Delta: the head of warriors

  Zeta: in charge of the orphans

  Omega: Normal wolves with the lowest rank

  Lone wolves : A wolf without pack.

  Rogue: A wolf that has lost its insanity.

  Mate: The soulmate of the wolf

  Dormant wolf: A werewolf without his wolf

  Fae: A tiny immortal beings with tiny wings. They are protect human and balance kaobu realm and azebu realm. They are weaken by smoke.

  Abney: is a letter written in an ancient paper that can only be read by the person intended it the information for. No one could read it.

  Cerberus : a three headed dog which feed on the body and also guard the gate to hell.

  Tosk mirror : is a passage to either the mortal realm-Kaobu or unconscious realm- Ishbu.

  Jade - a messenger to the Ishbu realm to tell the realm about the King visitation.


  Um_royhan welcome you all to her wild rollercoaster imaginations worlds which fills with laughter, pain, emotions, love, hatred, revenge, faith, belief, suspense, actions and so on...

  §§WARNING ⚠ §§§

  ➡ Some of my characters could be annoying sometimes but please no rude comments

  ➡ My characters aren't perfect, they make mistakes and they work towards their mistakes.

  ➡ There would be a lot of grammar errors and mistakes, please read at your own risk.

English isn't my first language


  ➡ My characters all go through a lot of challenges, pains, betrayals but they always push through the hard times.

  ➡ It has violence,abuse,assault, mature,rape,triggering scene in it ,if you are not comfortable, please you can leave.

  ➡ The male protagonist is very possessive, jealous, strong aaaaand......

  ➡ The female protagonist is meek,timid,afraid,shy and weak but veeerrry....

  ➡ Not your typical fantasy book.

  ➡ Any language other than the English language will be translated.

  ➡ Prologue to chapter two are short

  ➡ A novella

but can change in nearest future


  ➡ I'm trying to edit it to my best ability but if find some mistakes kindly point it out with courtesy.

  ➡ Kindly vote and comment your thoughts on it.

  WARNING : This book has mature content, rape scenes, abuse, death, gore, blood and violence. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK


  All the terminologies in this book are Mine; I mean MINE. Please don't copy it but the pictures and covers Aren't mine.

  Copyright©2020 Adeyemi mariam



  All rights reserved. No parts of this publication maybe reproduced,distributed ,or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording or other electronical appliances OE mechanical method ,without the prior written permission of the publisher,author, except in case of brief quotation embodied in critical reviews and certain other non commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names,characters, places,and incidents are the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events ,locales ,or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


  "A King is incomplete without his Queen"