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Endless Love From My Subsitite

Endless Love From My Subsitite


Rumor had it that there was a beautiful Fifth Miss in a well-known family, Hua. Her father did not like her mother, and that was not the end of it. However, her family's object of marriage was still a jerk. On the day of the wedding, the bride's escape and the third-tier female star's rolling on the bed were well-known in the city. She was supposed to be ridiculed by others. At the wedding banquet, she pointed at the jade hand and caught a temporary substitute for herself, which was a perfect counterattack. It was not until then that people were surprised that Fifth Miss was not only beautiful, but also talented and intelligent. She had hidden herself for many years, showed her sharpness, and the genius came to the world and made the world blinded. But unexpectedly, the groom of the temporary substitute was actually a big trouble. From then on, Hua Sheng was bullied every night, and someone finally couldn't bear to curse: "Jiang Liu, you bastard, did you agree to be a physical wife?" Mr. Jiang replied with an innocent face, "Yes, I have been doing my best to maintain this marriage, which is called... wedding! "
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  In early summer in Jiang City.

  The Peony Hall, one of the seven-star hotel in the Prosperous Dynasty.

  Thousands of guests had just witnessed an awkward farce. Originally, the joint marriage between the two big families was a great news for the whole city, but the groom, Xie Dongyang, ran away and did not attend the wedding banquet.

  This was not a big deal. However, when the bride came to the stage, a piece of news suddenly appeared on the big screen. It was the scene of Xie Dongyang staying at the No. 3 actress's apartment last night and lingering in the early morning.

  All of a sudden, everyone was shocked. The owner of the Xie family had lost face and was in a big mess... They didn't know how to end it.

  On the stage, the bride, who was wearing a white wedding dress and wearing a white veil on her head, also became a laughing stock of the whole city.

  On the VIP seats, Mrs. Hua also couldn't sit still. She looked worried and said, "Honey, what should we do?"

  President Hua's face was gloomy and silent. To be honest, he had never experienced such a thing before. Marriage was not a child's play.

  King of the West of Donghai, Xie Feijiang, was the most famous family in Jiang City. It was not easy for him to bear the consequences of such a prank. He did not know why the second son of the Xie Family suddenly fled.

  It was a pity that the Hua family had brought back Xiao Wu, who had not returned home for more than ten years, from Central Mountain for this joint marriage. But who would have expected that such a scandal would happen?

  At this moment, the master of the Xie family hurried over and patted Hua Zhenyue on the shoulder.

  "Old Hua, it's our Xie Family's fault. Can we postpone the wedding first... After I catch Second Brother, I'll give you a satisfactory account."

  Hua Zhenyue was just about to speak when he saw the bride on the stage speak...

  Then, the thousands of guests became extremely quiet.

  Everyone was looking forward to seeing how this bride, who held the most embarrassing position, could clean up the mess now.

  Holding the microphone in his hand, Hua Sheng calmly scanned the entire arena across the white veil.

  Then he fixed his eyes on the VIP seat in the first row, the man who kept his head down and playing with his mobile phone.

  "That's him. That's right. Then I'll do it..."

  She said softly with a microphone in her hand, "The fourth table in the first row, the gentleman in a black suit, who is playing with his mobile phone with his head down, please disturb him."

  Jiang Liu's eyelids twitched subconsciously, and he lowered his head to play with his mobile phone... Could it be that he was the one he was talking about?

  The moment he raised his head, he looked at the woman on the stage, who was wearing a wedding dress, and was a little surprised...

  Through the white veil, no one knew her appearance. There were a total of five women in the Hua family. He had seen the first four, but Xiao Wu was the only one. It was said that he had followed his grandmother to the Middle Mountain to eat vegetarian meals and pray Buddha since he was a child. It was only three days ago that he had brought them back.

  However, it was rumored that Fifth Miss was ugly and could not take any action. However, when they heard her words just now, they did not seem to be the same...

  Seeing the man raise his head, Hua Sheng's crisp voice continued, "Something happened today, and I didn't expect that... But I don't want to ruin everyone's mood to attend the banquet, so I have a presumptuous request. Sir, do you have the courage to come up to the stage, be my temporary groom, and complete this wedding with me?"

  As soon as he said that, all the people present sighed.

  Was this the groom who wanted to catch a temporary substitute? He had heard that there was an actor substitute, a player substitute, and it was the first time he heard that the groom had a substitute?

  The Xie family and the Hua family were so shocked that they couldn't speak. Who would have thought that this woman would do such a thing?

  Jiang Liu was also slightly surprised. "A substitute groom, does he dare to provoke me? Does he dare to provoke me?"

  She had thought that it was a very dramatic thing, but her legs did not listen to the order and got up and walked toward the stage.

  In fact, Jiang Liu was very curious about what this woman would do next. At this time, there were not many people who dared to do such unruly things, especially such a well-known lady.

  His heart, which had been sealed for a long time, was finally stirred up with interest again...

  His son was so abnormal that Mrs. Jiang, who was in a hurry, stamped her feet and said, "Jiang Liu, come back now."