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Spoiled by My Mysterious Husband

Spoiled by My Mysterious Husband


"Sister, I'm afraid, I'm asking for a hug..." Su Cheng was dumbfounded when she woke up. For some reason, she had a silly husband. It was rumored that this man was stupid, ugly and poor, drooling. Su Orange was furious. "Which bastard did this rumor come from?" As soon as he appeared, the handsome man and God were all angry with countless women rushing up. Was this called ugly? As soon as he took action, he gave away a diamond and an island worth billions of yuan. Was this called poor? As for drooling, hehe, this guy would only drool at her...
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  Early morning.

  As the glare of the sun came in, Su Yuan's eyelids twitched and she opened her eyes with a splitting headache.

  She squinted her eyes and looked around.

  It was a strange room full of luxurious and stylish furniture and furnishings. It didn't look like a hotel.

  There was a pile of clothes scattered on the floor, and her skirt was torn in half on the floor.

  She moved, only to find that her body was in great pain. When she lifted her foot casually, there was a tearing pain between her legs.

  Even if she had never experienced it, she knew what had happened.

  Everything happened last night was not a dream. She, Su Cheng... was actually given XX by someone...


  Su Yu's cold eyes narrowed, and the memory of last night flooded into her mind instantly.

  After drinking a glass of water from Su Yuhan, she began to feel dizzy, and then she knew nothing.

  There must be something wrong with that cup of water!

  Su Yuhan!

  Su Yu stood up angrily. She tried her best to endure the pain in her legs and slowly walked to the bathroom to wash up.

  As soon as she stood up straight, the door was suddenly pushed open.

  A man appeared at the door of the room.

  He wore a black suit with a clean white shirt and business vest inside. His clothes were boiled without any wrinkle, showing the elegance and nobility of this man.

  His profile was as handsome as being cut by a knife. His black eyes were slightly narrowed, revealing a sharp and cold coldness and deepness.

  Su Yu looked at him blankly. She could not come back to her senses.

  She had lived for more than 20 years, and it was the first time for her to see such a man with such a strong aura.

  He was like a born superior, as if everything around him was a nonentity...

  The man walked toward her step by step. Su Cheng could not help but blush. She held her breath and stared at him.

  Her breathing was getting faster and faster, and she became inexplicably nervous...

  The man stood in front of her and suddenly grabbed her arm.

  His big palm was burning so hot that it almost burned her skin.

  Su Orange could not help but swallow her saliva. What did this man want to do?


  The man suddenly bent his knees, grabbed Su Cheng's arm, shook it hard, and rubbed his head against her body.


  The two words, soft and childish, dragged a long tail sound.

  As if she had been struck by lightning, Su Cheng looked at the man who was holding her arm in a mess.

  "Didn't you say that it's deep and cold?"

  "Didn't they say that he has a strong aura?"

  "Didn't they say that he was born to be the king?"

  "This man is probably a fool, isn't he?"

  The man suddenly lowered his head and stared at Su Cheng's chest with his dark eyes. "Both sides of you seem to be different..."

  "What... what?" Su Cheng was stunned and did not understand what the man was talking about at all.

  "The left one is a little bigger than the right one..." The man poked with his finger.

  "What the f*ck!"

  Su Cheng suddenly realized that she did not have time to put on her clothes.

  She screamed, hurriedly protected her key parts, and cursed, "Stinky hooligan!"

  What kind of aura was powerful, what kind of superior... All of these were all her imagination.

  "This man is simply a stinky rogue. How dare he eat my tofu so brazenly?"

  He also said that her left side was bigger than her right side. Damn, if she had a knife, she would definitely chop him!

  The first impression of him turned into nothing in an instant...

  "Honey, I touched you yesterday, and you said it was very comfortable..."

  The man opened his mouth again. His voice was soft and full of milk. His voice was low, as if he was acting like a spoiled child.

  Su Yu was scared by his "wife". She jumped up three feet high and said, "Who is your wife? Don't cry nonsense!"

  "They said that after the wedding, they can call your wife..." The man said with a red face. "If you don't like me to call your wife, then I'll call you sister, okay?"

  "Sister, your big brother!" Su Cheng was so angry that she stared at him. She looked so old. How could a man of 1.8 meters call her sister? Was there any mistake?

  "Uh, no, it's not about what I'm shouting about now. It's... "

  "You were the one who did it last night?"

  Su Orange glared at him angrily. It seemed that as long as he gave her a nod, she would send him to the police station.


  The man tilted his head and blinked his eyes. He stared at Su Cheng without blinking. His milk voice was so soft that no one could resist it at all.

  Su Yuan thought of a little kitten she had raised before. Every time the kitten looked at her like this, her heart would be soft.

  Somehow, she raised her arm and rubbed his short black hair.

  As soon as she finished rubbing, she wanted to cut off her hand.

  Just now, she actually felt that this man who unscrupulously ate her tofu was very cute, and she could not save him at all...

  "Hey!" Su Cheng glared at him angrily. "Don't play dumb. Let me ask you, what happened last night?"

  "Sister, my name is Huo Beichuan." The man had a harmless smile on his face. "Sister, you said you were so hot last night. Why did you pull me to sleep with you? I won't take off your clothes, so I tore them. Sister, I bought you new clothes today. Don't be angry..."

  Su Cheng was so angry that he wanted to spit out a mouthful of blood.

  Did she ask this man to touch her last night?

  "Don't pretend to be innocent!" Su Yu turned around and casually put on her new clothes. She grabbed the man's arm and said fiercely, "I'm going to sue you. Let's go to the police station now!"

  "Woo..." The man suddenly burst into tears. He knelt on the ground and hugged Su Yu's thighs. "Sister, I was wrong. I shouldn't tear your clothes off. I was wrong. I don't want to go to the police station. I'm most afraid of the police..."


  Su Yu's head was full of black lines.

  A man in his twenties held her legs and cried like a child.

  "What a waste of such a good-looking person..."


  Su Orange suddenly realized what was going on. She stared at the man and said coldly, "What did you say your name is?"

  "My name is Huo Beichuan." The man sobbed and said, "My name is Beibei, or Chuan'er..."

  "Huo Beichuan!" Su Yuan's face was full of disbelief. "You're that idiot Huo Beichuan?!"

  "Sister, I'm not a fool. I'm very smart..." Huo Beichuan wrinkled his nose and said unhappily.

  Su Yu stared at him, her white face cracking inch by inch.

  She had fallen asleep with Huo Beichuan, the most famous young fool in Ning City...