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My President, Fascinating!

My President, Fascinating!


She put her hands on his chest and looked panicked. "If you dare to do anything, I... I'll sue you." He pinched her chin and smiled evilly. "The whole of Dong Ling is my world. You accuse me? A deal, bound her with the most honorable and horrible man in Dong Ling. During the day, she was one of all the ordinary girls. At night, she was his plaything. She thought that she had been living without dignity, but she didn't know that she had long become the object of envy of all women in the whole East Mountains. He loved her so much that no one could compare with her. In the whole world, only this stupid woman didn't know...
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  As soon as he stepped into this box, she found that things were not as simple as Xu Shaoyang said.

  In the private room, smoke was curling up. Men and women were drinking cups or playing some children's inappropriate game. It was lively, but there was a hint of chill in it.

  She soon knew where the chill came from.

  In the corner of the darkness, the man was smoking alone. The cigar was slowly burning between his slender fingers, emitting bits of light.

  By the light, he could finally see the man's facial features clearly.

  The beautiful face, which was unique and beautiful enough to make any woman scream, was suffused with a intoxicating charm under the light of the fire.

  He put one of his long arms on the sofa and put his long fingers close to his rose-colored lips with a cigar between his fingers. The perfect lips moved slightly. In an instant, a circle of enchanting mist spread out.

  Now, he was staring at her with his eagle eyes. In such a dim light, she couldn't see his eyes clearly, but she knew that he must be cautious.

  Ming Ke subconsciously took two steps back, and this time, he retreated directly to the front of Xu Shaoyang.

  She was shocked and quickly turned around to look at the man behind her, her boyfriend who she had been dating for a year. There was a hint of uneasiness and panic in her voice. "Shao Yang, I... I don't want to stay here. I want to go back."

  She didn't know why he had to take her to talk business today, but she really didn't like this kind of occasion. Especially, the man's eyes in the corner made her uncomfortable, like falling into an ice cave.

  Now his deep, penetrating eyes were fixed on her, making her feel as if she had been stripped naked in front of him. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

  "Shao Yang..." She pulled Xu Shaoyang's clothes and called him in a low voice uneasily.

  Xu Shaoyang ignored her and pulled her to the man in the corner. He raised his lips and smiled ingratiatingly. "Mr. Beiming, I've brought my girlfriend here. Can you have a good talk with me?"

  As soon as these words came out, Ming Ke's heart suddenly became more anxious. As for the men and women in the box who had just quieted down slightly because of the appearance of the two people, suddenly became lively again.

  One of them stared at his name and looked at him up and down. "Sir, you just made a random joke. Did you really bring your girlfriend here? Let me tell you, our gentleman doesn't want others to play with the remaining flowers."

  "No, no, no, Keke is absolutely clean. I have been with her for a year, and I haven't even kissed her mouth." Xu Shaoyang explained in a hurry.

  "It turns out that he is still incompetent." There was a burst of shameless laughter in the box.

  "No! She, she doesn't want to..." Xu Shaoyang was so anxious that his face turned red, but he didn't know how to explain it. Having been dating for a year, he hadn't eaten it. It was really a little bit shameful to say it out loud.

  "Shao Yang, what are you talking about?" He finally understood what he meant. For a single business, he wanted to sell himself! He wanted to sell himself to the man called "Mr. Beiming"!

  She panicked and couldn't believe it. She tried hard to get rid of his hand. "Shao Yang, you are crazy. I am your girlfriend!"

  "Since she is my girlfriend, she should help me." Xu Shaoyang now only wanted to hand her over so that he could exchange for a contract that could bring their company back to life. He didn't want to talk to this woman at all.

  "Sir, I promise that Keke is absolutely clean. She will definitely satisfy you." He held onto his famous wrist and did not allow her to break free. Looking at the noble man in the corner, he said in a low voice, "Why don't... Why don't you try it first, sir?"

  His fame could be left behind. After hearing Xu Shaoyang's shameless words just now, he was so shocked that he could not even turn his head around.

  Then, she only heard the sounds of men and women laughing, as if they were laughing at Xu Shaoyang's shamelessness, and also laughing at her sadness.

  Then, Xu Shaoyang left. It was not until the door of the private room was closed that she suddenly realized what was going on.

  A man came to her, pulling her as if pulling an object. He was so strong that she had to keep up with him.

  After only two steps, the man suddenly threw her out with force. In a burst of laughter and his scream, she fell into a cold embrace.

  The embrace was really cold, like a dead person without any temperature.

  A puff of smoke fell on her face, making her cough violently. She wanted to sit up straight and leave him quickly, but his long arm fell on her waist. It was just a random tower, which made her have nowhere to escape.

  "No! Cough cough... I don't want it! Cough cough..." She didn't want to be given to this man surnamed Beiming. Xu Shaoyang didn't have the right to do that.

  "Your man has abandoned you. Since that's the case, why don't you follow him? He's much better than your man," said a man with a smile.

  A charming woman's voice sounded again, "Is it really clean? Maybe it's made up. Sir, it's better to find someone to check it first."

  "Ajiao is jealous, hahaha..."

  Everyone laughed again. They were presumptuous and unrestrained, without any restraint or reservation. Only the so-called gentleman kept silent and smoking silently. However, his long steel-like arm had been at the waist of the famous man.

  "No, let go, let go! You are not qualified, you don't... cough-cough, I'm going to sue you... cough-cough... Qiang... cough-cough..." A puff of smoke fell on her little face again, making her unable to speak clearly.

  "The whole of Dongling belongs to my world. Can you sue me?" Beiming Night finally spoke in a low voice, which was so magnetic that it could make people lose their minds. However, his words were arrogant and cold.

  To sue him, was this the most ridiculous joke he had ever heard this year?

  His long fingers swept across her face, and his fingertips were cold and pierced through her heart.

  Her name was frightening. She had never seen such an evil and cold man, nor had she ever heard such arrogant talk about the whole world. Who... was this man?

  "If you can walk out of this nightclub, I promise I won't touch you tonight." Rose's thin lips lifted slightly, revealing a beautiful and peerless smile, which was full of disdain.

  Then, he let her go, and she was free!

  But after being stunned for a moment, he quickly got up from him, ran to the door in panic, and opened the door.

  No one stopped her. Everyone just stared at her slender back and watched her run away.

  Although Ming Xiang did not understand why they allowed her to leave so easily, she only wanted to find Xu Shaoyang and ask him to figure it out.

  Their relationship for more than a year was really not as good as a business!

  There were drunk young men and women everywhere in the corridor. She resisted the tears all the way to the elevator building and was about to enter when she heard a familiar female voice coming from inside. "Shao Yang, are you afraid that Mr. Beiming will be unhappy and mess things up if you keep her here like this?"