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His Aura

His Aura


On her 18th birthday, she was drunk and brought to another room, having a one-night stand by mistake, but her sister replaced her and went to her fiance’s room. After 10 months, she gave birth, and on the next day, the father of her child came to her. Looking at the handsome man, she calmly asked, “Do you have a car? House? Or Plenty of money?” The man was in a daze. She signed and said, “Fine, it’s my unfortunate. From now on, I work for the bread, and you raise the kid.” But, who could tell her that why the man whom she offered the bread suddenly became a CEO and was worth billions of dollars...
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In the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department of City Hospital.

Lying on the operating bed, Inka Lin's face was pale and her whole body was soaked with sweat. The excruciating pain was obviously killing her, but she was so forbearing that she didn't cry at all.

"Come on! I can see the baby's head." The voice of the midwife was humming around her ears.

Inka Lin's hand grabbed the fence by the bed. After suffering a whole day and night, there was no strength in her anymore.

"The baby seems get stuck, and it may cause dystocia. Do you want to inform Mr. Ricky? Make a choice, you or the baby?" The midwife and the head nurse exchanged a look.

"Don't...don't worry about me, save the baby." Inka Lin's sweaty hands suddenly grabbed the doctor, with a anguished but determined voice.

The doctor was moved. She held her hand and said, "Let's try again. Follow my guidance. Take a deep breath and try harder..."

With a resonant baby cry, everyone in the delivery room sighed with relief.

The head nurse took the baby away for cleaning, while the midwife walked out of the delivery room and fished out her phone to dial a number.

"Mr. Ricky..."

On the other side, after the call, Ricky reached out and knocked on the carved wooden door in front of him.

"Come in." A man's mature deep voice came out of the door.

Ricky pushed the door and entered, seeing a tall imposing man standing in front of the large French windows.

The suit was unbuttoned, revealing the crisp neat shirt inside. Between the middle finger and the ring finger of his left hand, a cigarette was quietly burning.

"What's the matter?" The man raised his eyebrows, exuding dignity that made people revere.

"Oh, just had a call from the hospital. Inka Lin just gave birth a boy, six pounds and two taels. Both of them are fine." Answered Ricky immediately.

"Well, I see." the man's eyebrows did not show any ripples.

Ricky felt that he should say "congratulations", but before he could finish his words, the man continued to ask, "When will the US branch video conference begin?"

Ricky paused a second as his brain almost did not follow his words. Then he raised his wrist, looked down at the watch, and answered cautiously, "Half an hour later."

"Inform Owain to get ready in the meeting room." After finishing his words, the man put out the cigarette on his fingertips and walked out of the door.

The video conference lasted until the next morning.

The secretary walked into the meeting room with two cups of espresso.

"Aren't you going to the hospital?" Ricky could not help asking after holding back for the whole night.

The man sitting opposite took a sip of the coffee gracefully. After a brief hesitation, he said, "Prepare the car."


Ward, hospital.

The first ray of sunlight in the morning came in through the window lattice, which made people feel warm.

Inka Lin opened her eyes tiredly and looked at the baby asleep beside her, tears bursting out uncontrollably.

At this age nineteen years old, other girls were still spoiled by their parents, while she was already a mother.

Although he was a baby without knowing who the father is and she almost broke down in the beginning of her pregnancy, the baby grew up little by little in her body in the past ten months. He had become an inseparable part of her life.

Perhaps, this was maternal nature. So when the doctor said that she might have dystosia, she made up her mind to sacrifice her life for the baby's survival with no hesitation.

There was a knock on the door. Lin quickly wipe away the tears on the cheeks with the back of her hand and said with a hoarse voice, "Come in."

She thought it was a nurse who came to change the infusion bottle. However, when the door opened, a handsome young man came in.