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The Rise of The Strongest Dragon Slayer

The Rise of The Strongest Dragon Slayer

Author:Taoist Yimei


On the Dragon Continent, the Dragon Clan overrode everything, dominated the whole world and even had the ultimate power to decide whether a man should die or not. Meanwhile, there was a human who once was a masterful figure on the Earth. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by his follow but his soul transcended time and space and came to the Dragon Continent after he died. He was reborn as the 13th son of the Champion Lord in the Qin Tang Empire. Besides, he accidentally activated the strongest Dragon Slaughter System. Since then, his life had entirely changed. With the Dragon Slaughter Saber on his shoulders and the Divine Swords in his hands, he defeated his enemies and killed the dragons, treading the whole three realms under his feet. As a son of the noble family, the genius of any sect as well as the strongest man of the Dragon Clan, he would defeat them only by one strike! “Come on, anyone else?”
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"Zhang Tian! How dare you betray me? I will never let you go even after I go to hell!"

With a roar, Ning Qi opened his eyes suddenly and meanwhile, he felt a huge pain overwhelming him. Then he touched himself surprisingly. I didn't die?

Being betrayed and pushed down from the cliff by Zhang Tian, his favorite fellow, he was still alive?

"Haha, Zhang Tian! Let's wait and see! I will find you and take revenge on you!"

Ning Qi laughed out so loudly that the wounds on his body were touched. Huge pains made his face change.

"Stupid poor son of the bitch."

Two persons with pity on their faces stood in front of Ning Qi, looking at him coldly.

Now Ning Qi finally found something strange. Shouldn’t he appear in the hospital or the wild mountains and ridges since he fell down from the cliff? But where was he? So many rocks and rivers here? Was it a garden?

Besides, why did they look at him oddly? Son of the bitch! Did they make a film or some TV shows? A costume drama?

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in Ning Qi's brain. Many memories showed in his mind one by one as if he was in a movie which talked about the whole life of a man who had the same look as him.

“This is the Dragon Continent? The Champion Lord Mansion of Qin Tang Empire? My father is the Champion Lord? My mother was the maid of the big lady? Am I...a bastard?”

"My mother gave birth to me and died of illness. I survived like a dog to now?"

"My father treated me like a stranger, and the big lady regarded me as an enemy. No one regarded me as a young master in the whole Champion Lord Mansion. Even those collateral children and servants could bully me?"

"Damn it, I just kindly picked up a handkerchief. The maid of the big lady framed me of having bad intentions toward her. I was hanged and beaten for ten days and ten nights, and then I was thrown to the yard door without breath. Bitch...I must kill you... No one can set me up!" 

"This world is amazing, unexpectedly with the existence of monsters and beasts, even human beings can cultivate? However, no matter how powerful human beings are, they are still suppressed by the Dragon Clan. The real ruler of the Dragon Continent is the Dragon Clan! "

 In a flash, Ning Qi accepted these memories and merged with them.


 "The Strongest Dragon Slaughter System is on. Do not move." 


 "What is this?" Ning Qi was confused by the sound in his head. 

 "100% Strongest Dragon Slaughter System has been successfully activated."

The host: Ning Qi 

Level: Body-Forge 1.

Level one to ten: Dou Zhe, Dou Shi, Da Dou Shi, Dou Ling, Dou Wang, Dou Huang, Dou Zong, Dou Zun, Dou Sheng, Dou Di.


Experience Point: 0/20

Method: Body Forge Chant for inferior yellow rank

Martial Skill: None. 

Health Point :1/20 

Dragon Slaughter Coin: 0 

Mall system is not open, please get dragon slaughter coins as soon as possible. 

"How could such a thing appear in my mind? The Strongest Dragon Slaughter System? " Ning Qi endured severe pain, got up from the ground, ignoring the mocking eyes of the two servants, and limped toward the small courtyard where he lived. The small courtyard had only one room. In fact, it was similar to the courtyard of the servants in the Champion Lord Mansion. If it weren't for the blood of the Champion Lord in his body, he wouldn't have got the small courtyard.

A small wooden box was found under the bed. There was a small porcelain bottle in it. After he opened it, a fragrance came out. There were the healing pills that Ning Qi secretly hid in the past 15 to 16 years. He poured out one into his mouth, and then carefully hid the rest of the healing pills under the bed.

At this time, his HP was 10/20. 9 points were restored.

This further confirmed that the Strongest Dragon Slaughter System was real and not his illusion. Ning Qi's heart suddenly became fiery. He already knew the world's strength and other ranks. The Champion Lord was a Three Star Dou Wang. The stronger his strength was, the more respect he could obtain.

And human life was especially worthless in this world. Every day, some people died in a fight, even in the Champion Lord Mansion, seven or eight bodies had to be moved from the back door every month. Some of them were servants who had been executed, and some of them died in secret fights. 

Just like Ning Qi, if he didn’t cross over, the owner of this body, who had the same full name as him, would be one of seven or eight bodies!

Even people with the blood of Champion Lord could be killed at will. Only with strong strength could they protect themselves.

“However, the Body Forge Chant this body cultivates is the lowest method in the world. How can I get a higher method? Huh? Experience point? If I have more experience points, I can upgrade. Can I become a Dou Zhe or Dou Shi as long as I get experience points?

Ning Qi felt that it was necessary to test it. At this moment, a mouse ran past his feet. Ning Qi remembered it! It was an old resident in the yard. 

 "Only sacrifice you, my friend." Said Ning Qi 

 Then he trampled a rat to death.

 "Congratulations! The host has killed a Level One low-grade monster and 5 experience points are added."

 "Since this is the first time that the host has killed a monster, the system specially rewards the host with a large gift package. Please check it." 

In the attribute column, there was a small gift bag that kept turning around. Ning Qi pointed it with his mind. 

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining a bottle of Return-to-Spring Elixir for inferior yellow rank, a total of 12 pills, each of which can restore 20 HP."

 "Hahaha, sure enough to have experience. It lets me get a whole bottle of Return-to-Spring Elixir. This is more than twice better than my pills! My HP is only 20 points, one of these is equivalent to my life! "

Ning Qi was very excited. 

His eyes suddenly swept to a Buddhist niche in the corner of the room, and his mood became extremely sad. He slowly walked to the niche. Ning Qi looked at a black urn box and said, "Mother, I will prove to everyone that I am not a bastard. I will be stronger than Champion Lord. One day, he will kneel in front of you and kowtow to you to apologize!"

"Ha, ha, ha, this is a big joke!"

Ning Qi turned around suddenly and saw a young man covering his belly and laughing.

"Ning Long, what are you doing here? You are not welcome here." 

Ning Qi said with a cold voice.

This person was the son of Champion Lord's seventh younger brother, and was regarded as a collateral branch of Champion Lord's family. But in his memory, Ning Long had been the main force in bullying Ning Qi's group since childhood. Ning Qi suffered more than 100 internal injuries in his body, at least 30 or 40 of which were attributed to him!

"If I didn't come here today, I wouldn’t hear your outrageous remarks. The bastards are bastards indeed. If I tell this sentence to the big lady or the Lord, do you think you still have life?" 

Ning Long sneered.

"I forgot to tell you, the maid Xiaoyuan you flirted with is my lover. You even dare to touch my girl. The big lady's men didn't kill you, but I will kill you today!"

After that, his body suddenly burst out a regiment of pink Dou Qi.


This was One Star Dou Zhe’s unique Dou Qi!

Ning Qi was directly beaten out by Ning Long, smashing the only few pieces of furniture in his room. Ning Qi's HP dropped to 3/20 in an instant.

There was a sweet smell in his throat and a gush of blood came out.


In this novel, fighters are divided into 10 levels. The lowest is Dou Zhe


and the highest is Dou Di

fighting god



Dou Qi is the internal fighting energy or qi that wuxia often refers to.