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Who Knew?

Who Knew?



The story is about a new boy band moving in to Sara's neighborhood, and she falls in love with the lead singer Billy. Billy's band is new to the music industry and it's getting popular, many people know about the band expect for Sara. Sara doesn't know as yet what she's about to get into.
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Sara! Sara! Wake up! As my friend Ciara shouted while barging in to my room, trying to wake me up. "Get up lazy ass it's Monday and the first day of our senior year, can't miss it on you're first day!"

As I got up to shower and get ready, I could smell the tempting smell of waffles being made by mum downstairs. As I got out the shower I gazed upon my friend who looked dashing in her new pink cute little dress, she had amazing black shoulder length hair, styled it with a matching headband with cute pink wedges. She looked at me with her brown eyes and asked me "how do I look?" I responded with dashing as always with a smile.

Ciara was my best friend since childhood days, I could literally tell her anything, there were no secrets amongst us.

She helped me get ready, I wore simple bootcut jeans with a simple black top with sneakers, I'd only wear dresses occasionally. I had dark brown hair, shoulder length too, did a simple pony and both of us headed downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning sweethearts" as my mum greeted us as we came downstairs. My dad had already left for work and my siblings joined us too. I had 2 older brothers and one younger one. my older brother Will was abroad for studies, my second brother Sam who works with my dad at our garage and younger brother Ben who's still in junior school.

We sat down to eat and had our normal conversation as we do everyday, nothing special. My older bro Sam decided to drop us as he was headed that way. Ciara always blushed when she was next to him, she always had a crush on him.

We finally reached school and everyone was excited as it was the first day. "Sara are you nervous?" Ciara asked while jumping and hugging me. "No not at all, just kinda excited that's all."

We headed down the hall towards our new lockers as we saw a bunch of new students, and one of them caught my eye. He was totally eye candy, Ciara look at that hottie 12 o'clock, she looked at him and said damn Sara that's definitely you're type. Tall, slim, dark brown spikey hair with green eyes. I'm really hoping his in our class.

The new students started walking towards us, my heart skipped a beat, when he came towards us. "Hi my name is Andy, I'm new here and I was hoping if you could help me out?" I just kept on starting at his beautiful face and didn't realize what he had asked me until Ciara slightly pinched me from the back. I'm sorry what was that? I felt so embarrassed I just wanted to jump out the window. I needed you're help he said. Sure I'd love to help you, I'm Sara by the way, nice to meet you Andy while shaking his hand. Ciara said hi and introduced herself and left me so I could talk in private.

What may I be of an assistant to you? Could you please show me the way to the principles office? Andy asked. Sure just follow me. I showed Andy the office and he asked if I could wait for him outside. He was so cute I couldn't say no. As he went in Ciara popped up and asked what happened? I said he just needed to see principal James and asked me to wait for him outside. Oohh Sara do you think his the one? I'm not sure, let's see how it goes, fingers crossed.

Andy walks out and I ask everything ok? He replies "yes everything good, do you know where the first class of senior year is? Why you're in that class? Ciara asked. He said yes, as soon as he said that I wanted to jump with joy. Really! We are in the same class too, I added. Andy responded well atleast I'll have someone I know in the class, please lead the way, don't want to be late for our first lesson.

As soon as we reached our class me and Ciara could not stop giggling, we showed Andy that this was our class, he sat down and so did we. More and more classmates came in and settled down, when finally someone walked in and killed my excitement.

*I hope you like the first chapter, let's find out what happens in the next chapter