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Ribrith of Naughty Ancient Immortal

Ribrith of Naughty Ancient Immortal



The most popular new book in 2019! Luo Chen, a supreme immortal, was sneakily attacked and reborn to the earth. Luo Chen, in low status, was faced with his girlfriend’s disdain, his rival’s ridicules, his parents’ miserable life as well as the provocations from rich and powerful young masters. He pledged that he must change his fate and stood at the peak of the world, telling everyone that he, Luo Chen, had been here.
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On the top of Mount Tai, a bolt of thunder cut through the void and broke the altar on the top of Mount Tai. It caused a stir for the daytime thunder and the broken ancient ruins.

At the moment, a high-speed bullet train was driving from Mount Tai to New State.

A young man whose thin face looked pale but still heroic, showing an extraordinary boldness of vision, sat in a trance on the train.

“Was I really reborn? Or is it just my illusion?”

The young man sighed. He had affirmed many times on the top of Mount Tai, but he still couldn’t believe the fact. Now he reconfirmed it again and fond that the Taihuang Sutra in his body couldn’t work, and his cultivation base had disappeared totally, and only a little energy of Taihuang Sutra left.

“It seems that I really came back to the earth, and it is at the age of 20 years old.” The young man named Luo Chen was the last successor of Taihuang School.

Originally, Luo Chen was an ordinary person. However, he entered the Cultivation World by accident and got the Taihuang Sutra, becoming the final successor of the prestigious Taihuang School. After cultivating step by step, he became the supreme immortal.

There were no rivals of Luo Chen all over the world of immortal. He footed in Heaven and Earth and was in the highest realm. It was a pity that he was jointly attacked by the Three Big Buddhas from Tertiary Solar Period.

“Shit! What bad guys. Three Big Buddhas! For Taihuang Sutra, you even utilized the sealed book without a word and ten big fierce arrays to attack me. However, I am not fated to die and come back.” A flicker of a sneer showed at the corners of Luo Chen’s mouth and a chill in his eyes.

Although he, a supreme immortal, had amazing power and sophisticated immortal skills in his previous life, he still suffered a disaster for his insufficient cultivation base. Finally, he was killed by the ten big fierce arrays.

But the present life was different. He was reborn and came back to the earth.

“If I awaken my hidden things in advance and begin to cultivate, and I get the powerful objects from all over the earth, then I will defeat the Three Big Buddhas.”

“Ho, ho... I expect to meet you again, the Three Big Buddhas. At that time, I don’t know how can you against me? And I am looking forward to seeing your complex expression when I fetch the most precious treasures.” A flicker of sneer showed on the corners of Luo Chen’s mouth.

“Beep...” The bell rang. Luo Chen frowned at the name of the person who called him when he took out his mobile. The person aroused burning wrath of Luo Chen who originally held aloof from the world.

The person who called him was the right reason why Luo Chen chose cultivation.

However, that was the beginning of Luo Chen’s tragedy.

In his previous life, although he was not born in a rich family, his father owned a house, a car, and even hundreds of thousands of deposits. What’s more, his family also had a small size decoration company. Anyway, he could live a good life.

But it was this trip that ruined everything.

Shortly after graduating from college, he separated from his girlfriend Zhang Xiaoman. And this time he went to find his girlfriend. For Zhang Xiaoman, he even abandoned his bright future in Youzhou and became a humble clerk in New State.

Unexpectedly, this trip was the beginning of his tragedy.

With a carefully selected gift, he came to New State. However, unexpectedly, he was crippled by someone else. His hands were broken into comminuted fractures, and his knees were kicked to pieces which depressed him extremely for a long time, and he even wanted to commit suicide.

He became a disabled man who could not even have an independent life. In order to cure him, his father spent all his deposit, sold his houses and cars and eventually fell to pick up garbage for a living.

Until that snowy night when the corpse of his father was carried back by someone, he choked with sobs.

In the following 20 years, he lived like a dog and was ridiculed and reviled by others. He even begged for a living.

All of these dealt him a heavy blow which made him dispirited. Finally, Luo Chen came to the top of Mount Tai and jumped down one night.

Out of his expectation, he didn’t die. Instead, he fell into the Cultivation World. He got Taihuang Sutra and went on the road of cultivation. Finally, he made a great turn and became the supreme legend that defeated all immemorial immortals, becoming an intimidating supreme immortal.

Unfortunately, even if he was a supreme immortal, he wouldn’t be able to resurrect his father, which was the most regrettable thing in his legendary life and the most important reason why he couldn’t break through the last level of the realm.

But this time differed from his previous life. Now that Luo Chen can be reborn. He pledged that nobody would hurt his father. The enemies in New State of the previous life of Luo Chen would pay for it because they ruined his family.

Getting through, Luo Chen heard an impatient and cold voice.

“Hello, Luo Chen, if you arrive, call me in advance. My mother and I will pick you up at the station.”

And then she directly hung up the phone, giving no chance to Luo Chen.

There was a sneer on the corners of Luo Chen’s mouth. In his previous life, he loved this woman crazily like a mad. However, he was disdained by her parents with various cynicism and obstacles.

Because of the opposition from her parents, this woman, who deceived more than a million of all of his deposit given by his father, hooked up with an officialling.

But this life we could play slowly. Luo Chen couldn’t help smiling coldly again.

Luo Chen put down his cell phone and just caught sight of the old and young sitting next to him.

At the moment, the old man was opening a simple box with anticipation. He took out a picture from the box, and the picture was spread out. The old man was admiring it.

However, Luo Chen withdrew his eyesight after a glance.

“What did you mean? You know nothing about antique pictures.” Suddenly, a girl next to the old man asked. The girl developed an arrogant character for her identity and had been spoiled by others since she was a child. She lost her temper immediately when she saw the disdainful eyesight of Luo Chen.


She must be kidding me?

Luo Chen was the supreme immortal in his previous life. It was impossible for him not to know that with his knowledge.

However, Luo Chen knew the painting in front of him was a fake after a glance. But the old man carefully regarded it as an authentic work.

But for his disposition, how could Luo Chen bother himself arguing with the likes of the little girl?

Luo Chen also knew the identity of the old and young was extremely prominent from what they wore. They were either rich or noble.

“Please shut up, if you know nothing about it. A country bumpkin like you won’t recognize it even if facing tens of millions of authentic works because you have never seen it in your life.”

The girl said this with a high chin and disdain on her face. She was noble in status and was exposed to some dignitaries daily. She naturally looked down on ordinary people, such as Luo Chen.