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My love diary

My love diary

Author:Mixue Chen


Michelle and Cheng Dong were a couple since college days. Cheng Dong was very caring towards her. Her friends are all envy of their relationship. On the sixth year of their relation, she starts to worry as she felt he is hiding something behind her back. Cheng Dong have been travelling to and fro Korea and Singapore as he have cancer and have to go to Korea for medication. He only wish he can fulfil his wish of marrying Michelle before he passed on. Due to work, both of them have been distancing away. Michelle went to Hong Kong to work and Cheng Dong stays in Singapore and Korea. In Hong Kong, Michelle get to know Louis and have a one night stand with him. Coincidentally Louis late fiancée resembles Michelle and fell in love with her at first sight. Little did she know Louis was Cheng Dong doctor and friend few years back when he got his first relapse of cancer. Michelle found out Cheng Dong illness and went to Korea to look for him. They got engaged in Jeju island. But on the engagement day, Louis appear in front of them in the church. What will Michelle do? Who shall she choose? A guy who loves her till the last day of his life or the other guy which she loves his companion and she feels secured with?
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  Singapore 10th August 2009 645pm

  Michelle, Thomas, Yong Ping Ang Hui En are walking in to the MBS convention centre ballroom.

  ‘Baby, you have a great boyfriend. He is here since 5pm.’ Yong ping, Michelle’s father said.

  ‘What!? He is already here! Doesn’t he needs to work his shift tonight at the radio station?’ Michelle surprisingly replied.

  ‘Well, your sweet heart said today is your big day. He wants to be together with you.’ Thomas, Michelle’s brother replied.

  Michelle saw Cheng Dong walking in to the ballroom. He hands a bouquet of roses to her and kiss her...

  ‘I..I go and prepare my ceremony gown first.’ Michelle said awkwardly.

  ‘I will go together with you.’ Hui En, Michelle’s mother replied.

  In the ladies.

  Michelle was feeling very frustrated.

  ‘Dear, tonight is your ceremony why are you so grumpy?’ Hui en asked.

  ‘Ay, I thought Cheng Dong is working night shift so I promise my classmates tonight I will accompany them to PUB. Yet he out of sudden come over.’ Michelle replied angrily.

  ‘Please dear. You shouldn’t be angry. He is an angel. Where can you find such a great guy?’ Hui en asked

  ‘But mum! Don’t you felt this relation is so bland?! Everything is arrange!’ Michelle said frustrated.

  ‘Then what kind of relationship you want? Like me and your dad?’ Hui en asked

  ‘Nope. I want something more interesting. Me and Cheng Dong is arrange by both of you.’ Michelle said

  Michelle is queuing up with her classmates waiting to go up to the stage.

  ‘Michelle, is that your boyfriend? Is he the famous 93.3 radio DJ? He is very popular. I so envy you!’ Sheryl said.

  Cheng Dong walks towards her....

  ‘Fighting!’ Cheng Dong said happily.

  Seated in the ballroom, Michelle kept thinking about her and Cheng Dong relation. She thinks about the day when she first met him.

  Hong Kong 20 February 2005


  Yong ping, Hui en and Michelle just reached Lau fou san.

  ‘Dad, are we still waiting for someone?’ Michelle asked

  ‘Yes waiting for a friend’s son.’ Yong ping replied.

  ‘I go to the ladies first.’ Michelle said

  After coming out of the ladies she saw Cheng Dong just outside of the gents.

  Song Cheng Dong?! Why are you in Hong Kong?!

  Michelle asked surprisingly.

  Oh, I am a half a local here. I often come back to visit relatives and friends. Cheng Dong replied

  That’s coincidental. Two countries away we still can meet each other. Michelle said shyly.

  They walk over to look for her parents. Yong ping and Hui en saw the two of them walking over.

  Hey look, seems like the two of them already knew each other. Yong ping said

  Oh I guess he is the guy which she knew in her school. Hui en replied

  Hi uncle, aunty. Cheng Dong said

  Michelle look at Cheng Dong in a shock.

  Ah Dong, you came to Hong Kong alone? Yong ping asked

  Wait..daddy, you know Cheng Dong!? Michelle asked

  Well Cheng Dong’s dad is my business partner in Seoul. His mum is a local here and his dad is a korean.

  Yong ping said

  Michelle walks away. Cheng Dong chases her...

  Sorry. I only get to know they are your parents today.

  Cheng Dong said

  That means you knew I am Chan yong ping’s daughter all along?! Michelle asked

  The second year in college then I get to know. But I really love you. I even asked them if we can go Korea together.

  Cheng Dong said

  Michelle turned towards Cheng Dong...

  Seoul!? Is that true!? We can go Seoul together?!

  Michelle asked surprisingly

  Yes, they agree. Cheng Dong replied

  Michelle hugged Cheng Dong tightly

  Singapore 10th august 2009

  Suddenly Samuel taps Michelle’s shoulder.....

  Hey it’s our turn to go up. Samuel said

  After the ceremony

  Outside of the ballroom

  Sorry, uncle aunty I have to rush back to the radio station. Cheng Dong said

  Samuel, Michelle and Sheryl just came out of the ballroom...

  Hey! Super boyfriend! Rushing off to work?’

  Samuel asked

  My boss chasing me to go back to radio station. Michelle I call you later. Cheng Dong said

  Dear, drive carefully. Michelle said

  Cheng Dong kiss Michelle and walks off.

  Wow so sweet! Envy! Sheryl said loudly

  You so envy then you and Cheng Dong be a pair.

  Michelle said

  In Samuel car, Michelle is thinking about last year incident in Macau.

  Macau. 20th March 2008

  Tam Zai Macau Seto master office


  Michelle gave her and Cheng Dong ‘baizi’ to the Seto master

  Seto master pause for awhile....

  That’s strange miss. You and this guy is not fated to be together. You should be marrried to a guy in Hong Kong. You should have a fate with a Hong Kong guy and you two are a great couple. Seto master said

  Then what happen to my boyfriend? Why are we not fated? Michelle asked

  This is fated. His life is very short. Seto master replied

  Master can you reveal more to me?! Michelle asked

  I can just say. The three of you will have a complicated love. The other guy also loves you a lot. Well, that’s all I can say. Take care of your boyfriend. Treasures him when he is still around. Seto master replied

  Singapore. 10 august 2009

  Hey! Michelle, we have reached! What are you thinking about? Samuel asked

  Nothing let’s go. Michelle said