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The Death Of Me

The Death Of Me

Author:Catherine K


She is innocent, but a fire always burned inside her heart. She loves people, animals, and she has a fairy tale idea about what love is. He is a dangerous man who had never been in love, despite his numerous affairs. Love at first sight .... longing....passion.....desire......fulfillment.......surprises ....
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  "You are useless! Ugly! Stupid!!! Do you really think a good man, who has many options will fall in love with you? You need to be fucking smart! There are many wealthy men who need someone in their life! Many wealthy men with money, that is! And you need to help your family! We did not raise you, with so many sacrifices, for nothing! You know ....."

  Tears were in Laura's eyes, but she would not let them fall! She gave a numb look at the woman she had been calling "mother" for almost 22 years! She knew that this woman loved only herself and money, but wanting to practically "sell" her daughter into marriage with some older man who had a good position in the city, was just too disgusting for her to imagine, therefore, she saw her mother as a money craving monster.

  "What will become of you if you don't marry? Nothing! You're stupid! Just like your father! I married in this fucking family because I needed a man! But I now wish I would have went for a richer man! A man who is at least an ingeneer! Someone who would have made me proud when being called 'Madam'. Now, with your father's name, I can just better be called 'Madam Dick' ! Because he is as idiot as a dick, poor and stupid! And so are you!"

  Laura felt nothing but disgust for this creature of a woman! She knew that she should not talk back, but she just could not take it anymore, so, looking at the apparently nice woman she knew as mother, said:

  "I am not a slave for sale! I believe in love! And I believe that you may end up alone! For money and fortune, you will lose your family!" ...

  "SHUT UP!"


"Who the hell are you to talk back at me?! You come from a family of slaves! I come from a family of masters!"


"So you should be grateful that I am considering for you, a lame and dumb creature, the possibility of marrying rich, and living careless for the rest of your life! All you have to do is share your pussy! In the end, this is what you will end up doing! "


"LOVE! she sais! LOVE!


You want to go after a boy with no studies, no perspective in life! No money and no future!!" - this was the old woman's perception of all men of her daughter's age, that they are like useless beasts in heat, without a future in life....... SLAP! "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I KILL YOU!"

  With a red face, from her mother's slaps, Laura went ahead to the public library. She loved reading, but this was not the main reason she was going there. She went there, because, for at least a few hours, she would stay away from the hell she called home.

  She never had any actual good memories of her and her folks. A despotic woman, who lived in an imaginary world, and who loved fortune more than she loved her family, for a mother, and a coward for a father. Coward because he never interferd when seeing his wife abusing their daughter, but sharing his side of insults and despising words to her.

  "You seem to be so easy that a guy can fuck you if giving you candy! Listen to your mother! She is trying to help you marry well! What love do you want? Affairs?" ....

  And this was these people's idea of love and pure affection between 2 people who love each other! As hard as she tried, Laura could not love them! She felt despise and hatred towards the people she was supposed to call family, towards the people she was supposed to call "mom" and "dad".

  She often thought that she is better off dead. At least, the pain will be over.....no more insults.....no more beatings.....no more bruises.....no more tears ...... just silence and peace....but, as much as she had found the idea of taking her own life appealing, she never had the courage of doing it herself ..... therefore she continued living her life as a moving corpse, waiting to take her daily share of hits, spits, insults and bruises, and dreaming with her eyes open at a day when she will be free....when the nightmare will be over.....

  Laura often dreamed of finding a man, who would, first of all love her enough to see her tears and whipe them away. But, she knew that this would basically be just an illusion, because such men had ceased to exist years ago. Most of them basically wanted to enjoy themselves, and have fun, seeing women as sex toys, with superficial minds, and good for use bodies, who never wanted to get bored in bothering to see a woman's soul. So, she had resigned to her fate, hoping that her life ends soon .....