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Please Love Me

Please Love Me

Author:Jillian ❤️


Joey is the love of her life. He’s been her bestfriend since grade school. Their families came from the same background. But how can she tell her when he is already in love with someone else? And can she prove that she is more qualify to him than her?
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  “Hey! What are you doing to her?!”

  Cindy look up and saw a little boy defending her to a big fat bully kid.

  “What do need?! Get out of here and mind your own business you dog!” Said the bully kid and pull Cindy’s hair.

  Cindy was screaming in pain when suddenly, she saw the big fat bully kid fell on the ground.

  “Let’s go.” The little boy said while grabbing her hand.

  She remember the little boy. He is her classmate but she couldn’t recall his name because she’s not close with everyone on that school.

  She transferred to that school because that is the nearest school from where her family is staying after her mom decided to stay in this country. Since she is a transferred student, no one tried to talk to her and she often became the target of bullied kids.

  While grabbing her hand, the little boy sat in the long chair on the side of the gym.

  “Come and sit here” he said while tapping the space beside him.

  Cindy sat down while looking downwards. While sitting, she kept on crying cause she still feel the pain from her hair being pulled.

  “Ssshhh, please stop crying. I’m sorry this happened to you, but I promise that no one from this school is going to hurt you ever again!” Says the little boy.

  “Thank you for protecting me” she said while crying. “I tried to avoid him but he keep on pinching my cheeks so hard so i tried to kick him and he started pulling my hair.”

  “It’s ok. I know him. He really is a bully kid. Don’t worry, from now on, he will not even dare to touch you.”

  “Thank you!” Cindy said.

  “What’s your name?”

  “Cindy. Cindy Garcia”

  “How old are you?”

  “I’m 7”

  “I’m Joey. Joseph Ericson Gray. I’m 8 by the way”

  “Are you by any chance connected with the Gray Clan? The only child of Mrs. Cecilia Gray and Mr. Ericson Gray?”

  “Yes! You know my parents?” Joey asked.

  “I do! I met them when I celebrated my 7th birthday! My mom and dad invited them but they didn’t bring you. Why is that?”

  “When is your birthday?”

  “It was April 12”

  “Oh! I was with my grandma and grandpa that time. I like staying with them every summer vacation since mom and dad are always not around. They keep on saying they’re on business trip so I told them that I will be staying with my grandparents.”

  “Oh, I see” Cindy said while nodding.

  “You’re my classmate right? Break time is almost over so let’s go back to the classroom?”

  “I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to study here anymore! I just want to stay at home. If I stay here, There are many other things that those kids will do to me.” Cindy said while starting to cry again.

  “Please don’t cry! Remember what I said earlier? I will not let them hurt or even touch you ever again!”


  “I promise! Let’s go?”

  “Okay!” Cindy said while wiping her tears.