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Dear Husband, Kiss Me

Dear Husband, Kiss Me


After a night's sink, a pair of dragon and phoenix tires appeared in Su Mi's belly. After a night of forced love, there were hundreds of billions of president who fantasized about the same woman's illness every night. Five years later— On the first occasion, he took a photo of her at the auction and said, "Not all women can climb to the bed of my Fu Yichen!" On the second side, he pressed down on her. "Woman, you let Fu Yichen play with the rest of the men. Good! You have guts!" On the third side, he pressed her on the hood of the car in public. "Divorce with him! From now on, you are my woman! Remember!" After a long time...
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  The lavender grass was in full bloom, and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers, which was clean and fragrant.

  The night wind blew, and the sea of flowers rose and fell like purple waves.

  Su Mi turned on her mobile phone and walked along the ridge to the small white house in the sea of flowers. The night wind was very cold, and she only wore a white sleeveless cotton nightdress. On her feet were a pair of ordinary cartoon rabbit sandals.

  She held her chest and rubbed her slightly cold arms. When she saw that the small house was in front of her, she was happy. But the next second, a strong force came from the flowers on the side, and a hot big palm tightly grabbed her slender right shoulder.

  "Ah!" Su Mi was so scared that she screamed. The phone fell into the flowers with a squeak, and the faint light disappeared.

  The next moment, Su Mi was dragged into a hot and hard chest.

  "A million for one night. Give it to me!"

  The man's voice came from behind. His mellow voice was dull, low, and hoarse like a poem, with strong lust.

  Su Mi's heart was beating like a drum. Before she could react, the sky and earth were spinning. She had been overwhelmed by the man in the sea of flowers.

  "No! You've found the wrong person!" Su Mi's eyes widened and she struggled desperately.

  "Well... don't dawdle. Can't wait? Good girl!" Since his voice was getting closer and closer to the man's, his big evil palm had already reached into the white nightdress beside the lotus leaf.

  "Let go! Bastard!"

  Su Mi struggled, but she found that the man was tall and straight, pressing down on her body like a mountain.

  She became frightened and widened her eyes, only to see clearly that the man, with his back facing the sky full of stars, had a sharp face as sharp as a knife and an ax, and his deep eyes full of the fire of desire. He was enthusiastic but cold than the stars above her head.

  She struggled desperately, but she was still like a little rabbit under the eagle's claws, unable to escape.

  The pain came, and then the man's overwhelming kiss blocked Su Mi's shouts. The mellow aroma of red wine, accompanied by his unique breath, occupied her lips, and absorbed the sweetness that she had never been touched.

  After a long time, the man's seductive voice sounded again, hoarse and with a different kind of coyness.

  "It's so sweet. I'll give you another one million yuan, huh?"

  "Bastard! I'll definitely kill you! Uh..." Su Mi's voice was no longer clear.

  This hateful man, how could he do something evil like a devil in such a pure and holy place!

  As the wind passed by, the girl's white dress had been stained with purple flower mud. The clean floral fragrance was mixed with an air of invanence, which made her look like an angel.

  This was Zitian Town, famous for the thousands of acres of lavender. It attracted a lot of film and television companies to shoot. For a long time, it had become a film and television base.

  Recently, Wang Zhen, the world-renowned chief director, came to shoot a big production movie with several movie queens and queen actors. Unexpectedly, the chief director took a fancy to Su Mi, who came home during the university holiday and invited her to participate in an important supporting role.

  Su Mi didn't expect that her sister, Su Qiang, would lie to her and lock the door in the middle of the night when she heard the news. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't open the door. Her parents clearly heard the sound but refused to stop her sister.

  The man's breath was sprayed in his ear, and Su Qiang's words not long ago also echoed at this time.

  "You're so capable to attract the director's attention at a glance. Is there any hidden rule? Then why did you come back? It's so nice to sleep in the star hotel of the director. I won't open the door for you. Get out!"

  Since she was homeless, Su Mi could only choose to avoid the night wind in the small viewing houses in the flower sea. She did not expect to encounter such a terrible thing.

  The betrayal of family affection, the ruthless attack of men, and the tears of Su Mi's tears wet the purple flowers under her body.