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Ballad To You

Ballad To You


A night of crisis and a sudden change happened. She went abroad in a hurry. Six years later, she returned with Mengmeng's daughter as a senior designer, but she didn't want to be accidentally involved in the world of the big shot in C City, Qin Yzheng. This man, who was only 32 years old, was mature, steady and rich, but he always remembered that a goblin was happy under him one night six years ago and had no news from then on. At a banquet, she attended it as his female companion, so he saw the red mole on the woman's back. His eyes darkened, and he said, "Why did you tear my dress off for six years ago?"
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  "Miss Mu, this way, please." The receptionist took Mu Fei to the office of the interview.

  Mu Fei pushed the door open and walked in. There were five people sitting in the empty office.

  The man sitting in the middle was exceptionally outstanding.

  He wore a white shirt and black trousers. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up slightly, and the collar was open at will. The simple and simple suit was that he was wearing reserved and extraordinary clothes, and the mature male smell was blowing on his face, which was heroic.

  After several inquiries, they asked Mu Fei a few questions. The man sitting in the middle kept looking down at the documents in front of him and never looked up at her.

  Finally, he slowly raised his head and asked, "Miss Mu, and also the recommendation for the pen?"

  He looked at her indifferently. There was no expression on his face, but his eyes were unfathomable.

  Mu Fei was stunned. "Why is this voice... a little familiar? I seem to have heard it somewhere."

  A few long-standing fragments flashed across his mind.

  In the dark room, she felt the pain of being torn. Her slender fingers touched the muscular muscle of the man's chest, the hot temperature, and... the breath that made people blush and heartbeat.

  "What's your name? Why are you here?" The low and cold voice, which was full of suppressed lust, made Mu Fei shudder.

  "Miss Mu?" She didn't make a sound for a long time as if she was in a trance. The man frowned unhappily, but the supervisor next to her immediately said, "Miss Mu, Boss Qin is asking you."

  Mu Fei quickly calmed down her thoughts, swallowed her saliva, and nodded, "Yes, the paper is my teacher when I was studying in France. He knew I was going back to China, so he took the initiative to write a recommendation to me."

  Qin Yichen tapped on the table with his slender fingers and asked, "Did you bring any work here?"

  Mu Fei quickly said, "Yes."

  Qin Yichen raised his eyebrows and motioned her to take it and show it to him.

  Mu Fei thought, "This is really going to be a drama. If I really enter a big group like Dong Yuan smoothly, I don't have to worry about my daughter and I'll have a livelihood problem."

  She was full of confidence because she had interviewed many times. She also knew that the most powerful person in the company, like Qin Yzheng, took the initiative to ask him to look at her work. Obviously, he had taken a fancy to her.

  This time, I really want to thank you for the recommendation for writing the paper.

  Mu Fei came forward, handed over a folder of his ordinary design drawings, opened it, and handed it to Qin Yzheng, "This is the drawing I drew before. I was still in Paris at that time, and I didn't make the final modification, but I think, this..."

  "Miss Mu." Qin Yichen only glanced at her and then interrupted Mu Fei with a frown.

  Mu Fei was stunned.

  Qin Yichen's long and bony finger slowly raised his head and pointed at the folder in front of her. He looked at her with a faint smile and said, "Are you sure you painted it?"

  Mu Fei was a little confused, so he nodded subconsciously—did he suspect that he plagiarised?


  She dared to swear to God that her work was all her own efforts, and it was impossible for her to copy it. So after thinking for a while, Mu Fei added firmly, "Boss Qin, I can use my personality to guarantee that this is my work."

  Several supervisors on the side also looked at the design drawing at this time. It was okay if they didn't read it, but when they saw it, they couldn't help laughing.

  The middle-aged man, who was sitting on the left side of Qin Yichen, couldn't help pointing to the " gallery" and asked Mu Fei, "Miss Mu, did you come to apply for a job in Dongyuan City as a play? How can you hand such a thing to Boss Qin? It's just a farce!"

  What the hell were they talking about?

  "Is there anything wrong with her design? Why does it become a farce?"

  Mu Fei's face was full of confusion. The man sitting in the middle finally restrained his interested eyes and turned into a deep one. He picked up the " negligence design" that someone swore and handed it back to Mu Fei. "We are looking for a designer, not a painter, let alone a primary school student?"

  There were two buzzing sounds on the back of his head. Mu Fei stared at the " negligence design" with his mouth agape. No, it was not a design at all!

  Her face gradually turned red, and she was speechless to see the image of Princess Deis on the drawings.

  This was her daughter's painting. Why did she come here?

  Mu Fei wanted to cry but had no tears. For a moment, he was speechless and could not explain.

  Out of the magnificent building in the east, Mu Fei still couldn't help but knock on his temples.

  Such a good opportunity, such a good opportunity!

  Mu Jingjing, that little wicked girl, must have done something good for her. Now, Qin Yzheng probably thought that he might be very careless and denied her directly.

  Mu Fei was disheartened.

  She found a random restaurant to eat. She had just returned to China not long ago. During these years, she rarely ate authentic Chinese dishes abroad. Some of the dishes were well-known, which made her inexplicably sad.

  He had been away from City C for so long. In the blink of an eye, six years had passed. That year, she was only 18 years old, her father was imprisoned, and her mother suddenly passed away...

  The memory fell into the night again. The man's hot breath, the big hand, and the pain that pierced through her body...