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Godfather kim

Godfather kim

Author:Paul kim


In the luxurious street of gold coast in cape city inside a beautiful and luxurious villa which was well guarded sat two people in the dining table.one man was an old Asian man and the other was a young black man in his early twenties. The dining room was silent only the sound of spoons and forks was heard.the old man was known as godfather Kim he was the richest and most powerful man all over Asia. As he was eating he was deep in thoughts.he was thinking of how everyone would react tomorrow after he would announce his will.he looked at the young man beside him and remembered vividly how they both met five years ago.he remembered that he had been in Africa visiting his diamond mines ,when he was attacked by his enemies. He was in one of the few five-star restaurants in that country when he was attacked.the Young man whose name he did not know at that time was working there as waiter.As the young man was serving him in his private deluxe room the door was smashed open and around ten men who were dressed in black suits entered. Godfather Kim was surprised by what had just happened.he looked at them and quickly regained his calm posture. The leader of those men was Chen li he was the right hand man of Jiang ming his greatest enemy.he removed an envelope and threw it on the table and spoke coldly to godfather Kim.sign those papers and save your life.
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  Godfather kim quietly and calmly opened the envelope. He took out documents which stated that he had agreed to transfer all of his assets to Jiang Ning.All of his assets were worth more than seventy billion dollars.Jiang Ning was his nephew. But he had disinherited him due to his arrogant and outrageous lifestyle. Godfather Kim took out a lighter from his pocket and then lit the documents on fire.Chen Li was surprised by his sudden action and growled in anger what the fuck are you doing old man?

  It seems that you are eager to meet your maker Chen li was infuriated when he saw godfather's face it showed no regret for what he had done.His face was calm and humble but his eyes were as cold as a devil.

  Chen li was well known for his violent behavior. He had been paid to kill godfather and get the signature signed on the documents. He took it as a simple job because godfather was an old man and he underestimated his ability. Everyone inside the room was silent and shocked the silence was broke by godfather.Go tell my nephew to continue dreaming about my money for he will never smell a single penny from me.Since I have no heir all of my wealth will be donated to my charity funds.Tell him to continue keeping his hopes high about my money.All of this time while talking his face was calm but his voice was cold .His cold eyes were watching the documents burning down to black ashes.He maintained a powerful aura around himself.

  And as for you get the fuck out I want to enjoy my dinner.After hearing this Chen li got mad and he quickly ran towards godfather.


  A hot slap was heard.Chen li fell down while holding his face.After seeing what just happened everyone was shocked.They didn't expect that the godfather could slap Chen li.

  Chen li and his men got mad .Chen li angry shouted.

  KILL HIM!! KILL HIm!! After hearing that all of his men ran towards godfather.


  BOOM! BOOM! Within half a minute bodies were all over the place.Chen li was shocked by what had just happened.

  All of this time the young black waiter was flabbergasted by everything which had happened for the past few minutes. He was scared out of his wits.He was profusely sweating and his feet were trembling due to fear.His name was Paul and he had already finished his high school education.He was working at the restaurant as waiter.This job was one among the many part time jobs he had.He was from a poor and humble family.He had two young sisters.Since he was the first born in his family he worked hard in order to save enough for his college tuition fees.But now he was scared because he knew he might be killed so as to hide any evidence. And he knew no one could think twice to kill him because he was just a waiter. More or less a black waiter.

  Godfather quickly turned to Paul he could clearly see that he was scared to death. He ordered him to call the manager of the hotel.He quickly recorvered from his shock and he was about to go out when chen li took out a gun.

  No one fucking gets out of here alive...