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Desire, lust, love

Desire, lust, love



Anna is a beautifull young woman. But she don’t know that. She devolps fast to a woman who likes to have the attention of men. Which man does she have to choose? The man who loves her so much? Who treats her so nice. Or the other man... while they have sex the sparks are overwhelming...
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  I am in my room, packing my stuff for a long travel trough Europe with my backpack. Now I am 21 and fresh graduated. I want to see the world.

  I feel the desire raising in my stomach. Finally doeing something I dreamed of for the past few years.

  My daydreaming gets disturbed by an incomming call. I look at the ID of the caller and answer the phone.

  “ Hey Ella, how goes the packing?”

  “ Hey Anna, everything is fine. My backpack is ready! How much time do you still need?”

  “ So you think that I’m not ready yet?” I says flustred, Ella knows me too well! I hear Ella chuckling. “ Okay, I need one hour and I will be ready! Do you come to me? Or will I pick you up?”

  “ I will pick you up, be ready! Go packing!” Ella ends the call.

  I rushed to my bathroom and picks the most important stuff. Toothpast, toothbrush, hairbrush, hairbands, shampoo, soap, some make-up, periodic stuff, some medication. I look in my closet and my eyes falls on the package of condoms. I blush by the idea of sex with some hot stranger... not that something like that is going to happen, but you never know and safty first. I take the package and put it in my bag. I go to my room and put it in the backpack. ‘Okay, do I have everything?’

  I hear the doorbell and I rush downstairs.

  Ella enters the condo and looks at the backpack at the door. “You ‘re ready to go?” She askes with a large smile.

  “Yeah, almost!” I take my travelling pasport out a closet and now I ‘m ready!

  We go to the trainstation, we buy our tickets to Brussels AirPort! I look at my ticket and butterflies are fluttering in my stomach! ‘Finally! My adventure can start!’

  We are walking through the station searching for the right perron and are waiting for the train to comes. Talking and giggling with Ella is the most fun, all the time.

  “Yes the train arrives on time!”

  Fourty-five minutes later we arrive at the AirPort.

  We look for the right check-in to Portugal. There is a queue with almost 30 people. Our eyes are roaming the people. With who are we going on a plane? Are there some handsome men? Ella sees them first. “Anna, look overthere! Oh these men are so gorgeous!” I search through the faces and there they are... three men, and ‘Yes they are mmmm!’ A little moan escapes my lips. I can’t help to break my gaze. The men are all three handsome and still so different. I think they are 25-28 years old. They wear a casual jeans with some shirt. They are 180 -195cm high. With big schoulders and a lot of muscles!

  There is one man with black hair and light eyes, are they blue or green... but so special. He has a light smile around the corners of his lips.

  The other man has brown hair and darker eyes. Will they be dark green or brown? He is telling something to the other men. While talking you see he talks with all his face. All the emotions you can read ons his face. He has a warm face.

  And the last one has golden hair and also light eyes. His eyes are sparkling. And there is a big smile on his face. It lights up all his face.

  Ella gives me a kick with her elbow: “ Anna you’re drooling!” I break my gaze and start blushing. I burst this out without thinking straight.

  “Haven’t you seen them! They are so sexy! Oh I don’t know who to choose! One for each night we are in Portugal.”

  Ella chuckles “ Since when are you talking like that! You have a dirty mouth!”

  “ It’s good that you don’t know what is going one in my mind! Like you don’t have any naughty thoughts about them! ” I replie with a wink, what am I thinking? Ella starts to blush.

  The queue starts to move. We ‘re both watching in silence the backs of the three men. We hear them laughing. I feel something tingle in my body. ‘Oh they have a nice laughter. I like to know their voices. I think they will be warm, playfull and very masculin.’

  The queue moves fast, the three men are now at the frontdesk. When they are ready they pass by us. The man with de golden hair sees us glancing over. He chuckels and winks at us. He puts his arms around the schoulders of his friends and let them turn towards us. The three men are staring at us for a second. And then they have the nicest smile all over their face. Oh, my body is melting. They are so gourgeous! I’m blushing all over my skin! When I look at Ella, she is in not much better state then I’m. We are both blushing with our mouth open. And the three men are laughing out loud. They wink at us and they tell us “see you later!”

  We look at each other, we both don’t know what to say. But after a few seconds we both chirp out like some teengirls. We are both impatient, the queue can not move slower then now.

  Finally it is our turn. We get our tickets and we rush to the gate. We follow all the arrows through the building.

  I see the taxfree shops, some diners and bars. We have still 2 hours before we will boarding. So I propose to drink something.

  When we enter the bar, I immediately notice the three men sitting on the table in the corner. They are talking and laughing. I’m feeling like a stalker now. My eyes are roaming their face and body.