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Be My Guest

Be My Guest


“Aren't you a hooker that anyone could on top of you with money?” When they met, he became her guest in room...
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In the private room of a club.

"Aren't you a hooker? Anyone could get on top of you with money, don't you?"

The man smashed the cigarette in his hand fiercely, grabbed a stack of money on the table then dumped it on the woman, "This night, you are mine."

Jaycee never expected that she would meet Auster Mu at the club who had disappeared from her sight for two years.

What's more unexpected was that he even asks her to serve in bed.

When the red notes crashed onto her, Jaycee regained her composure. She avoided the angry and malicious eyesight of the man and replied to him a coquettish smile, "I'm sorry Mr. Mu. The club stipulates that I cannot entertain the guests in this way."

She's the procuress of the club and she didn’t have to prostitute herself.

Hardly had the voice faded away when she felt that her wrist was tightened. The man threw her into the bathroom and closed the door.

"Auster Mu! You bastard! Let me go! I am not a call girl!" Jaycee frightened and made a struggling revolt.

There were so many people singing and drinking in the private room. Was he going to shag her in this bathroom?

"Don't act as you are so chaste and stainless! "Auster Mu roughly pressed her on the toilet and removed her skirt savagely with his teeth gnashed, "Show me your professional quality. As long as you make me happy, I will pay you more!"

After saying this, the man fiercely got into her body!

"Ah," Jaycee cried out and tightly bit her lower lip.

Auster Mu treated her so cruelly which definitely showed his punishment intention to her.

This was his revenge for her "cheating" years ago!

Sure enough, probably every man would hold a grudge against being a cuckold, let alone this kind of specially privileged person like Auster Mu.

With this in her mind, Jaycee began to cater to him actively and hard, "Now that Mr. Mu does not look down on me, then I'll entertain you like your wishes!"

"You are such a cheap slut indeed!" Auster Mu scolded with disdain, and the action was even rougher!

"Mr. Mu seldom visits our club, and I, of course, will show all of the talents." Jaycee smiled, with eyes turned bitter.

"You are so nasty and cheap to the soul!" Auster Mu grabbed her long hair and laid hands on every part of her body violently and rudely, "call out!"

As he wished, Jaycee shouted out as "ah, ah, ah. But her casual performance made the man angrier and tortured her even harder.

After a long time, he finally left her body satisfied.

Regardless of the pain, Jaycee hurriedly tidied herself, turned around and reached out her hand to him, "I'm a procuress, the price of me is very expensive. Now that Mr. Mu has broken the rules, thus I have to charge you more money."

The man’s hands wearing the belt came to a standstill. He stared at the woman who hung on an indifferent look as if going to tear her up!

"Jaycee, I even underestimate your meanness!" Auster Mu pulled out the prepared note and threw it into her face.

Although Jaycee’s face was burning hurt, she still pretended carelessly. She squatted down and picked up the notes one by one then waved it in front of the man, "I deserve what I earned, so I can't let it go! Thank you so much, Mr. Mu!"

After saying this, she frivolously kissed on the money, flirted a blink to the man, then turned and left the bathroom.

Auster Mu was furious!

This dawn woman gave him a shock and impressed him!

He felt he was so blind that year as he had fallen in love with this shameless slut!

When Jaycee came out of the private room, she smiled charmingly all the way. However, after she entered the lounge, she suddenly lay on the table, sobbing in a faint voice.

Her tears like the fountain which directly sprang from the bottom part of her heart, and could not be controlled at all.

“Jaycee, are you okay? " One of her closed sisters came in and patted her on the shoulder worriedly.

Jaycee quickly wiped off her tears with her sleeves, sat up and kneaded her legs, and scolded, "Damn it! The beast! Didn't you see the violence and evils he made on my body! His money is f*cking hard to earn! "

"Jaycee, let me help you!" after saying this, the little sister squatted down and was going to help to knead Jaycee's legs.

Jaycee pressed her hand and showed her a bright smile, "I'm fine! It's not a big deal! Other guests are waiting. Let's go! "

It was okay!

Compared with the torn and profound wound in her heart, the physical pain was really nothing!