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My CEO Daddy, Can You Come Back Home

My CEO Daddy, Can You Come Back Home



A designed frame, she slept with a noble but mysterious man. After a ridiculous night, she escaped. Ten months later, she had a little baby valet. However, everyone says this cute sonny is a bastard with no father. Until that day, the most awesome CEO in the world who is the president of a big business empire arrived in front of them at last. Reputedly, the man is usually cold and hard as a marble man, especially for women. Though, there is an exception -- a little fellow’s mother!
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A bastard without a father


Dark night, was as silent as dead. But in the room, the girl’s moaning was like a burning fire, lighting the man as crazy as a beast.

"Please don't..."

Her body was trembling with extreme pain as the man was penetrating her whole body heavily and totally. Her hands were tightly gripping the bed sheet beneath her, her sweat was rolling down her smooth snowy—white skin, every inch of which was explored by the man’s soft tongue. Her breast was kneaded red and swollen by the man’s powerful palm, her moaning integrating with the man’s gasping, filled the room with air of hormones.

Four years later.

In a kindergarten in the northern part, a group of children were doing gymnastics at the playground.

A man with a finely carve figure was standing not far away, recalling the girl four years ago.

His mind was interrupted,"Sachin Yu, shall I bring the little master back now?" The man said respectfully to Sachin Yu.

"Tomorrow." Sachin Yu ‘s voice was low and full of magnetism, revealing no emotions.

"Yes, Sachin Yu."

Sachin Yu got into the black Bentley, only to leave a cloud of dust.

Among a group of children, a boy was especially eye—catching. He was too good—looking, with a small pink face, a pair of eyes as big and round as black grapes, and eyelashes as thick as a fan.

The little boy accidentally stepped on another boy’s foot.

"Ah!" Mark Chan screamed in pain.

The little boy quickly apologized: "Mark Chan, I am sorry, I am not on purpose. “he bent down to see Mark Chan's foot.

However, Mark Chan pushed him away forcefully: "You dare to step on my foot, tomorrow, I'll have my father beat you to death!"

Mark Chan's father was a senior official of the North City.

Some of the children started to speak up for the little boy, "Mark Chan, Hubert Mu has already apologized to you. Why are you still bullying Hubert Mu?"

Mark Chan snorted. "He stepped my foot! I will ask my dad to beat this fatherless ass to death. "

The boy's expression immediately changed. "Who told you I don’t have a father?!"

Mark Chan's tone was filled with contempt, "You, little bastard, everyone in the kindergarten knows that Hubert Mu has no father, and Hubert Mu is a bastard!"

Hubert Mu stared straight at Mark Chan, and suddenly waved his little tightly held fist and pounded on Mark Chan’s temple.

A few minutes later, Eugenia Mu received a call from the kindergarten teacher, she was told that Hubert Mu fought others again.

She took a taxi and hurriedly rushed to the kindergarten.

Her son was thoughtful, but he had fought many times in the kindergarten.

Eugenia Mu sighed.

She saw a financial news item on the LCD screen of a building.

" Yu's Group’s 10th anniversary has witnessed itself become a global technological tycoon. CEO Sachin Yu was a remarkable talent as well as …"

A photo was displayed on the screen.

He had a well—defined face, sculpture—like features, a clean and firm chin, and a naturally noble expression.

He was like a whirlpool that could suck in a person's soul with a single glance.

Eugenia Mu retracted her gaze.

Some people were destined to be blessed by the heaven.

She, on the other hand, was just the most ordinary ant among all living beings.

The person especially favored by the heaven would never have anything to do with ants, even if they had spent the night together on that day four years ago.