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Miss Good-for-Nothing

Miss Good-for-Nothing



The undercover demonic doctor, who would take revenge for any grievances, accidentally crossed over and became the infamous trash that had more money than ugly people! The contract was made by an ancient artifact spirit, and he had to cultivate Xuan alchemy to make a comeback. Wang Ba's temperament caused a bunch of scheming scum men to smoke out. A genius who had cultivated to the fifth stage of the Profound Practitioners for seventeen years! She had advanced to the Third Stage in one night with the Water Spirit Root! A fighter jet among geniuses! Competing in alchemy? Her family's artifact spirit was filled with immortal pills and elixirs! He was the charming, cold-blooded and ruthless Xie Wang. Everyone said that he was the reincarnation of an Asura, and that he loved to kill as if it were his life! "But why is it that when you're in front of her, all kinds of gluey stuff happen? Sticky like a piece of butter." "What do you need to do to not pester me?" If a good woman is to be bothered, then of course she will be bothered for the rest of her life. " A poison pill was shoved into his mouth as he laughed, "My beloved concubine really has a heavy taste. Could it be that you want to play with me as a human and a ghost?"
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"Mu family's eldest daughter, the successor of the Mu family? The future Western Princess? "Pfft!"

He spat on the ugly face of the young lady who had just died.

"Mu Xiao Xiao, a toad like you dares to fight with me over Big Brother Bai Xi. It's a piece of cake for me to kill you and feed you to a demon beast!"

"Let me tell you, not only do I want to steal your man, I also want to steal your position as the family head. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see it, hahaha!"

Mu Wan Qing, who dressed up elegantly, was extremely crazed and terrifying as she laughed. Her words were as poisonous as snakes and scorpions.

Suddenly, a demonic wind blew loudly. Huge rocks fell from the valley, accompanied by explosive sounds. The momentum was earth—shattering!


When Mu Wan Qing heard the terrifying wails, she looked up to see a few gigantic black zombie—eating birds circling above her.

The Zombie Bird was also known as the Zombie Bird, so anyone who saw it would have to meet the King of Hell.

The arrogant aura around Mu Wan Qing immediately disappeared as she drove the horse carriage away in shock.

She was in a hurry to run for her life. She did not discover that the girl's body was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Mu Xiao Xiao, who was originally lifeless, opened her eyes. Her black and white peach blossom eyes blinked a few times.

She lifted her leg and kicked the little demon leopard away. The sound of the ground rang out, and the little demonic leopard collapsed in a pool of blood, lifeless.

Mu Xiao Xiao's head suddenly started to hurt violently, as memories flooded into her brain.

Mu Xiao Xiao, the future successor to the Mu Family, had a well—known family name of being a top quality waste eldest miss.

However, she still had to wipe her face like a monkey's ass all day long, and even more so, how did she get dressed? She even used the word 'ugly' to the extreme.

Although this world respected the strong, she was still ugly and useless. Because of her identity as the successor of the Mu family, her life was still very comfortable.

But last night, when she came home from the shop, she saw a family of servants lying unconscious on the ground.

A man wearing a ghost mask told her to come to the Blood Demon Valley to retrieve something in exchange for the life of the entire Mu Residence.

What kind of place was the Blood Demon Valley?

Even a ten star profound practitioner would not dare to enter. Monstrous beasts ran rampant here, and those who died here could not be reincarnated, they could only fly to ashes and be annihilated!

What was even worse was that the man didn't say what he wanted her to take from the Blood Demon Valley.

He only told her mysteriously that when she met that thing, he would let her know.

This was simply courting death.

When a person knows that they are about to die, they should always forcefully say goodbye to the person they love.

Thus, she went to the Prince of the West Palace to find his fiancé, Yu Wen Bai Xi, for her final farewell.

However, they bumped into their best sister, Mu Wan Qing, whom they had just met.

In a fit of anger, she rushed out of the Western Prince Residence, accidentally knocked into the Eldest Miss of the General's Residence, and was sent back to the Mu Residence with her last breath.

The unlucky thing was that Mu Wan Qing, who had just returned home, was able to catch her and beat her to death before throwing her to the Blood Demon Valley to feed the demon beasts!

This was simply going too far!

If it wasn't for these three scum, she wouldn't have traversed through with dog blood!

Mu Xiao Xiao's eyes suddenly became stern, scaring the two servants so much that they hurriedly kowtowed and begged for mercy,

"First Miss, we've told you everything you wanted to know! The person who killed you was Miss Nightingale, and we were only following orders. I beg you, please let us go! "

Mu Wan Qing, who was just an ingrate adopted by the Uncle Uncle, actually wanted to take his place?

"Crack!" "Crack!"

Her lily—white hands lightly twisted the two attendants' necks, immediately causing them to lose their breath.

His methods were clean and ruthless!

This was the style of her secret medical agent! It was her nature to show her teeth!

Since she had traveled to this era's Mu Xiao Xiao, those who had bullied her, humiliated her, and killed her, just wait for her to present them each and every one of them with a big gift!