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Hello, Mr. President

Hello, Mr. President



He had been secretly in love with her for many years. He doted on her, doted on her, sent her a love letter, watched her show her love. After confessing to her, she ran away. She turned away from him, afraid of him, hating him, caught again by accident, caught in a whirlpool of love. In the dead of night, he undid his buttons one by one and walked towards her with a smile. "Darling, I heard you think I didn't love you enough …"
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The bathroom was foggy and the air was so hot that she could barely breathe.

The man,a meter away from her, slightly narrowed his eyes that were looked like a deep black ocean. His eyes, however, carried a trace of danger and fanaticism as he stared straight at her, making her feel helpless and distressed as if her entire person was stripped naked in front of him.

She took a step back, and he followed her soundlessly, his eyes focused on her.

She staggered backwards until her back was pressed against the cold wall. There was nowhere for her to run anymore. She looked at him in panic!

He lifted his hands and undid the clothes’ buttons one by one. With his thin lips slightly parted, a sexy voice entered her ears — —

"I want you to remember forever that you belong only to me."

… ….

"Ahh …"

Qiao Weiyi suddenly struggled to wake up from her nightmare, and fine beads of sweat appeared on her plump and fair forehead.

She looked ahead in panic and saw a computer. She subconsciously looked out the window and saw the dark green leaves of the parasol tree under the sunlight.

Qiao Weiyi lifted her hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Fortunately, it was a dream.

Even though the nightmare had been haunting her for five years.

Qiao Weiyi closed her eyes and fumbled around as she lifted a cup of lemon tea on the table. After drinking it, she finally managed to suppress the stifling feeling in her chest and the lingering fear.

Could it be because she had returned to the City A? The dream was terrifyingly clear, just about five years ago, making even her heart palpitate and feel uneasy whenever she thought about it.

At this moment, the silver phone on the table vibrated.

Qiao Weiyi opened her eyes and looked at her phone. The caller ID showed that it was daughters’ kindergarten teacher, she frowned, it was still during lunch break, why did the teacher give her call?


"Miss Qiao, your kid has a fight with someone, do you have time now? "I hope you can hurry over here as soon as possible …"

Qiao Weiyi's pupils suddenly contracted!

Little guy,he's actually fighting with someone in the kindergarten!

Qiao Weiyi hurriedly said a few words to the teacher, took her bag and key, then quickly left the room.

… ….

In front of the kindergarten's entrance, Qiao Weiyi tidied up her hair and quickly walked in after registering at the guard's office.

Just as Qiao Weiyi left, a low profile and luxurious limited edition black Bentley stopped at the side of the road. The driver's door opened, and the driver wearing a black and gold uniform got off the car and walked to the back, opening the door with his white gloves.

Long, straight legs protruded from the car, perfectly shaped in a sleek suit.

Her long legs gracefully landed on the ground. Her leather shoes made a soft clicking sound when they stepped on the limestone tiles.

The kindergarten door guard lazily leaned against the black leather chair and inadvertently took a glance outside. He was stunned and quickly tidied up his attire before standing up with a smile to welcome them!

"Chairman Zhang, why are you here personally today?"

Zhang Shiyan looked at the guard who had an obsequious and fawning expression, his thin lips curled up into a faint smile.

Although his son went to school here, his status was enough to intimidate the masses and make people worship him as a prince. However, using power to force people to be respectful to his son was always better than being nice to others and having them take good care of him.

Even if it was just a small guard standing in front of him, Zhang Shiyan did not ignore him arrogantly.

"Teacher Zhou said that my Niansheng is fighting with a little friend today. I'm coming over …"

Zhang Shiyan inadvertently glanced and saw the sweet figure of the girl who was rushing into the kindergarten. Her sexy voice suddenly stopped, and her back tensed up!

A sheng!

Zhang Shiyan stared fixedly at the figure with his deep eyes, and when the guard at the door saw that Zhang Shiyan did not say anything, he immediately laughed and said, "Your little son is clever and cute, very obedient. It must be the other party's little friend's fault, it definitely could not be his fault …"

Before the guard could complete his flatering, Chairman Zhang who was standing in front of him a moment ago rushed towards the kindergarten's gate at an extremely fast speed!

The guard's mouth was wide open, his face blank. What had happened?