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My Only Love

My Only Love



"You don't deserve me." Four years ago, Jin Yu had hurt an innocent young man with those words. But now, being pressed against by a domineering CEO, she heard the exact same words from this man. She did not expect him actually to be her poor ex-boyfriend! And she, once a noble lady, was regarded as a call girl by him at that moment! She was forced to stay by his side to make up for him. Being tortured, but also she was protected by him. He came back for revenge, but couldn't give up his love for her. She felt his reserved hidden love, but couldn't respond to it. "Let me go, I'll pay any price!" "No way. You gonna stay with me as my wife forever!"
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Inside the luxurious and elegant clubhouse, the crystal lights showed bright and dazzling shine, men and women casually walked.

Jin Yu was leaning against one wall corner. She was wearing a suit of plain dress, lowered her head to look at the red wine that was swaying in the cup. After half an hour, she put down wine cup and aimlessly walked through the bright and beautiful lights with her head lowered as she headed for the door.

Because he walked too fast, she did not notice that someone was by her side. She could only faintly hear a few respectful sound of “Mister Liang”.

Jin Yu was a little nervous, thinking that she had probably misheard. Moreover, there were so many Mister Liang in the world, how could it be him? She quickened her pace, only to bump into someone’s hug.

She reflexively rubbed her forehead and said, “I’m sorry.” In the instant her entire body stiffened as she raised head. Her eyes became bloodshot as she blankly stared at him with bloodshot eyes.

He was still as handsome and strong as before. However, his expression was incomparably cold when he looked at her, as if she was a complete stranger.

Her eyes stared unblinkingly at him. Although she was a bit anxious in her heart and had a lot of things which she wanted to talk to him, she held herself back, especially after seeing his impatient appearance. She gloomily lifted her leg and retreated to the side. She felt rather depressed and gloomy.

Liang Yuan showed an angry appearance, with a pair of pitch black eyes as deep as the sea. He glanced at her indifferently, and then walked away.

Jin Yu looked at his familiar but strange back, and her body couldn’t help but tremble. She was both happy and flustered in her heart.

Her gaze followed him closely, following him uncontrollably until he entered a private room with a tightly shut door. She was forcefully cut off just like that.

For a time, her mind was filled with the happy times of four years ago. Tears fell down like a broken kite, and she could not wipe them all away. She could only rush to the public toilet. She turned on the tap, lie down by the sink and pour water over her face.

As her vision became misty, the uncontrollable pain in her heart began to spread out like raging waves.

She didn’t know how long she had been washing herself in cold water, but she heard the sound of someone slamming the door and the sound of metal twisting. She woke up instantly and then became alert.

Jin Yu raised her head and looked Liang Yuan who was walking towards her from the mirror. She lowered her head in panic, afraid to look at him, with fingers gripping the sink.

“You’re surprised.” The voice of Liang Yuan sounded from behind her, indescribably calm and certain.

Jin Yu secretly wiped the tears in her eyes. Calmly, she turned on the tap, washed her hands, pretended not to hear anything, and left from the other side. He grabbed her hand as she just took one step.

She lightly glanced at the fingers on her arm, which had distinct joints. Unable to break free, so she could only lower her voice and say, “Let me go.”

He pushed her against the wall behind her, with one hand clamped to the back of her head, the other clamped firmly around her waist, staring at her coldly.

His body pressed against hers, making her became immobilized. The tip of her nose was filled with his familiar but strange breath.

Her nerves ached as she looked powerlessly at his handsome face. His eyes were still pitch black and deep, but the warmth and clarity from before was no longer there. His indifference black eyes were unparalleled, and his face didn’t have the slightest trace of gentleness.

Jin Yu struggled with all her strength, her arm pressing against his chest. She really wanted to completely push him away from her world, but she was just too weak for him. Her fingernails dug into her flesh and stubbornly stared at him, deeply suppressing the emotions in her heart. Her voice was a little cold and hoarse. “Let me go.”

Liang Yuan did not say a word, just looked at her with distant eyes. As he looked at her familiar face, her body tensed up. The fingers around her waist could not help but tighten. His originally expressionless face began to tremble, and the veins on his forehead began to bulge. His ice—cold eyes became bloodshot in an instant. In just a few seconds, the expression on his face was completely hidden. It disappeared in a flash. His lips curled up into a faint smile, and his hands began to move ferociously.

Due to the pain, Jin Yu finally couldn’t take it anymore. She used all her strength to lift her leg and kick at his leg when his lost attention.\

However, Liang Yuan didn’t move at all. He just stood there, allowing her to kick him freely. Only, that pair of pitch—black eyes grew even colder.

“Enough!” We’ve already broken up!”

Jin Yu pushed him away, a trace of mist flashing through her eyes.

“No, It’s not.” He stared at her with an inexplicable meaning in his eyes. There was not a single trace of emotion in his eyes. His beautiful eyes were staring at her, as if he wanted to see through her.

Jin Yu closed her eyes. Her fingers loosened and tightened, forcing the mist in her eyes back. She smiled charmingly at him as if nothing had happened. “Since it’s not enough, why don’t you continue to bother me?”

“I haven’t seen you in four years, I’ve underestimated you!” With that, his eyes exuded a deep cold disgust. He went up to her and grabbed her body, planning to leave. Because the ground was too slippery and Jin Yu’s center of gravity was pressed back, her soft body fell backwards, almost directly smashing into the washbasin. Her back forcibly hit the sink, causing her to let out a heavy “Ah!” in pain.

His black eyes darkened, and the fingers hanging down from his sleeves almost dug into his flesh. However, he did not feel any pain, and only after seeing that her face had eased up a lot did he shift his gaze, looking forward with a cold expression.

Jin Yu’s face was pale. When she thought of how hard he had pushed her, her heart ached. Gritting her teeth, she slowly straightened her body and forced herself to smile as she looked at him.

He stood there in a straightly, incomparably handsome and elegant. But he was the only one who was so heartless to her.

Ignoring the annoyance in his heart, he smirked and said without a trace of politeness, “Are you satisfied now? You finished venting? Can I go now? “

Seeing that she was still able to laugh, a cold light flashed in his eyes. He could not suppress the anger in his heart as he took a few steps forward and fiercely grabbed her arm, pushing her into the washbasin. His blood—red eyes surged up and down as he gnashed her teeth and growled at her in a low voice: “Compared to what you’ve done, it’s far from enough. Don’t worry, I’m just playing with you. When I’m tired of playing with you, I will naturally let you go.”