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Supreme Husband

Supreme Husband


Xiao Junfeng was in charge half of the world's assets and resources. Even more, he had a group of elites from the whole world. However, three years ago, an old man saved him while he was performing the task. Out of gratitude, he agreed to marry his granddaughter, Ye Yayuan. None of the Ye Family knew Xiao Junfeng's identity, but regarded him as a loser. Three years later when the Old Madam from the Ye Family was celebrating her birthday, Xiao Junfeng sent her an antique which cost more than 50 million. However, everyone at present thought that a poor guy like Xiao Junfeng only sent a trash... Regardless of bullies and teasing, Xiao Junfeng stared coldly at them, "You will have to pay for what you have done today!"
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  "God bless the Ye Family. Their foundation is the eldest child of the Ye Family. Their children are extraordinary. Their descendants are the most outstanding of the people."

  The old madam of the Ye Family leaned on her Dragon Head Crutch and looked at the children of the Ye Family with a look of relief.

  Today was the 60th birthday of Liu Fengzhi, the head of the Ye Family. Since the death of the old master of the Ye Family, the old lady of the Ye Family had taken full control of the power and all the affairs of the Ye Family were decided by her.

  Today, all the people who came to attend the birthday party were well-known figures in coast regions.

  At this moment, a loud shout was heard.

  "Ye Ming, from the Ye family, wishes the Old Madam good fortune as the East China Sea, and her life is as long as the South Mountain. Let's give Yu Hai a cup of tea!"

  "Chairman of Qianyuan Group, Wang Fuhan wishes the Old Madam a long life. Give her a pair of jewels and jade carving!"

  "The general manager of the Feng Hai Group wishes the Old Madam a good life and a good rest. He gave her a gold plaque on the forehead!"

  The guests looked at the valuable gifts and were envious. They were afraid that the total value of the gifts this time would be more than five million.

  However, the next voice made the guests stunned, and they were even speechless.

  "I'm Xiao Junfeng, the son-in-law of the Ye Family. May the Old Madam give me a rusted copper pot for thousands of years!"

  As soon as he said that, the guests looked at each other in dismay, and then burst into disdainful laughter.

  "Is this Xiao Junfeng the rascal who entered the Ye Family three years ago?"

  "That's him. I don't know what Old Lord Ye is thinking about. Although Ye Yayuan's father is a little mediocre, Ye Yayuan is considered a daughter of the Ye family, but she has been betrothed to a nobody."

  "The Old Madam hasn't let him step into the Ye Family for three years, which is enough to prove that she is dissatisfied with her. Today is the Old Madam's birthday, but she gives him a piece of lousy iron. She is really a laughing stock."

  Ye Yayuan was a very beautiful woman with a tall figure, long eyebrows, and a high-level face.

  But at this time, her face was full of haze.

  She pulled Xiao Junfeng, who was standing aside, to a corner.

  "Ye Yuanyuan, what's wrong with you?" Xiao Junfeng asked in confusion.

  Ye Yayuan said angrily, "What's wrong with me? I gave you 50,000 yuan to buy a present?"

  Xiao Junwei pointed to the copper pot on the big red table innocently. "Hey, that's it."

  "Fifty thousand, you actually bought a piece of broken copper and crappy iron. Today is grandma's birthday. How can you do this?"

  After saying this, Ye Yayuan was full of grievances. It had been three years. She had nothing to do all day and stayed at home as a family cook. The food was not bad, but what was the use of it?

  A real man was called a man who wanted to accomplish a world-shaking career and achieve unparalleled fame and fortune.

  On the other hand, Xiao Junfeng always looked indifferent, which made people angry and hateful.

  Take today's incident as an example. Although 50,000 yuan was not much, it was enough to buy a decent gift. However, he bought a piece of scrap copper and threw it at his grandmother's birthday party.

  Sure enough, he couldn't give such an important thing to Xiao Junfeng. He was really useless.

  If it weren't for the reputation of the Ye Family, she might have divorced this coward a long time ago.

  "Yayuan, although this copper pot looks ugly, it's a copper vessel passed down from the Han Dynasty. It's worth at least 50 million yuan."

  "Yo, 50 million? Did you come from the Antique Row?" At this moment, Ye Ziming walked over with a playful smile.

  Ye Tianming was the most favored grandson of the Old Madam. If nothing went wrong, the Ye family in the future would be under Ye Tianming's control.

  Of course, he was also aware of this, so he thought highly of the Ye family, especially his second uncle. Because his second uncle was not favored, he went out early to build his own family business. Only during major seasons, he was allowed to visit the Ye family.

  Xiao Junfeng glanced at him faintly and said truthfully, "I did buy it from the Antique Row."

  His words made the guests burst into laughter.

  "Everyone knows that most of the antiques sold in the antique street are fakes. It's okay if you buy a fake one, but at least you should pick a decent one. Please take a look at the present I prepared for grandma!"

  Ye Tanyun came to the front of his half-step tall Yu Hai, and his smug expression was self-evident.

  Indeed, compared to his gift, Xiao Junfeng's gift was not worth mentioning.

  At this time, the Old Madam came over with a dragon-head cane. A group of relatives and guests stood up respectfully.

  "Grandma, Xiao Junfeng is not sensible. Don't blame him. I'll prepare a decent gift for you when I get back."

  Ye Yayuan stepped forward and apologized to the old madam first. Although she and Xiao Junhui had no real relationship, she was still a nominal husband after all. She had to protect her relatives.

  The Old Madam looked at the copper pot and a look of disgust appeared on her face. She snorted faintly from her nostrils.

  "Forget it, your family doesn't have much money. You'd better stay here and live a good life. Sun, the birthday party is about to begin. Help me to the party."

  Ye Ziming agreed and hurriedly supported the Old Madam. He did not forget to give Ye Ya'er a proud look when he turned around.

  Ye Yayuan bit her lips hatefully. She had planned to leave a good impression on the Old Madam through this birthday party. It seemed that all of them had been soaked in soup.

  When she was about to follow them, the Old Madam said calmly, "The main table is full, so you don't have to go upstairs."

  Ye Yayuan stopped in her tracks. A sense of shame lingered in her heart.

  Ye Yayuan was the daughter of the Ye family, but she wanted to sit with the guests in the hall. She felt countless curious eyes coming at her, and she wanted to leave.

  Then, she looked at the main table on the stage, under the spotlight, and at the banquet. This difference in attitude showed how much the Old Madam disliked her.

  It was okay that her father was useless, but after all, he was a member of the Ye family. However, he had a son-in-law who was even more useless. In the old madam's opinion, Ye Yayuan's family was completely hopeless.

  "Yayuan, are you envious?" Xiao Junwei asked with a smile.

  Ye Yayuan said impatiently, "Is it useful to be envious? That's the main seat. Only the Old Madam can sit there. What can I do?"

  "After Grandfather's death, our family moved out. Life is getting worse day by day!"

  "Father failed in his business and lost all his property. I wanted to take this opportunity to please the Old Madam and give you a task, but what about now?"

  "Forget it. What's the point of telling you? You don't understand."

  Ye Yayuan's tears fell from her eyes as she spoke.

  Xiao Junfeng was stunned. "I don't understand?"

  Men's ambition was like a swan swaggering the sky.

  He had never thought about participating in the affairs of the Ye Family. It was not because he didn't want to, but because he disdained it.

  Xiao Junfeng, the founder of the most mysterious organization in the world, Dragon King Palace, was called Dragon King. He was under the command of the Four Great Serked Angel and the Twelve Great Six-winged Angel, who was in charge of half of the world's power and wealth.

  It could be said that Xiao Junfeng's words, not to mention the Ye Family, even if all the major families in Lai Hai would be destroyed during the talk and laughing!

  "He doesn't understand?"

  He had been his son-in-law's son-in-law for three years. All he wanted was to fulfill his long-cherished wish.

  But now she regarded Ye Yayuan as her own wife.

  However, every time Ye Yayuan came back from the Ye Family, she always smiled. Xiao Minghui thought that Ye Yayuan should have a certain status in the Ye Family.

  But it was not the case when he saw it today.

  Thinking of this, Xiao Junfeng said calmly, "Yayuan, if you like it, I will let you sit in that position."