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Pursue Me If You Can

Pursue Me If You Can


A big fire burned away all Shen Nange's love for Ye Nanxuan. Five years later, she returned in a gorgeous way, and she would certainly get justice for herself in the past. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zheng, who she brought back, was more scheming than her. Some treasure stood in front of Ye Nanzhu and said innocently, "Uncle, can you do me a favor? Please." Ye Nanxuan felt that she could not resist the child's request and was going to squat down to help, but she didn't expect to be sprayed on her face. One day, Ye Nanxuan said to Xiao Zheng, "Bastard, this is my room. Why do I want to sleep with my son? Why did not sleep with my husband for sleep with a man for sleep for five years?"
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  When Shen Morong got the pregnancy test list, she was surprised.

  She was pregnant!

  He was pregnant with Ye Nanxuan's child!

  After three years of marriage, she finally had his child, which was too difficult for Shen Yuge.

  She happily took the pregnancy test sheet and went out. She couldn't wait to tell Ye Nanxuan the good news, but when she turned around, she saw a familiar figure flashing by.

  "Chu Mengxi?"

  Ye Nanxuan's first love! She came back!

  Shen Mange quickly followed her, only to find that Ye Nanxuan, who was supposed to be in the company, was accompanying her and carefully holding her. And her stomach had obviously been pregnant for more than five months.

  "Nan Xuan, I'm fine. You don't have to be nervous. The child is very good."

  "You'd better have a check. After all, the child in your belly is the grandson of the Ye Family. There can't be any mistakes."

  Chu Mengxi smiled like a flower, and Ye Nanxuan was as gentle as water. This scene deeply hurt Shen Mange.

  "What are you doing?"

  Shen Yuge suddenly held the pregnancy test sheet in her hand, and her nails pierced her palm through the paper, but it was less than one-thousandth of the pain in her heart.

  She was born with cold womb. In order to give birth to a child for Ye Nanxuan, she had eaten all the folk prescriptions and examined all the hospitals in the past three years. She almost died several times, but she didn't expect that she would see Chu Mengxi pregnant Ye Nanxuan on the day she was pregnant.

  "Why are you here?"

  Ye Nanxuan's brows suddenly furrowed. His eyes, which were as gentle as water earlier, had also become sharp and cold, as if the air around him had also dropped a little.

  Shen Yuge saw his attitude from front to back and could not help but come forward to question him.

  "Why am I here? Ye Nanxuan, I am your wife. Now you are accompanying the mistress to the pregnancy test. How dare you ask me why I am here?"

  Her question attracted the attention of the people around.

  Chu Mengxi suddenly cried with grievances.

  "Nan Xuan, I'm sorry, I implicated you. If I hadn't come back and didn't tell you about the existence of the child, or if I had tried my best to kill the child, maybe it wouldn't have been misunderstood by Nange. Sorry, it's all my fault."

  After that, Chu Mengxi turned around and ran away.

  "Song Tao, follow Miss Chu and watch out for her stomach. If there's something wrong with the baby in her belly, I'll ask you."

  With a hint of anxiety in Ye Nanxuan's voice, Song Tao, the assistant beside him, quickly followed up.

  Shen Yuge only felt that it was hard for her to breathe. She had never given such concern to Ye Nanxuan.

  "Ye Nanxuan, you bastard!"

  She suddenly raised her hand and wanted to slap Ye Nanxuan hard, but she didn't expect that he stopped her halfway. The slight strength of her hand made Shen Morong frown in pain.

  "Shen Morong, when you climbed into my bed by means and forced me to marry you three years ago, you should know that I couldn't give you the love you want in this marriage. I warn you, Chu Mengxi's baby is very expensive and our Ye Family's blood and bones. If you dare to do something evil to her, don't blame me for not caring about the relationship between husband and wife."

  After Ye Nanxuan finished speaking, he threw Shen Mange away.

  Shen Yuge couldn't stand up, and staggered and almost fell down. She quickly supported the wall beside her, and the pregnancy test sheet in her hand slipped out of her hand and landed in front of Ye Nanxuan.

  "Are you pregnant?"

  There was a moment of astonishment in Ye Nanxuan's eyes.

  Shen Mange laughed, tears dripping down from the corners of her eyes.

  "Do you care? I have explained to you three years ago, but you don't believe me. No matter how hard I tried to treat you, you don't care. Now your first love is going to give you a child. Ye Nanxuan, I love you, but I also have dignity and pride! I will take care of this child. It's time to end the relationship between us."

  Shen Morong's heart was as sharp as a knife, but she turned around and left resolutely.

  Ye Nanxuan's eyes suddenly sank.

  He walked forward quickly, picked up Shen Mange, and walked quickly out of the hospital.

  "Shen Morong, who do you think you are? You're the one who forced me to marry you, and now it's you who said I don't want the child. Do you really think I have no temper and let you play with me? Let me tell you, I'm in charge of keeping the child!"

  "Ye Nanxuan, let me go! This is my child, it has nothing to do with you!"

  Shen Yuge was so angry that she struggled violently, but she couldn't get rid of Ye Nanxuan's restraint.

  "Your child? Without me, can you breed without personality? Shen Morong, you'd better not provoke me at this time!"

  Ye Nanxuan's beautiful phoenix eyes suddenly narrowed, and the piercingly cold breath instantly shrouded the surroundings, giving people a very depressing feeling.

  At this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

  In order to make it easier to answer the phone, Ye Nanxuan put Shen Mange down, but she controlled her with one hand, which was overbearing and possessive.

  Shen Morong couldn't help but feel a little sad.

  Every time she had an illusion that Ye Nanxuan cared about her a little more or less, just like now.

  "What did you say? Mengxi wants to commit suicide? Watch out for her. I'll be right there!"

  Ye Nanxuan suddenly became nervous, and Shen Morong's heart, which had just warmed up, began to cool down.