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Warm My Freezing Life

Warm My Freezing Life


My life is like an endless cold winter, and Jiang Ruqin is like a spring breeze, warming my whole life... The plot was sweet and cruel. The author had a clear mind, so he had to be careful when he was in the trap. [Niannian's Weibo: One tenth of Niannian's memory is empty]
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With a bang, the bed collapsed.

The previous second, I was still trying to cooperate with the rhythm of another person, but now, both of us were stunned.

"What the f*ck, I'm already four thousand, and the bed has been collapsed by me?"

He gasped as he spoke.

I looked at the confused look on his face and couldn't help laughing out loud.

"I just said that I wanted to find a better hotel, but you didn't listen. Do you think the bed can be so solid with 38 yuan per hour and 2 hours?"

"What the f**k, are you okay?"

He got out of my arms with a terrible look on his face. After getting up, he pulled me out again.

Although we were already there just now, when I saw him naked, my face was still red instantly.

"Handsome, why don't we just forget about it?"

I tugged at the towel beside me and wrapped myself up. I smiled at him and intended to go to the clothes that I had thrown on the floor just now.

But before I bent down, I was hugged from the back.

"Don't do that. This kind of thing can't be abandoned halfway."

His tone was too provocative, and his hot breath was in my ear, which made me involuntarily shudder.

"Well, that's the way the bed is..."

"It's enough to have a chair."

As if he had magic power, as soon as he spoke, I lost my ability to think.

In the next two hours or so, we finished our long journey from a girl to a woman on the only piece of furniture in the house.

"What's your name? You're so young. Are you a student?"

When I washed up and came out of the bathroom, he asked me, smoking a cigarette.

In this shabby and messy small room, he was sitting there, like a male model with a magazine cover, and his figure and face could be called the best.

I pressed my lips and panicked.

"Yeah, I'm a student."

"I'm hungry, right? I'll wash it first and then take you to dinner. I'll be there soon."

Without saying anything else, he put out his cigarette and strode into the rough bathroom.

The sound of the flowing water was very clear. I put on the last coat and glanced at my cell phone.

It's almost 10 o'clock at night, so don't eat any food.

Moreover, I don't intend to have any other dealings with this man who I am willing to give out for the first time.

I gently pushed open the door and left the room, which was still filled with the smell of pleasure.

When I walked to the front desk, I gave the boss 200 yuan. After all, the bed in the room was broken.

At night when I entered the city again, I took a deep breath of the cold air outside, and suddenly I felt that I might be crazy.

I met the man in the subway this evening. I only saw a few pairs of eyes looking back and forth, and I felt as if I was bewitched.

It had nothing to do with money and love. When I fell into his deep eyes, there was only one thought in my mind, that was to sleep with him.

Probably because both of us were in a hurry, we went out of the subway station and went straight into the nearest small hotel.

This kind of simple and fast V-P made me feel stimulated and relieved.

Those loan sharks, those hospital bills, and the faces of the enemies seemed to have disappeared from my mind during those two hours.

But it was the first time and also the last time that he got a room with a stranger.

Because I have asked for leave tonight, I didn't go to work.

He went back to the small apartment I rented, took a careful bath, and then went to bed.

He slept until the afternoon of the next day.

No matter how much she loved the warm bed, she still had to get up and go to work.

As for the man last night, I took it as a dream.

The place I was working was the only bar in the old urban area.

But what I had to do was to make the guests, who had worked hard for a whole day, happy.

At the beginning of the rainbow, I put on a silver wig, drew a heavy makeup, and put on a miniscule red skirt.

Although there was no future for dancing in the bar, it was because of this job that I and my mother had been living for so many years.

The familiar opening dance music and the familiar spotlight. Although the stage was small, I became the goddess in men's hearts at this time.

Cheers and whistles could be heard from this moment on.

But she didn't know why, but she always felt that it was a little weird today.

"It seems that someone has been staring at me, just like a beast staring at its prey."

Finally, the music was over. I made a thank-you screen and ran to the backstage.

But he didn't even enter the dressing room. The owner of the bar, Brother Xie, stopped him.

"Ruoyan, there's a guest today. He said that he would let you sit there for a while."

Brother Xie's face was very bad, and he looked embarrassed when he said this.

After working here for so long, I knew who Brother Xie was. If he could help me, he would never come to me.

"Well, okay."

I didn't refuse. I thought I couldn't refuse, so I followed Brother Xie back into the field without any hesitation.

Having been in the nightclubs for so many years, I still had basic self-protection ability.

I have no problem with drinking and playing finger-guessing game.

But when I walked into the table and saw the man sitting on the long couch, I was still stunned.

"Let's go."

Brother Xie patted me on the shoulder and left.

I stood two steps away from the man on the sofa, and he looked at me with a very harmless look.

"Come and sit down."

Why, why would he come? Was it a coincidence or did he come to me on purpose?

I blinked my eyes that were clinging to my long eyelashes and stood still.

"Come here, I can't eat you." He said and patted the seat next to him.

I gasped gently and reluctantly moved over.

On the stage, the night court actor was performing a two-person rotation.

But when I sat next to him, I didn't seem to hear the noises.

"You said it's your student. I've searched all the universities around me, and I've even found high school."

As he spoke, he picked up an orange from the plate.

She peeled off the orange with her slender and clean fingers.

After he peeled it off, he handed it to me.

"Why are you looking for me?"

I didn't pick up the orange, but looked up at the man who had kissed me before.

When he met her in the subway yesterday, he wore casual clothes, casual clothes and down jacket.

But today, he was wearing a dark grey cashmere coat which looked very valuable.

There was a high-necked black sweater inside the coat. The collar of the sweater made his good-looking jaw outline look even more stereoscopic.

"I'm looking for you to take responsibility for it. You ran away after sleeping once. You don't have any morality at all."

He took back the orange, took a break, and put it into his mouth.

"I didn't hear wrongly. He actually wants me to be responsible for him. No matter how inexperienced I am, I can tell from his performance yesterday that he is an old hand. It's good if I don't ask him for help. Isn't he unreasonable?"