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Romantic Night

Romantic Night


"You don't know? Your child is just a container for my child's heart. Your child has died." Qiao Xinyuan's half sister looked at her coldly and said. Qiao Xinyuan was devastated. After four years of marriage with Han Ziqian, her feelings for so long couldn't equal this mistress. "Tell me it's not true." However, Han Ziqian did not answer, which was tacit. Late at night, she opened the window of the ward with a sneer. Her child filled the lives of other, and she didn't want to live anymore. Just as she stepped out of her feet, a man pulled her back, turned over and pressed her on the bed. "Do you think it's worth committing suicide for them? Listen to me, I promise to let them repay."
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The typhoon was coming to Albourne. It was raining heavily in the sky and the wind was whistling. A bolt of lightning cut through the inky night.

"Han Ziqian, open the door. I won't divorce you, nor will I allow you to raise our child by yourself... open the door... please open the door..." A thin human figure patted the big iron gate of the Han family stubbornly.

Qiao Xinyuan's tears could not help falling. She did not understand why it was like this. When she was giving birth, she bled heavily. In addition, she was in poor health, so she had to rest in the hospital for almost half a year. Han Ziqian was on a business trip outside and did not accompany her. She had never blamed Han Ziqian, but she did not expect...

She waited for him in the hospital for so long, but Han Ziqian gave her a divorce agreement instead of visiting her, and the child was taken away by the Han family.


She didn't understand why it would be like this.

The servant of the Han family really couldn't bear it. She came out and said to Qiao Xinyuan with sympathy, "Miss Qiao, please go back first. Mr. Han won't see you. Miss Song is back..."

Qiao Xinyuan made a shiver, and the chill passed through her limbs and bones to her heart.

Song Weiwei was back...

Her half-sister...

Han Ziqian's first love and the person he had been deeply in love with...

She was back!!!

"Han Ziqian, come out and return my child. I don't want anything, I only want my child..." Qiao Xinyuan's heart sank and fell into despair.

She knew that when Song Weiwei came back, she would really lose Han Ziqian.

But she still had a child. He belonged to her, and he would never leave her!


Qiao Xinyuan saw the closed front door of the Han family open. Someone walked toward her step by step with an umbrella in his hand. Suddenly, her eyes lit up with hope.

It must be Han Ziqian!

She knew she had been with Han Ziqian for four years. It was impossible for him to have no feelings for her at all...

"Qiao Xinyuan... Ha, you really haven't made any progress in four years. You really made me feel no sense of accomplishment at all..." Song Weiwei approached and laughed when she saw Qiao Xinyuan in a mess.

Seeing that it was Song Weiwei, the last light in Qiao Xinyuan's hopes slowly faded away.

"Give my child back to me..." Qiao Xinyuan wiped her face, unwilling to let Song Weiwei see her fragile side.

Song Weiwei chuckled and said disdainfully, "Okay, I can give the child back to you, but you have to kneel down and beg me, otherwise, you will never see the child again in your life."


"What? Are you unwilling? Well, you can stay here and wait. But you have been with Ziqian for four years, so you should know him very well. If I tell Ziqian, I don't mind having a child which his mother is not me. Guess if he will give the child back to you, my good sister!" Song Weiwei said arrogantly.

Qiao Xinyuan clenched her fists tightly. Feeling the pain in her palm, she slowly calmed down.

Her child was the most important thing for her!!!

She couldn't lose her child. Song Weiwei didn't like her since she was a child. How could she really like her child?

She had suffered many losses in front of Song Weiwei. She was no match for Song Weiwei, never. Her child was still so young that he didn't even know how to protect himself. How would Song Weiwei treat her child?

At the thought of this, Qiao Xinyuan's heart ached.

For the sake of the child, she was willing to give everything...

"Okay..." Qiao Xinyuan's nose twitched, biting her lip, and her knees bent down in front of Song Weiwei, saying, "I beg you, return my child to me!"

At this moment, all her dignity and face were stepped on by Song Weiwei.

Song Weiwei felt extremely happy when she saw Qiao Xinyuan kneeling on the ground. She held an umbrella and looked down at Qiao Xinyuan. She smiled cruelly and said, "Ha, Qiao Xinyuan, you know what? You look like a dog now."

It seemed that she didn't think it was fun. Song Weiwei said again, "Well, then I'll tell you the truth. In fact, your child died half a year ago."

"It's impossible..." Qiao Xinyuan opened her eyes wide and did not believe it.

"Ha!" Song Weiwei sneered. "Tell you a secret. I, in fact, came back a year ago. Ziqian didn't tell you, did he?"

"Qiao Xinyuan, let me tell you. The reason why I went abroad four years ago was that my child was sick and I had been taking care of him. He was found out that he had congenital heart disease a year ago and was going to have heart transplant surgery. That's why Ziqian agreed to marry you and let you give birth to that little bastard."

Song Weiwei smiled with pride, "Do you know why you gave birth prematurely? That's because my child can't wait any longer, so I let your child be born three months earlier. Six months ago, my child had accepted cardiac value-shifting surgery, the operation was very successful. Today is the day when he was discharged. We were celebrating his recovery when you came. Speaking of it, I really want to thank you. Without you, my child may not survive this year. My child is my heart's treasure, and your child is just a container that provides my child with a heart. It is not even a human being!"

Qiao Xinyuan covered her chest with her hand. She felt as if her heart was about to be corroded by sulfuric acid.

"Impossible... I saw him yesterday. He's fine. You lied to me." Qiao Xinyuan bit her lip hard and her lips were stained with blood.

Song Weiwei was lying to her. This was just her means of hitting her...

How could it be possible?

Although Han Ziqian did not love her, he would not treat her like this!!!


"Tsk... idiot, you are still as naive as you were four years ago. Is the one you saw really your child?" Song Weiwei curled her lips and said with a very funny tone, "It's just to prevent you from suspecting, the child was taken from other maternity wards. We gave the child's parents a sum of money and needed to borrow their child for half a year. Yesterday's half a year has passed, so the couple took the child back!"

Qiao Xinyuan was stunned. When she thought of the child who did not look like her or Han Ziqian, she only thought that it was because the child had not yet grown up... It would be better if the child grew up a little bit...

She didn't expect...

It turned out that...

So this was the truth!!!

Boom! There was a loud noise in the sky.

Qiao Xinyuan felt itchy in her throat and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her vision went black and she fell down...

She hated him!

She hated him so much!

Why would this man she loved for so many years would destroy her life without showing any mercy?