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My Legendary Life

My Legendary Life


An accident made Ye Han have a magical clairvoyant ability. From then on, his life became rich and colorful. He opened up the most powerful business empire and dominated the world's gambling chip. He had excellent medical skills and became a medical god. He had hundreds of millions of wealth. Loli, the imperial sister, the policewoman, and the goddess all rushed to him. As a man, and a limited-edition man, Ye Han was under great pressure. He had no choice but to explore with several grave robbers. However, a shocking secret that had been pursued since ancient times gradually emerged in front of
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  In a rental room in the suburbs of Shan Hai City, Ye Han was sitting on the bed in a daze, staring at the front of him with his mouth agape. His expression was so wonderful because the world in his eyes was different from the world he used to contact. His eyes could miraculously penetrate the wall and see the scenery on the other side of the wall.

  "D*mn it, X-ray vision, it's X-ray vision. I can actually X-ray vision..."

  On the bed, Ye Han's eyes flashed with a scarlet light. He clenched his fists, seemed excited, uneasy, and like a kind of surging ambition was gradually released. With this magical X-ray vision, Ye Han believed that his fate would be changed by himself. In the future, he would no longer be the little employee that people looked down upon. He could definitely do a great job in this vast mountain city.

  After a while, Ye Han calmed down. He lowered his head and touched the Yin-Yang jade pendant hanging from his neck. Ye Han knew that this pendant was the only thing he wanted to find his own life experience.

  However, it was this jade pendant of Yin-Yang that enabled him to have this magical clairvoyant ability. Yesterday, Ye Han fought with a few gangsters for his sister Ye Qingyu. In the process, the blood on Ye Han's body that was covered in blood infiltrated into the jade pendant of Yin-Yang, allowing him to open his Yin-Yang Magic Eye. The left was Yin, the right was Yang, and the right was Yang. His right eye could see everything.

  "Chou Third, you just wait and see. I will definitely take revenge. If you dare to flirt with my sister, I will make you pay the price!" Ye Han gnashed his teeth and said.

  "Ah... Xiaohan, you woke up. That's great. It's all my fault. If it weren't for my sister, you wouldn't have suffered such a big crime..."

  At this time, outside the rental room, a beautiful woman was carrying a bowl of medicine in. When she saw Ye Han sitting on the bed, she immediately ran over and hugged him with tears in her eyes.

  Ye Han patted his sister's shoulder and supported her with his hand. He grinned and said, "Sister, don't worry. I'm fine now. Besides, it's not your fault. If the bastards who hated you dare to flirt with you, I will definitely make them pay the price."

  "Xiaohan, it's good that you're all right. As for those gangsters in society, don't provoke them any more." Ye Hao wiped the tears from his eyes and said to Ye Han, "Come on, Xiaohan, drink the medicine first. The doctor said that your internal bleeding is very serious."

  Ye Han took the bowl and swallowed the medicine in one breath. In fact, his injury had been completely healed. But in order to make his sister rest assured, he still drank the medicine obediently.

  "Xiaohan, you have been recovering at home during this period of time. You don't have to go to work." Yezi touched Ye Han's head with a face full of pity. Her parents asked her to take good care of her younger brothers before they died. However, she did not let him live a good life, but let him be bullied like this because of her. Thinking of this, Yezi felt extremely guilty.

  "Okay, sister, I'll stay at home. You go to work quickly. I'm fine." Ye Han smiled at Yezi. It was good that he didn't go to work. He could try his X-ray vision and see if he could find a way to get rich. If he could, then he and his sister Ye Hao would not have to worry about life, and no one would dare to bully them again.

  "Well, then don't run around at home. I'll come back to cook for you at night." Ye Hao walked out of the rental room and went to work in the factory not far away for their lives.

  As soon as Ye Qingyu left, Ye Han also went out and got this magical X-ray vision. Ye Han eagerly wanted to go to the experiment. Over the years, he had been running around with his sister. He had been tired of being looked down upon and bullied. Money was his only desire now.

  Walking on the street and looking at the continuous stream of pedestrians, Ye Han walked to a footbridge. He stared at it and found that there was a "gambling" under the footbridge. A group of people gathered around shouting and placing bets. Ye Han walked to the outside and looked at it. The owner of the gambling stall turned out to be a young little girl, about 18 or 19 years old. She looked delicate, with a cigarette in her mouth. She was a female shuttle.

  "Come, come, let's place our bets. Let's bet on the big one and the small one!" The girl shook the dice in her hand and looked at the people around her with a smile. The sound of the dice and the dicebox hitting each other seemed to attract everyone's attention, and they began to bet one by one. At this time, the girl stopped shaking the dice and pressed the dicebox on the ground.

  "I bet 500 on big. The first few rounds will be bigger. I don't believe it will be small." One person struggled and took out five hairs Grandpa from his pocket to buy a big one. Seeing this, the rest of the people also began to buy big. Some bet 100 yuan, some bet 200 yuan, and some bet 500 yuan. Only a few people bet 500 yuan.

  Soon, the bet had reached more than 2,000 points. Ye Han stood on the side and concentrated his attention. He looked at the dice with his left eye. As Ye Han concentrated, his right eye seemed to have undergone some kind of change in an instant, giving him an illusory feeling.

  The eyes of Yin and Yang could penetrate everything, so under the observation of Ye Han's right eye, the situation in the dice directly appeared in front of him. One was four, one was three, one was two, two three, three, nine, and small.

  "It can really be seen through!" Seeing the situation in the dicebox, Ye Han was very excited and stared at the dicebox pressed by the girl.

  "Haha, everyone, then I'll open it." The girl spit out a smoke ring skillfully. She looked as usual and quickly reached out her hand to lift it up. Immediately, a series of abuses came out from the surrounding area.

  "F*ck, it's two, three, four, nine o'clock. I didn't expect it to be so small, and I lost again!"

  "Me too. Forget it, I don't want to play anymore. It's only been an hour and I've lost more than 3,000 yuan. When I get home, I'll be scolded by my wife again."

  The girl picked up a dozen notes, revealing a pair of white teeth, and said with a smile, "I'm sorry, everyone. Two, three, three, nine o'clock, I won."

  The gambling continued. During the rest of the time, Ye Han stabilized his mood and looked at it for a while. He basically understood the rule of guessing the size. The size of the dice was four to ten, and the size of the dice was eleven to seventeen. If the three dice were to be shaken to the same number, it would be the size of the dicebox and the size of the food.

  Moreover, if Ye Han used the Yin-Yang Magic Eye to observe, he could basically figure out the rules of this girl shaking the dice. But it had to be said that this girl was indeed a master who could shake the dice. It was hard for ordinary people to reach her. However, under Ye Han's Yin-Yang Magic Eye's observation, all of this did not have any effect at all, and it seemed to be in vain in terms of smart means.

  So, this time, Ye Han entered the game. Looking at the dicebox that the girl swayed, Ye Han squatted down slowly with his mouth wide open. He looked natural. When the girl saw another gambler entering the game, she shook the dice and asked with a smile, "Handsome man, do you want to play with them?"

  Ye Han nodded honestly and took out a hundred yuan from his pocket and bought a big one when the girl was about to put down the dice cup.

  "Just buy it!" With a shout, the girl opened the dice cup, and then what was exposed in everyone's eyes were four, five, six, five or six, fifteen, fifteen, and so on.

  "Damn it, why are you driving big again? If I had known earlier, I would have continued to buy big money." The gamblers around them began to abuse again. They were angry. Someone left and someone joined in. In this game, Ye Han won a hundred yuan in a very low profile. The girl did not pay attention to the existence of Ye Han, the "gambler".

  However, in the following hours, as long as Ye Han took action, he would win every time he bought it. In just an hour, he had accumulated a total of four or five thousand yuan from a hundred yuan. When the gamblers around saw that Ye Han was so lucky, they followed him one after another. As long as Ye Han bought what he bought, they would buy it. This also made the gamblers around experience the pleasure of winning money.

  It was so easy to earn four or five thousand yuan, which was more than his monthly salary. Ye Han was also very happy, but on the surface, Ye Han's performance was very ordinary.

  However, the playful girl's eyes were already spitting fire at the moment. She glared at Ye Han angrily. Since this kid came to the gambling table, she could only not pay the money in her pocket. If it went on like this, she should be busy for nothing today.

  "What? Beauty, don't you want to make a bet?" Ye Han looked at the girl with his eyes as dark as ink, which was so calm that no one could tell what he was thinking.

  "Haha, handsome guy, you're so lucky. Why don't you gamble? How about we bet on the bigger one?" The girl leaned forward and her big eyes were shining. She was so charming that Ye Han couldn't help peeping at the girl's chest with his Yin-Yang Magic Eye.

  "F*ck!" Ye Han's black eyes also became a little restless after he looked at them.

  Noticing Ye Han's eyes, the anger in the girl's heart was even more intense. "Damned pervert, I must make you lose your underwear today."

  "Hey, do you dare to gamble or not?" With a snap, the girl patted the dicebox hard and looked at Ye Han coldly. The gamblers around also glanced at the two people, wanting to see how the lucky guy and the girl gambled.

  "Uh! gambling, why don't you gamble?" Realizing his gaffe, Ye Han quickly restrained his other thoughts and looked at the girl and asked with a smile, "Beauty, what kind of gambling do you want? I don't refuse when I come."

  "It's very simple. If you win or lose, you can bet all your money on you." The girl looked calm and looked down at Ye Han, "Of course, if you lose, go naked!"