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My Addiction To You

My Addiction To You


Lin Mengya had been framed by her cousin, who had put poison into her body, and her bed, which was rarely seen by God, had been pressed down. After that, he married her, turned into a ferocious beast, and plundered her. He was a big shot who dominated the world in the west port city. He held great power, had extraordinary talent, and acted decisively and decisively. He turned the world upside down in the business world. Cheng Nuo thought that such a emotionless marriage, as long as they got along well, was enough. However, when He Zi's nephew stood in front of her, Cheng Nuo panicked. She actually married her first love's uncle. Cheng Nuo thought that as long as she was docile and well-behaved, this man would pamper her for the rest of her life. However, when she saw her husband holding another woman in his arms appear in front of the public, her comfortable life was broken, and she fled with a broken heart. Five years later, they met again. He Zi Kai recognized her at a glance and went straight to the corner of the wall. "Woman, you can't escape from me for the rest of your life."
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  Soli International Hotel, the only seven-star hotel in Xifang City, belonged to the hotel under the control of He Yanyi Empire.

  In the luxury private room of the restaurant's catering department, a group of young people were participating in the classmate gathering.

  Cheng Nuo saw that the students around her were gathering together to chat in twos or threes, and she felt indescribably happy. This group of people would take part in her beautiful youth.

  "Cheng Nuo, come on, let's have a drink."

  At this time, Cheng Shanshan came over with two glasses of red wine and handed the red wine in her left hand to Cheng Nuo.

  Cheng Nuo looked at Cheng Shanshan, who was wearing heavy makeup. She was her cousin and also her classmate. When her parents died in high school, she lived in her uncle's home and lived with her cousin.

  "Well, thank you, sister." Cheng Nuo said, taking the wine glass from Shanshan's hand.

  After clinking the glass, Cheng Shanshan put the wine glass in his right hand on his lips and did not drink it. Instead, he stared at Cheng Nuo fiercely. Until Cheng Nuo drank up the glass of wine, Cheng Shanshan showed a strange smile on his face.

  Cheng Nuo, tonight, I will ruin your reputation.

  After finishing the wine, Cheng Nuo was about to chat with Cheng Shanshan when she suddenly felt dizzy in her head and felt a hot and dry sensation rising in her body.

  "Hmm..." Cheng Nuo snorted uncomfortably. Looking around, the students in front of her suddenly became chaotic.

  "Cheng Nuo, have you drunk too much? Let's go, I'll take you to the bathroom. You'll wake up after washing your face." Cheng Shanshan pretended to be kind and helped Cheng Nuo walk out of the private room.

  With the help of Cheng Shanshan, Cheng Nuo felt that she had no strength at all, and her mind began to faint. She wanted to say something, but her throat was a little difficult to pronunciation.

  Seeing Cheng Nuo completely fainted, the smile on Cheng Shanshan's face became deeper.

  Cheng Shanshan didn't take Cheng Nuo to the bathroom. Instead, she walked to a hidden passage and handed Cheng Nuo to the two big men who had been waiting.

  "Hey, this girl is not bad. She looks pure and innocent. She must be a virgin." A strong man's lustful eyes had already wandered around Cheng Nuo.

  "Cut the crap. Where is the money?" Cheng Shanshan said like a queen, only accepting the money.

  The other burly man showed a wretched smile, took out a stack of grandfather hair from his pocket, handed it to Cheng Shanshan, and said, "Why don't you go with me tonight?"

  "Get out..." Cheng Shanshan took the money and looked at the big man with a charming face. "Even if I accompany you, it's not your turn."

  After counting the money and making sure it was not wrong, Cheng Shan twisted his little waist and left.

  "Let's go, send her to our boss." Two sturdy men took Cheng Nuo to the top floor of the Shia Hotel by elevator.

  The top floor of the Shangya Hotel belonged to the guest room exclusive area. There were two presidential suite, Supreme suite and Gold diamond suite.

  "Hey, which suite is our boss in?"

  The two big men were a little puzzled. The hotel's total control card was already in their hands, and they actually forgot which room it was in.

  "As for the identity of our boss, it must be a Supreme Master suite. The Supreme Master represents the status of our boss. Let's go." A strong man guessed.

  Then, the two big men quietly sent Cheng Nuo into the Supreme Master's suite.

  In just two minutes, the two sturdy men quietly walked out of the suite, clapped their hands in front of the door to show their success, and then happily walked into the elevator.

  At the door of the Tuo Ya Hotel, a cool Bugatti Veyron limited edition decreased rapidly. The manager of the hotel immediately greeted him respectfully.

  He Zi Kai took off the sunglasses on his face, opened the car door, and then got off the car.

  He was dressed in a hand-made suit with a demon-like handsome face, which seemed to be carved in the sky. Every stroke was just right. His tall figure was also well-shaped under the suit, and his whole body exuded a noble aura. At the same time, there was a hint of coldness, which made people dare not to approach.

  "Young Master of regular script..." The person in charge greeted respectfully. Then he held a room card with both hands and handed it to the emperor-like owner in front of him. He said with a smile, "This is the room card of Supreme suite."

  He Zi Kai took over the room card, didn't look at the person in charge, and went straight to the hotel.

  When the exclusive elevator reached the top floor of Tuo Ya, He Zi Kai walked out of the elevator with regular script. When he was walking toward the door of the Supreme Master suite, he looked at the door of the golden drill suite.

  A drunk fat man was about to open the door with the room card, and he was still drunk and shouted, "I want a beauty, I want a beauty."

  He Zi Kai took back his gaze, swiped his card and entered the Supreme Master suite.