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Queen Of Arbour

Queen Of Arbour

Author:Rebecca Rodriguez


Alexander, who had just woken up from fainting, found himself in a wooden hut with a girl in a red robe. "W-who are you?" he asked. "I should be the one asking you. Who are you and why are you sleeping in the middle of the forest?" Alexander paused and remembered that he got separated from the Arabour Kingdom's party while they were out hunting. "My name is Aurora." Elena, Aurora's mother, who accidentally saw a pin bearing the phoenix, immediately became angry and threw Alexander out. Aurora, who couldn't bear to see Alexander, helped her to live temporarily at Cliott's house, a dwarf who lived alone in the middle of the forest. With tears streaming down her face, Elena made her way through the darkness of the night to the dark cave to meet the Mother Godders and tell her that the prophecy 25 years ago would soon come true.
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The Lasgard Kingdom is in disaster. The Dragon Grivendor that was on Mount Mortem woke up from his long sleep. Burn the Rivendell area with the flames in one night. Including the Lasgard Kingdom. Make a lot of loss of life and property. Many people become victims in the sea of fire. The royal troops tried to fight and muster all their strength but were like rocks being hit by the waves. Everything they do is useless. The dragon wasn't hurt just a little bit. Making the Kingdom of Lasgard destroyed in one night.

King Horux and the survivors were forced to leave Rivendell. They built a camp in Northland Hills. Losing the kingdom made King Horux feel very sad. He was afraid that the people would leave him and lose his throne as a king. Knowing the King's worries, Lord Elliot advised King Horux to wrest the Arabour kingdom from King Arthur's hands. They planned an attack in the middle of the night while they were asleep and suddenly. Lord Elliot ensured that they would not be prepared for a major attack and gave them a high chance of taking over the kingdom.

The long-awaited day has arrived. King Horux led his troops to raid at the appointed time. There was a great war that night. The Arabour Kingdom, which at that time was unprepared, had fallen into the hands of the enemy. Queen Eliza left with her two loyal maids, Anne and Hazel. When they just left the room, they were confronted by several soldiers of the enemy kingdom. Hazel decided to fight them with the sword in hand, while Queen Eliza and Anne fled. Carrying a baby, they fled through a secret royal passage that led to the Lordwood Forest. When they were about to enter the hall, Queen accidentally saw King Arthur killed by King Horux's sword. Pain mixed with anger filled Queen Elizabeth's heart. Her tears dripped down along with the blood that flowed from King Arthur's stomach which was pierced by King Horux's sword. Queen gives the baby to Anne telling the girl to run away. The girl was very scared and crying, she did not know where to take the royal baby princess. Queen placed her palm on Anne's head. A blue light from Queen Eliza's hand. Like a real shadow, Anne knew where she had to go. But the girl didn't want to go without her queen. Queen Eliza take off the blue heart necklace she was wearing, give it to Anne, and pushed her into the hallway. Telling the girl not to stop running until she arrived in the Lordwood forest. After Anne entered, she immediately closed the iron door with all her might. Queen Eliza looked at the battle that was taking place in the palace courtyard with vengeance. She run and take the sword from one of his soldiers who had died and surrendered to the enemy blindly. Anger and hurt kept her off guard. Unknowingly a sword managed to pierce her back pierce heart. The same sword and person who killed King Arthur. The two kingdom leaders have died. The hosts have been defeated. The war has been won and the Arbour Kingdom has fallen to the enemy.

Meanwhile, Anne was still running with the lantern and the baby in her hand. Anne's tears didn't stop flowing. Her feet were injured from stepping on sharp pebbles several times, she didn't care. Sadness and fear made her keep running regardless of the fatigue. Arriving at the Lordwood forest, Anne looked back. The kingdom to which she had served had been destroyed. She still had to keep running to the border of the Dark Forest to avoid the enemy. Turns out they were everywhere. Lord Elliot had prepared everything in detail. Just in case the king or his family fled from the kingdom. Sure enough, several soldiers were assigned to scatter around the Lordwood forest.

A soldier who sees Anne screams and makes other soldiers follow the girl. Anne took the sword at her waist and hid behind a tree. Waiting for one of the cavalries to pass by and kill him. After killing him, Anne immediately got on the horse and rode towards the borders of the Dark Forest. Some soldiers are still hunting for Anne. Now and then she looked back to gauge how far they were from her. One of their arrows managed to hit the girl's back. Fresh blood dripped down the white dress she was wearing. Each stomp of the horse made the pain in his back more real. If it wasn't for bringing the royal princess, perhaps she would have given up.

Tears didn't stop running down Anne's cheeks. Apart from enduring pain she also had to control the horse and keep the baby in her arms. Several times the horse she was riding was out of control, making Anne almost let go of the baby and sent her to death. She vowed to curse herself for the rest of her life if anything happened to the princess of the kingdom.

She tried her best to stay focused. Ignoring the increasingly numbing pain and making her want to close her eyes. Arriving at the border of the Dark Forest, Anne was no longer strong and stopped her horse. She comes down with staggering footsteps. Anne's vision became blurry. With her remaining strength, Anne took off the heart necklace given by Queen Eliza and threw it into the Dark Forest.

 The soldiers of the enemy side were getting closer. The steps of their horses can be heard more clearly. There was nothing she could do anymore. The pain in her back goes away and comes back. Blood was still dripping where the arrow had stuck to her body. Anne sits on the ground.

Five soldiers from the enemy side had arrived. They got down and drew closer to Anne. The girl couldn't hear clearly what they were saying. Only the sound of arrogant laughter from those preparing to bring death to Anne. One of them drew a sword and prepared to cut off Anne's head. She hoped for some help, no matter how small. Anne could not do anything more with her weak condition. Just continue to hug the royal baby princess who is now in her hands. Her eyesight was getting blurry.

 As the message was lifted, a red light shone from within the darkness of the Dark Forest. All eyes stared at the forest, including the soldier who was about to behead Anne. Anne lay down on the ground. Her eyes began to close. Their horses fled in fright. The soldiers looked scared and confused. A force suddenly appeared, attacked, made them bounce, and was killed instantly. A woman with black horns and large wings made of fire appeared from the darkness. She is Lythern. The witches of the Sword Clan, the witches' clan with the highest power.

Lythern rules the entire Dark Forest and never leaves for no good reason. She take the baby from the hands of Anne who had bled to death. Kythler gently stroked the baby who had white skin and blue eyes.

"You remind me of someone. Someone I care about. Come on! Let's into your new home and destiny."

Lythern looked deep into the Lordwood forest greeting. Close her eyes and cast a spell. Gives a layer of protective magic on her territory. She took the baby into the Dark Forest. They have not been seen since then.