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Kissing My Husband

Kissing My Husband


Valen Gu was set up to replace her elder sister and married her brother-in-law-to-be. From then on, she had to address him"Dear husband". He was known as the Dark Lord in the business empire. Unexpectedly, he spoiled her to the extreme. One day, a reporter raised a question to Valen, "Mrs. Lu, what are you afraid of the most in the world?" She immediately put on an upset face. There were two things she was afraid of. First, her serious darling husband in the daytime; Second, her wild darling husband at night...
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In the Gu family's residence of Nanzhao City.

At this moment, the whole courtyard was decorated with lanterns and streamers. The wedding cars have arrived at the gate. These cars were so luxurious that they shock the passers-by.

In the bride's room, Mrs Gu was trembling.

She looked at the wedding dress quietly lying on the bride's wedding bed, and she was worried.

A few minutes later, the housekeeper rushed in from outside. He lowered his head and whispered in Mrs Gu's ear, "Madam, we've searched the whole mansion, but we don't find Miss!"

Mrs Gu's legs were shaking, and she almost fell to the ground.

Her lips trembled and her face was pale.

"Where did she go?"

"Miss..." The housekeeper opened his mouth and said with great difficulty, "She ran from the wedding!"


This was like a bolt from the blue!

The guests outside were all here, but the bride, who was one of the main characters, escaped the wedding!

Mrs. Gu closed her eyes and her heart was trembling. "What should we do? What should we do? How should we explain to the Lu's Family? We will have trouble!"

The housekeeper held Madam Gu's arm and said anxiously, "Madam, don't worry. We will find solutions..."

The housekeeper had just finished, a timid voice came from outside the door. "Where's my sister?"

Both of them were stunned.

Mrs. Gu looked up slowly. When she saw the little girl standing at the door, her eyes suddenly lit up with surprise.

She grabbed the housekeeper's hand and said, "The Lu's family only said that they wanted to marry a daughter of Gus, but they didn't make it clear which daughter they want."

The housekeeper nodded. "Yes!"

Mrs Gu looked at the little girl in front of her with a cold smile.

The housekeeper was her henchman, so he understood her.

He hesitated and said, "Madam, is this okay?"

Mrs. Gu sneered and said, "It's good to marry her off, so that I won't be upset all day."

After saying this, her face suddenly changed. She smiled and waved to the little girl, "Come on, Valen, come here!"

Valen Gu looked confused.

She slowly walked over, wearing a white gauze dress. Her palm-sized face, and her big black eyes made her look like naive Bambi.

Finally, she stood in front of Mrs. Gu.

Mrs. Gu looked at her and said, "Valen, what are you doing here?"

Valen Gu was a little scared.

She knew that she was not qualified to go upstairs. Usually, she lived in the maid's room on the first floor.

"I... I'm here to look for my sister..."

She was embarrassed and answered in a low voice, with her two little hands grasping the hem of her skirt.

There was a flash of disgust in Mrs Gu's eyes.

She kept smiling and said, "Valen, your sister has gone as she has something else to do, so you can't find her."


Valen Gu was shocked and stared at her.

Mrs. Gu looked at her and continued, "But you have seen that there are so many people outside waiting for the bride. If the bride doesn't show up, people will gossip about us. Do you understand?"

Valen Gu was confused.

She replied, "Then get my sister back as soon as possible."

"D*mn it!If I could find her, I wouldn't talk to you!"

Mrs. Gu said impatiently.

But soon, she came to her senses, hurriedly appeased the little girl, and said, "How about doing me a favor?"