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Rebirth: My CEO's Hubby is Insatiable

Rebirth: My CEO's Hubby is Insatiable

Author:Rophine writes


In last life, Jasmine eloped with Carl on her wedding with Keith. Carl promised will loved her forever, but he cheated on her and killed her when she was eight month pregenant! Luckily, she was reborn with all memories! She swore that she would take everything from Carl Lawson, and loved Keith, who had loved her with his life. ****** Keith stepped forward, lifted her veil, held her neck, and pretended to kiss her, whispering, "I thought you were going to run away today!" Jasmine responded with a smile on her face that bloomed like a flower, "I changed my mind, didn't you know?" After saying that, she kissed him, making this kiss a reality. He used his hoarse, heart-touching voice, while his hand slid down Jasmine's back, gently holding her waist, whispering to Jasmine, "I'm glad you changed your mind, my wife."
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"The baby is strong and healthy!" The doctor told her,

Jasmine was so happy with the news that she immediately picked up her phone to share the good news with her husband! However, she didn't receive any call back or any message from her husband. She smiled bitterly, sighed, she knew she must be a joke in other's eyes!

Actually, she had called her husband hours ago when she found blood on her thigh. At then, she was working in a rock-breaking factory for a living, to do the hard labor just like the men did, altough she was eight months pregnant.

"Blood?" Jasmine Lawrence noticed blood on her thigh, and she called her husband's phone with panic but after a long time he did not answer.

Things started to get worse, she started bleeding profusely. The pain intensified with the flow of blood, so that she could not help moaning.

Suddenly, she noticed her look in the mirror. Her face was covered in bruises and her thinning hair made her look like the ugly and bald witch in Hansel and Gretel. Her normally full pink lips were cracked and dried from the persistent fever.

"Oh, God!" Jasmine moved her sight away quickly, and didn't dare to look at it again. "No, I can't let Carl saw how terrible I am now, never!"

Jasmine finally gave up trying to contact her husband and struggled to call emergency services for herself. Fortunately, the ambulance came quickly and the doctor gave her timely treatment.

Jasmine clean herself as much as she could, then called her husband's phone again, well, still no one answered!

Jasmine was worried that her husband was in trouble, she ignored the doctor's dissuasion, immediately discharged and rushed home.

By the time she got home, it was late at night, and it was heavily rained outside! Before she could open the door, she heard Celine groaning loudly! Celine is her husband's sister and has been staying here recently.

Jasmine was so embarrassed that she accidentally intruded on her sister-in-law's sex scene! She opened the door and padded her toes, intending to slip quietly back into her and her husband's room. But then her husband, Carl's hoarse, full of sexual voice came from Celine's room, so that she was like a lightning strike, frozen in place.

"Fuck it, Celine...... You're so tight...... You made me cum!"

Celine gasped exaggerated, "oh, Carl, fuck me harder and deeper! I love you inside me!”

Jasmine's world has collapsed! How could they be so shameless? ! They were blood siblings!

The pain she felt intensified as she heard Celine say " That Jasmine is a fool! With so much obvious indication in front of her, she still believes we are siblings, the most stupid woman in the world, hahaha"

Jasmine was almost can't stand by herself, that she had to hold the wall to support, while the tears dropped from her cheek like a rain!

"The more funny is she works so hard everday and gives me all her money to supprot my enjoyment, and your clothes,bags and shoes " her husband added shamelessly.

She was a totally fucking joke in these bitches' eyes! She's out there working hard, like a man and her beloved husband is cheating on her, with his fake SISTER?! Now, she finnaly understood where Celline's brand goods came from! They used her earned money to buy it!

Jasmine wants to leave this disgusting environment immediately, but she accidentally alarmed Carl and Celine, Carl immediately opened the door. When he saw her, he was very shocked, like she shouldn't be alive right now. Immediately, with a fierce look, he grabbed fruit knife on the table in his hand, approaching Jasmine.

"I am so sorry darling. I thought you've discovered our secret, huh?" Carl said coldly,

Jasmine turned pale and ran in the other direction. But her pregnant belly made her clumsy, and Celine pushed her back to Carl's side.

Jasmine were forced onto the balcony, she stepped back, covering her belly by hands, and begged her husband, "Please leave me and the baby alone, I will not let your secret popular! Please, Carl, we've been married for eight years, and I've loved you for more than ten years, for the children's sake, leave us alone!"

Carl gave a sneer, and there was no pity in his eyes, only cold murderousness. "You should have died a long time ago, so that I can get all the Yates money! I gave you medicine in your food this morning, you should have bled to death, pity, you're alive! But you are doomed to die by my hand!" 'he said coldly.

His words made her heart in pieces again and again.

Jasmine's face grew paler and her heart filled with despair as she looked at the man she had once loved. Her tears fell, looked at him.

"Carl, are you really want to kill me?" She tried with all her strength to change his mind. "I am your wife, and this child is your flesh and blood."

Carl laughed like a psychopath. "My own flesh and blood? You're having your lover Keith's baby! You think I don't know that? " His eyes narrowed and a fierce light flashed.

Jasmine shook her head wildly, pleading, "No, it's your baby! I didn't have anything to do with keith, Carl, please believe me!"

At this point, Celine smiled like a demon, spoke pretentiously to Carl, "Carl, hurry up and get rid of this stupid woman!" I still want your hard cock inside of me, I am desiring to want you more!"

Facing Celine, Karl immediately put on a doting face, possessive eyes, and said, "okay, my little slut! Remeber, this is for our love!"

Then he pushed Jasmine and her baby off the balcony. Luckily she grabbed onto the balustrades.

Jasmine knew it was almost her end yet she still fought. " Carl, drag me up, you are making huge mistake! If you killed me, the policeman will receive your crime evidence immediately!"

" What evidence? "In three big steps, he crouched watching her contentedly. He conveniently tugging a hand into his pocket, a sly smile popped on his lips,"Do you mean the evidence you sent to Lucia, and then she sent it back to me?"

What happend? Lucia was her best friend, why she betrayed her either?

Carl took out the knife and stabbed the it into one of her hands, then the another hand. The blood quickly oozed out from the deep wound. a loud scream escaped her lips, uncontrollably, Jasmine loosened her grip and fell down to the road.

Jasmine's blood splattered on the spot, and immediately lost breath! Carl and Celine smile as they look at Jasmine 's body.

They did not have a trace of regret, their laughter echoed in the air, but did not know that Jasmine's soul was staring at them, vowed to avenge!